Corona Virus as the Political Media Paranoia Strikes Again


Wisdom is the ability to use knowledge constructively while doing no Harm

as Logic and Common Sense is needed to deal with the Corona Virus

and what is not needed is

Political Ploy

Preached Panic and Paranoia

Political Blame Games

proving only Lunatic Political Science Fiction doing only Harm

and is the Real Cancer in Proven Fact Tested Reality

and not the Cure

as the Proven Cancer wants your Vote

as in Real Medicine 1,600 Real People Die of Real Cancer everyday

just as over 1,600 real People Die of Abortion everyday


The Number One Criminal Organization in America ?

The Millionaire Billionaire Political Media Democratic Corporation


the fasted way in America to become a Millionaire

get elected to congress

where you can Repeatedly Shoot the Foot in your Mouth

proving Bad Science

and very Bad Leadership


Healthy People are not Dying from the Corona Virus

and as of March 23, 2020

473 People

who had underlying Illness already killing them in some way

have now died of the Corona Virus

while about

10,000 People

have now died from the yearly seasonal Flu Virus

while someone I know see everyday tells me it is now over 10,000

have now died from the yearly seasonal flu Virus


The Democrats Preach to us they Hate President Trump

and they are committed to Removing President Trump from Office

anyway they can at any cost

based only of their Feelings of Hate and their Paranoia

as they publicly accuse the President of Crimes

they can not prove the President committed

but are the very same Crimes the Democrats are proven to have Committed

as the Democrats continue to commit their Crimes of Treason against We the People

in their Lunatic Criminal Efforts to make the President look bad to win our Votes

by destroying our Lives in every way possible

as Hate Invented Paranoia and Political Treason

are all the Democrats have to Offer

We the People

to earn our votes


The Virus is Real

while the ongoing Political Media Crises of Preached Panic and Paranoia are Invented

to win Votes for the Democrats


We the People

do not have to Read between the Lines to see the Tested Reality

as the Democrats have proven over the past 3 plus years they are for Democrats

and not for the Majority of We the People

as the Democrats now Play Dirty Politics during the National Emergency they Invented


You can fool some of ~ We the People ~ some of the time

but you can not fool all of We the People all of the time

as the Democrats continue to Insult the Intelligence of We the People

with their Proven Criminal Ignorance


History will know the tested Truth

as knowledge is not political media persuaded Panic and Paranoia

based on a proven to be Political Media Scam Agenda

for over the past three plus years

as the Political Media Cancer continues to commit Treason hoping to win Votes


The Politically Staged Panic and Paranoia proven by

the Democrats Dumping their Stocks

just before their Planed Programmed Staged Stock Market Crash

Destroying the Lives and the Economy of the world to Gain Votes in the USA

and after 3 years of Effort to Impeach the President Unlawfully and Unconstitutionally

as the Democrats have been Hoping and Prying for all along

for the worst to happen to the Economy and to We the People

as the Democrats made the worst happen

but only in the minds of the Media Persuaded True Believers

by the Media Owned by the Millionaire and Billionaire Democrats

who are Preaching their Invented Panic and Paranoia to gain Votes

by Blaming the President

for his bad handling of their Staged Crimes against We the People

while the President is doing a far better job than the Democrats have done in the past

as the President is doing a very good job with this Staged Crises by the Democrats


Committing Proven Crimes to Gain Votes

and getting away with it

is not Leadership

and the only Guarantees we have in Life are ~ Death ~

and if you are not living in a Third World Country ~ Taxes ~

while Today and Everyday ~ 2,191 ~ Americans will Die from Heart Disease

and this will bring us to 179,662 Dead Americans just from Heart Disease

since the first of this year

as up to 10,000 Americans Die everyday of non-natural causes

while about ~ 2 ~ Americans Die everyday from the Corona Virus


2 ~ vs ~ approximately 10,000


the Virus is very real

and many more previously already very unhealthy People before they contracted the Virus

will soon die

just as they would Die when contrasting the yearly Flu Viruses

killing about 100 People a Day

as We the People are being provided with

Political Media Preached Lies Panic and Paranoia

by the Democratic Political Agenda

further Proving the Democratic Criminal Political Media Scam

and Political Treason and Fraud against we the People

costing We the People many Trillions of Dollars

so the Billionaire Democratic Corporation believes they can win votes

but not with Good Ideas but by Destruction and rejection of Tested Reality

as this Preached Political Media Lunatic Criminal Insanity

is doing only Harm in order to convince Votes

as the programmed Political True Believers of the proven criminals

just believe in their Proven to be Political Criminals

as they send their money to the Proven Criminals they just believe in

because they do not question the Truth to know the Truth

while Politically Planed and Programmed Panic and Paranoia is very easy to sell to

to True Believers who reject knowledge for Persuaded True Belief

doing only Harm in proven fact tested reality


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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