Corona Virus as the Political Media Paranoia Strikes Again


I am an Independent

and Independent Scientist

and Independent Student of Constitutional History and Law since 1980

and a Independent Citizen Lobbyist

for the Truth in all of Life and Knowledge for a Better Life for All

and no one or anything is Paying me

as I have nothing to gain and at this point in my Life and not much to lose

while Social Security decided to send me $34.00 this month instead of the $602.00

as they must be including my $200.00 a week Fuel Cost reimbursement as Income

and even with reimbursement I have not made over $18,000

so I will have to Barrow money again to make my House Payment

so I am guessing I am being Taxed for Reimbursement

money I already payed taxes on and spent out of my pocket for fuel

as the Government forces Retired People who have to work in to poverty

and nobody is Screwed by the Government more than Retired Injured People

who have to work to pay their bills and Medical Bills

and more so if you could not work for 3 years from work injuries

caused by the Negligence of my Employer who does not have to pay a Dime

while my Employers Insurance Co.

 Montana Sate Fund Committed Fraud against me for $43,000

thanks to Montana Gov. Steve Bullock as the Buck Stops at the Governors Desk

as Steve chooses the Leadership at Montana State Fund

who have proven they are Criminals too

to save money that is not theirs to save

as they give a lot of money away to those who are not injured

as Steve is in full support of the proven Fraud at Montana State Fund

against work injured Montana Citizens to save money

while I have given money to Steve many times and voted for Steve but never again

and fortunately I can still Drive Part Time with out difficulty

while it now takes me 6 hours to do 2 hours of physical labor in my present condition

and 5 hours a day driving I can do

and I am very thankful I am not in a wheelchair or worse


Political Parties are the Proven Cancer not the Cure

as Political Media Lies are just Believed and not Questioned and Tested


To My Family & Friends and the World Community

every year

~ 14,000 up to over 100,000 ~

People Die

of the Seasonal Flu Viruses in the USA

an average or over 100 people every day Die from the yearly seasonal Flu Viruses

and as of March 20, 2020

~ 205 People ~

have now Died from the Corona Virus in the USA

and is being used as a Political Tool for Votes

as more People have Died of every cause of Death than the Corona Virus

~ Please ~

Ignore the Intentional Political Media Paranoia for Democratic Votes

as they are the proven Cancer not the Cure

as Political Media Crimes against Humanity Dictate a False Reality

as they Play Wag the Dog with our Lives for Political Power Control and Greed

as Programmed Paranoia for Votes is their Political Agenda

as the Majority of the Media is Owned by the the Democratic Billionaire Corporation

who will do anything to win elections

as the Virus is very real and the Politically Preached Paranoia is for Votes

as they Invent Paranoia Destroying our Daily Lives and the Economy

to Play the Blame Game for Votes

and that is a Crime against We the People and not real Leadership

as we are just the Ignorant Peasants the Human Cattle

as We the People

are their Collateral Damage of their Quest for Power Control and Greed

and the Cancer Inventing Paranoia for Votes is not the Cure

as the Cancer is for the Cancer and not for We the People

as the Cancer lives in Fear = Paranoia


We the People Owning and Controlling Our America Again


We the People

~ vs ~

The Political Cancer

and the Cancer will destroy the world economy

so they can be there to pick up the Pieces

so they can Rule our Lives

and President Trump is with We the People

as the Cancer continues to Destroy America for Votes

and Preached Paranoia and Destruction is their Political Tool

to win elections

and if they can not Own us and Control us they will Destroy us

as the Billionaires Club owns the Democratic Party and all the Democrats

and they want to own and control you

as the Corona Virus is Real

and the Politically Preached Paranoia destroying our way of Life

is Political Scam for Votes


…and who will win ?

The Billionaires who Shred the Constitution and Trash the Bill of Rights

and Profit from the Stock Market Crashes

and Own and Control the Majority of the Media Preaching Paranoia for Votes


We the People

Who’s Lives they Destroy for Power and Profit


The Corona Virus


The Majority of People will feel like they have or had a Bad Cold

for about

~ 3 to 5 ~ Days

and I found CBD Oil to work best for My symptoms

a few weeks ago

~ If I had the Corona Virus ~

or maybe it was just a very bad short cold

but I am Guessing my Wife who had it first and I both had the Corona Virus

and we are in our 60’s and we are both doing very well

and never take Antibiotics for a Viruses

and go with the chicken soup and peaceful rest

and stay at home until you feel well

and shut off and tune out

and take a very large grain of Salt

with the Preached Political Media Paranoia doing only Harm

and from what I know so far

this is an Air Born Virus and by Physical Contact

so do everything you can to prevent spreading the Virus

and when washing your hands many times a day this will over dry out your hands

making your hands more like a sponge and more vulnerable to absorbing the Virus

so it is very important use a good hand lotion to prevent over dryness of the Hands

and to provide a further barrier to the Virus in-between hand washing

while surgical gloves are the best barrier

and indoor air in most cases is dirtier than fresh outside air

so don’t be afraid to air out the house

or go for a walk with Nature and this will help with the Cabin Fever

and get the blood moving and the heart rate up just a little

and go for a Sunday Drive Everyday and get out of the Car and go for a walk

if it is not possible to for a walk where you live

and we will have to wait and see if there are any dormant long term effects

of this new Virus

while Preached Paranoia based on Ignorance by the Political Media is not the Cure

and We the People the Tax Payers and Voters will be the Ultimate Losers

and Paying the Price of the Political Media Ignorance

as the Sky is not Falling

and it is good to mix a little reality with the programmed Political Media Paranoia

~ Bruce ~

[email protected]

About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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