Corona Virus as the Political Media Paranoia Strikes Again


Do you just Believe in the Scientifically Test Proven Lies

by the Democratically controlled Media ?

or do you question the truth to know the truth


~ skepticism ~

the doctrine that the truth in all knowledge must always be in Question


as the Political Media is a Political Church Preaching Test Proven Political Media Lies

as the Majority of the Media just believe their own Political Media Lies

as the Political Media Preachers are True Believers who Read from a Script

and have Publicly proven they Failed 5th Grade Science

as the Media just believe as they are programmed to just believe with out Question

as they have been programmed to believe

~ to question the Truth in knowledge ~

is a mental flaw

and when True believers are confronted with the test proven truth

they just Ignore the Truth they do not Comprehend and do not question

as they continue to Preach their test proven Political Media Lies to We the People


science is: to know

and to believe is to make believe

as test proven Ignorance is Believed

as Political Lies are Politically Dictated and not Questioned

and those who just believe their test proven Political Lies are Pathological not Factual

and We the People are the Collateral Damage of Fraudulent Political Media Agenda

We the People are the Politically Programmed Pawns of Political Evil


Politically Preached Fraudulent Political Science Fiction

is not proven fact tested reality in Science


March 29, 2020


God Bless the Universe

as Testing in Germany

where they are doing 500,000 test every week

show us 99.5% of People with the Corona Virus Recover

and only .5% of those who are already sick and in poor health are dying

as every cause of death matters in life


I have been Investigating and Proving Fraud in Science for about 25 years now

and the Seasonal Flu Virus kills from 14,000 up to 100,000 in the U.S. every year

as an average of 100 People every day from the yearly Flu Viruses





and this fact

along with many other related facts are withheld from the Public by the Media

~ like ~

since the Corona Virus over 900,000 Americans have died of other causes

as the Media who Hate the President are using the Corona Virus

to bring down the President

as the Media continues their agenda of Preached Panic and Paranoia

doing only further needless harm to We the People

to make the President look bad

as We the People are just a political tool to be used by their Criminal Political Agenda

as this so called Emergency is all Political Ploy by the Political Media

proven by their 24/7 Negative Attracts against the President for over three years

as the Political Media are owned and controlled by

the Proven to be Criminal Billionaire Democratic Political Media Corporation

who Hate President Trump

and will do anything to Hurt the President to stop the President from being reelected

including destroying the Lives of every American

We the People

as most of Americans can see the truth by the distortion of tested reality

as We the People are not the Fools as we are treated like Fools

as the proven Political Media Criminals are the Fools of Fools

and those who just believe the Fools with out Questioning the Truth

then History will know and show them the truth

as the Political Media continues to Lie to We the People for their Political Agenda

as the Political Media works against the Political Agenda of We the People

and how do we stop the Criminal Billionaires

who are destroying We the People to hurt the President

from further destroying our Lives and America because they Hate President Trump

while proving the wellness of We the People is meaningless to them

proving they are not on the side of We the People they intentionally Harm

for their quest for Power Control and Profit


President Trump Provides We the People with Positive Hope

as the Political Media Invents Negative Panic and Paranoia and Doomsday’s

and then the Democratic Political Media Condemns all Hope

in Hope of gaining Votes with their Preached Invented Panic Paranoia and Doomsday’s

to Gain Votes with proven to be Criminal Political Science Fiction of Lies and Deception

as the Scientifically Test Proven Political Media Lies continue for their Political Agenda

~ against ~

We the People

as the Democratic Political Media Agenda Reject all Hope

in their efforts to further politically brainwash We the People

and doing and preaching only negative

is the very best the Democrats can do for We the People


Causing and then Preaching Doom and Gloom

can not Win my Vote

as Hope will Win more Votes

than Politically Criminally Invented Preached Panic Fear and Paranoia

as only Fools just believe the Criminal Political Media Fools

who are doing this Harm to America and We the People

to win votes

as they have justified Committing Treason and Fraud against We the People

to win our votes

Proving they are not for We the People


Fear of the unknown is Paranoia not Science

and Destroying Lives and Hope is Inhumane

and Logic and Common Sense do not Preach Paranoia

only Paranoid Lunatics Preach Paranoia

and only Paranoia Rejects Hope for Paranoia

as Paranoia rejects tested Reality

as Scam Lies Panic and Paranoia is the best the Media can do for We the People

during an Emergency they Invented for their Political Ploy

as they Believe We the People are Stupid enough to believe in their proven Fraud

against We the People to win our Votes for the Democrats of Doomsday Paranoia


when you just believe as you have been programmed to just believe

then you are a True Believer

and you do not know the questioned truth in tested reality


March 28, 2020


President George Washington

was against having any Political Parties

~ and ~

Who or What should Own and Control the now Un-United States of America

now Un-United by the Seventeenth Amendment Dissolving the United States

Dissolving the Balance of Power in the Federal Government

going against the intentions of having a U.S. Senate

to be one of two Legislative Branch’s of Congress of the Federal Government

and to be controlled by State Governments and by not Private interests or Political Party’s

and making the States United with Equal Power in the Federal Government

by Thomas Jefferson’s Definition of a U.S. Senate

while George Washington is now test proven to be right about any Political Parties

as Political Parties have test proven they are the Cancer not the Cure

because in the efforts of Political Parties to destroy each other

they are destroying America

while stabbing We the People in the back

and should Criminal Entities or We the People Own and Control America


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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