Corona Virus as the Political Media Paranoia Strikes Again


I am not a Democrat or Republican

while I have always leaned Democrat in voting but I will never Vote Democrat again

as Over Response is always better than under response with something new

and is a good test for better Disaster Preparedness in the future

as there will always be all kinds of Disasters by Nature and by Mankind

or should I say by unkind-Nature and Man-unkind


The Obama ~ Biden Administration

waited until over 1000 People Died in the U.S.A.

before acting on the Pandemic on their watch

as the Democrats Condemn President Trump for his slow response to the Corona Virus

and while the President was working hard on the Corona Virus in January of 2020

before any known Deaths in the U.S.A.

as the Democrats were Shredding the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights

with an Illegal Politically based Impeachment

based only on their feelings of Hate and Fear = Paranoia

while just ignoring the growing Pandemic

as the Democrats accused the President of real Crimes

the Democrats and Joe Biden Factually Committed

with the Help and Support

of the Biggest Proven Lairs and Frauds in the Corporate Democratic Media


Microsoft NBC = Bill Gates

Preaching Hate and Paranoia

as Billionaires Like Bill Gates and Mike Bloomberg

own and control the Democratic Party and much of the Media

as they give their money away to all Democrats

who must Politically Make Believe and do as they are told to do

while Al Gore is in Charge at Google

and Wikipedia is a Democratic Political Tool and are Proven Frauds

as only the Politically Brainwashed Fools just believe in the Political Media Proven Lies


The Billionaires Club Owns and Controls the Democratic Party

and the Democratic Party want to Own and Control Everyone

as they Shred the Constitution and Break the Law

for the sake of their own Political Power Control and Greed

and if you are not a Democrat then you are the Enemy

as the Majority of We the People are the Enemy in their Lunatic Minds

as the Questioned Truth is the real Enemy of the Democratic Party

as they Cheer the Harm caused by the Pandemic and the Stock Market

hoping it will harm the President and buy more Hate Votes

and as an American I have always supported the Office of the President

regardless of their Political Party

while the best the Democrats can do is to Preach their Hate and Paranoia

and Hate and Paranoia is not Leadership and can do only Harm in Tested Reality

and if you are a Democrat you are a Clone to Preached Ignorance

by a Lunatic Political Agenda by Billionaires


I’m still Breathing and the rest is Icing on the Cake

hopefully Chocolate

and Healthy People are not Dying from the Corona Virus

while everyday

for as long as there have been boarders

People are crossing the Boarders unchecked with every kind of Illness known to mankind

while the Stock Market is the Billionaires Scam on America

as the Stock Market is always Paranoid


The Estimated World Population today is 7.8 Billion

and those 60 years of age and younger the recovery rate of the Corona Virus is 98%

and only those with serious Illnesses under the age 60 are dying

for those over the age 60 the rate drops based on going pre-existing Medical Illnesses

while fewer than 120 people have died from the Corona Virus in the U.S.A.

since the outbreak began that we know of

while the yearly Flu Kills an average of 100 people everyday just in the U.S.A.

over 8,500 since Jan. 1, 2020 have died from the yearly Flu Virus

while it is always better to be safe than sorry

and to always do everything possible to stay Healthy all the time

but Testing can not stop the Majority of us from Catching the Corona Virus

as many Healthy People with no symptoms who have the virus

will not be tested while Transmitting the Virus

as the real Disease to Humanity is the Panic and Paranoia Preached by the Political Media

while we must always be Prepared for the worst in every way possible

but without the Panic and Paranoia Preached by the Political Media making things worse

as Panic and Paranoia is based on Ignorance not Science

as we must focus on the available Facts and not on Preached Ignorance to find wellness

because Politically Preached Panic and Paranoia are the Disease not the Cure

as Panic and Paranoia can provide zero Logic or Common Sense or Wellness


There are many Positive ways to deal with any and all kinds of Disaster

while Preached Paranoia based on Ignorance is what the Political Media do Best

as the Political Media is the Cancer not the Cure

and we can all Live Better without the Politically Dictated Paranoia

as the Political Media continues to always Shoot the Foot in their Mouth

while there Head is up their Butt


 Preached Political Media Hearsay Ignorance causing Panic and Paranoia is not Science

and Playing a Political Blame Game only Further Proves their Ignorance

based on Political Power Control and Greed

as they use a Human Disaster as a Political Tool making them the Criminals to Humanity

as they Preach their Panic and Paranoia for Votes

further proving they are the Cancer not the Cure

as the Programmed Political Media Paranoia Strikes Again doing further harm

as the Preached Paranoia may Kill more People than the Corona Virus

as the Panic Stricken Paranoid Hoarders have Emptied the Store Shelves

as the over crowding of the stores is only spreading the Virus more and faster

while the rest of us will just Stave to Death

while what we do not know is more import than what we do know

and we will know more over time when dealing with something new as time will tell

and the worst that will happen will not be caused by the Corona Virus

but by the Media Paranoia providing a False Reality for their Political Agenda

~ Peace ~


The Stock Market

has been Rigged with Supper Computers by Billionaires for far to long

as supper computers are not about Long Term Investment

supper computers are about Manipulation every few milliseconds

Stealing Money from the Real Long Term Investors

who take the losses for Billionaires who are Cheating everyone

in a Bogus Rigged Trading System

harming the wellness of America and We the People


The Stock Market is for the Investment of the Future

for a stronger America and a better world

and not for a million scams a second profiting billionaires

destroying the future of America

and the very last place I will put my Hard Earned Money is in the Stock Market

where Billionaires can steal it with supper computers

as supper computers are not for investment

supper computers are for legalized theft of We the People to give to the Rich

About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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