Corona Virus as the Political Media Paranoia Strikes Again



Who Own and Control the Stock Market

and Own and Control the Majority of the Media

and Own and control the Democratic Political Corporation and all the Democrats

and Own and Control the U.S. House of Representatives

and Own and Control the U.S. Senate when Democrats are the Majority

and Own and Control the White House when a Democrat is Elected

~ vs ~

We the People

as the majority of We the People are not Owned and Controlled by any Political Party

We are Free Thinking Individuals

who are not Clones to Criminal Political Power Control and Greed Destroying America


Prior to the Seventeenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

the State Governments Owned and Controlled the U.S. Senate

not Dark Money and Political Media Corporations Owned by Billionaires

as Power and Greed now own and control the U.S. Senate

and not the intended rightful owners the State Governments

making the States United with Equal Power and Authority of the U.S. Government

as State Governments today have zero Power and Authority in the Federal Government

as Dark Money and Corporate Money now Own and control the U.S. Senate

and should the U.S. Senate be owned by Dark Money and Political Corporations

or by your State Governments allowing We the People to Reunite the States of America

and Restore the True and Real Balance of Power of the Federal Government

or Should the Dark Money that Elect and Own the U.S. Senators

and then Own the Votes in the Senate on New Law written by the Dark Money


We the People do not Own the Dark Money


We the People Own and Control the State Governments


March 27, 2020


To: Steve Bullock

Criminal Governor of Montana

Helena ~ Montana

From: Bruce A. Kershaw

Helena ~ Montana


I do not take Orders from Criminals

and as you have already proven you can not be Trusted with my Life

Proving you can not be Trusted with any Life

and there is the right way to deal with many things in Life

and the Political Criminal Wrong way to deal with things intentionally harming all Life



[email protected]


When 60 Billionaires

like Mike Bloomberg and Bill Gates

who own the Democratic Political Media Corporation

and own and control the Media and everything else in America

Including Steve Bullock


Hate the President

and will do everything in their power to destroy the President

While Stabling We the People in the Back

and that’s OK with me

as they are committing Treason against the President

further proving they are Criminals

as this is Treason against We the People and America


Destroying the Wellness of America

to Gain Power Control

will not Save Lives it will only cost many more Lives

and many more Deaths and Mental Harm

that will not be caused by the Corona Virus

as the Corona Virus will kill fewer People than all other causes of Death in America

if you exclude being struck by lighting

as the Corona Virus is not the Evil

The Billionaire and Millionaire Democrats who own the Media and all the Democrats

and can cause the Stock Market to Crash

are the Evil

as the Billionaire Democrats who own and control everything

have proven they are the Cancer not the Cure


~ My Daily Thoughts ~

I did not Vote for Trump or Clinton

but the Criminal Billionaire Democrats have convinced me to Vote for President Trump

and to never Vote again for any Democrat for as long as I live

as the Billionaire Democrats are making this World a Living Hell for Everyone

as Programmed and Staged Democratic Political Media Paranoia strikes again and again

for their Political Gain

but its not working with We the People they Criminally Lie to for Votes

and is the President Perfect

of course not just as we are flawed in some ways

but the President has proven he is with We the People and not against We the People

and if the President is Politically Incorrect

that’s OK with me

and if Criminal Democrats Hate the President

that’s OK with me because I hate the Criminal Political Media Democrats

who are Harming America and We the People

~ to be continued ~


March 13 ~ March 27

today I am 64 years old

and we were hoping for a fun evening out tomorrow

but no one in Montana will be having a fun evening out for a long while

thanks to the Criminal Democrats and their Political Ploys

as the Democrats are the worst thing to happen to America not the Corona virus

~ * ~

Montana Criminal Governor

Steve Bullock

is a Political Puppet to Billionaires and not a Leader

as his Political Ignorance is his Reality

and his Lock Down of We the People

is already causing over whelming Stress on many Montanans

and is destroying the Mental Health of Everyone here in Montana

and more so for our Children and our Youth

as we now see a spike in new Mental Stress Destroying Lives and Family’s

with a spike in Crimes of Domestic Violence and Abuse of Men Women and Children

and I am Guessing Pets and Property too

with a Spike in Drug Overdoses and Suicides

as this continued Lock Down will not stop the Virus

but will Destroy all wellness of We the People

as the Corona Virus is just a Drop in the Bucket in Deaths in America

and the Lock Down will do thousands of times the Mental Health Harm

than the Corona Virus and will not stop the Corona Virus


The World Wide Travel Ban is a Good thing with a new Virus

but Locking Down Communities and States is a Very Bad thing to do

and will not stop the Virus

and there will be a second wave of the Virus after the Lock Down

with many times the Harm caused by the Lock Down than by the Virus

and Criminal Governor Steve Bullock has proven he is a Political Fool not a Scientist

as his Lunatic Mind is Destroying We the People of Montana

and not Healing We the People of Montana


About 10,000 Americans Die ~ everyday ~ in the USA

and not from Old Age

~ while ~

9.1 Million Humans on this Carbon based Earth

Die of Hunger and Starvation Every Year


25,000 People

Die of Hunger Every Day

as the Democrats want stop the cause of Green on this CO2 starved Carbon based Earth

CO2 + Water Vapor + Sun Energy = Green = Environment

as CO2 and Water Vapor is the Evaporated byproduct of Climate Warming

by the variable SUN

and not the cause of Climate Warming as Scientifically Proven

causing the carbon cycle with oxygen and hydrogen

causing all Carbon based Life on this CO2 Starved Carbon based Earth

as Democrats who failed grade school science

want to spend trillions removing CO2 from the Air

when Plants and Trees need Four Times the CO2 than in the air today to Breathe

as Proven in Photosynthesis and Botany and Greenhouse Sciences

as they reject the NASA Data proving they are wrong

as they reject real science for political science fiction doing harm to Nature for profit

and reducing or stopping the cause of Green will have zero effect on

4.6 billion years of

Extreme Progressive Variable Climate Change

while Al Gore who is number one at Google and is Mike Bloomberg’s partner in Crime

was caught Cheating his Carbon Credit Customers for his profit

maybe Al needed this money to pay his energy bill

as no one can waste more energy than Al Gore or produce more hot air


Nothing can distort the Truth and Lie more than a Political Media owned by Billionaires

who Hate the President

and about 60 Billionaires Hate the President

and the more the Media Lies the more Votes for the President

as the Billionaire Criminal Political Media Democratic Corporation

is going to save We the People and all the People of the World from President Trump

by Criminally Destroying Everyone’s Life in America and the World

and then Blame the President for the Mishandling of their Invented Crises

as the Democrats are now Playing Dirty Politics with the Emergency Funding Bill

holding up the Emergency Funding to We the People

for their Favorite Personal Charity Organizations that need no Emergency Funding

like the Kennedy Center

while the Kennedy Center is a fine Organization but is not in need of Emergency Funding

further proving this is a Democratic Political Criminal Treasonous Scam

against We the People

as the Democrats are not for We the People they are for Billionaire Democrats

who Own and Control the Democratic Political Media Corporation

and have proven to We the People they are the test proven Cancer to Reality not the Cure

as they do not provide real leadership in Solving the Real Problems of this World

as they work very hard at making new problems based on feelings of hate


Preaching Paranoid Political Sensationalism

in their Political effort to harm the President

by those who Failed 3rd Grade Science is not real Journalism

as ten times the number of those who Died of the Corona Virus

have Died of the yearly Flu Virus

as the Paranoid Political Media with a Proven Criminal Agenda

and does not share all the very available facts with We the People

for the sake of their Paranoid Lunatic Democratic Political Agenda

based on Feelings of Hate and not on Facts

and every time the Billionaire Political Media tries to Harm the President

the Political Media Shoots the Foot in their Mouth


10,500 People Die every year in the USA caused by Drunk Drivers

an average of 41,000 People Die every year in the USA from Secondhand Smoke

330,000 car crashes caused by Texting while Driving

kill over 6000 People every year in the USA

and about 50 People Die every year caused by Lighting Strikes

and many Americans will Die caused by the Lock-Downs and not by the Corona Virus

and a Lock-Down will not Stop the Corona Virus

but will destroy all of life as we know it before the Corona Virus

and healthy people will survive the Virus and already sick people will die

and we can not stop the Laws of Nature with Lock Downs of everyone

as we must help everyone in need of medical care

and do everything we can to prevent the Spread of every Virus

as an average of 100 Americans Die in the USA everyday from the yearly Viruses

and since the Corona outbreak in January about 1000 Americans have passed away

and this is now stopping and harming all Life in America and the world

and is doing far worse things to We the People than the Virus

as Political Ploy has stopped all of Life and Reality on this Planet

not the Corona Virus

and how many votes have the Democrats Gained

from their Political Crimes against Humanity

because they Hate the President

and those who Preach a Lock Down are Political Fools Preaching Ignorance

for Political Agenda based on Democratic Political Science Fiction


The  Corona Virus is Real and the Media Politics is the Crime

as Political Media Lunatics Destroy Reality for Political Gain

and we can not stop the Virus by Locking Everyone Up

as this will only make everything many times worse for everyone

as further harm with a lock down is not the cure

and will only cause far worse to happen

and destroying all of Reality in all Life will save no one

as Political Media Ploy is the Real Disease and not the Cure

as we must hear the Preached Ignorance denying all proven fact tested reality

for the Political Gain of Proven Political Criminals

who Destroy many Lives to Gain Power Control and Profit

as the Political Deception of Reality is the Political Rejection of Reality


If you are sick Please Stay Home

and if you are not sick go to work and continue to Live Life

and protect yourself from all viruses that will not kill you if you are Healthy

and if you are not healthy stay home


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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