Corona Virus as the Political Media Paranoia Strikes Again


April 4, 2020

out of 1.062 Million People in Montana

5 Montanans

have now passed away from the Corona Virus

as we live in a needless Political Lock Down

by a Proven to be Criminal Governor

who was stabbed in the Back by the Democrats while Running for President

as he came in last place in the Democratic Field

as he then crawls back for more and is now running for Montana U.S. Senator

as Steve Bullock continues to Stab we the People of Montana in the Back

as Steve has Proven he does not Care about We the People

as Steve Cares about Steve and his Political Power Control and Greed

as Steve has proven he Governs by Criminal Ignorance

and is Destroying the Majority of Lives and Business in Montana

with a spike in

Crime Domestic Abuse Alcohol and Drug Abuse and Drug Overdose and Suicides

as the Lock Down is doing far more harm than the Virus

and 99.5 % of those with the Virus will survive

and after the Lock down there will be a second wave of the Virus

because we did not allow for nature to take it’s course

while many more people have died of the Yearly Flu Virus than the Corona Virus

as the Corona Virus is Real

and the Politically programmed staged and scripted Paranoid response

by the Democratic Political Media Agenda is a Crime against We the People

for their Political Gain and all based on Hate of the President

as they Blame the President for their own proven crimes against We the People

as this National Emergency is caused by Political Ploy caused by Hate

and yes if you live in a Sardine Can like New York

with Sardine Mass Transit

where there is a lot of Obese Diabetics who Drink and Smoke

and have Heart and Lung Diseases

you will see many more deaths from ~ all ~ Viruses

as the Preached Panic and Paranoia is by Treasonous Media Political Agenda


Thank You Bill Gates

for your proven to be Political Pathological Frauds of MSNBC

doing only Harm to We the People and America to make the President Look Bad

with your 24/7 Political Hate and Paranoia

based on Paranoid Lunatic Political Science Fiction

and Thanks for Politically Brainwashing our Youth

with your Proven to be Political Pathological Fraud and Lies in Science

by always telling only the Lunatic Political side of the Story

with zero real Scientific Rebuttal

as you reject 5th Grade Science by Rejecting the Scientific Method

for Scientifically Test Proven Paranoid Doomsday Political Lies

as there is Zero Truth at Your Proven to be Politically Fascist MSNBC

based on Political Hate and Paranoia doing only harm in fact tested reality

and everyone can clearly see the Harm you are doing to America

by Politically Dictating Proven Paranoid Political Lies for Political Gain

as MSNBC continues to Shoot the Foot in their Fraudulent Mouth

as you Provide only Paranoid Negative to the World and Zero Positive Reality

and I know this from my on going Investigation since 2007

as you provide the most Fraudulent Political Brainwashing on this Carbon based Earth

as you Pay People to Lie to We the People as you Preach your Deception of Tested Reality

and my Political Hypothetical Conjecture

you and your 60 billionaire Friends

who own and control the Democratic Political Media Corporation and all the Democrats

who are Using Joe Biden who can not Finish a sentence

and you and Mike Bloomberg will Dump Joe at your convention

and replace him with a Billionaire Lair like Mike Bloomberg

and what the Democrats have done to Joe is Political Cruelty

using Joe’s name recognition and then Dumping and Flushing Him

as the Leadership of the Democratic Political Media Corporation are not Real Leaders

they are Real Criminals Harming We the People and America

as We the People are America

and your Billionaire Democratic Political Media Corporation Agenda

are the Test Proven Cancer of America

as the best you have to offer We the People is not Positive Ideas

but Preached Panic and Paranoia based on proven Lies

with Treasonous Unconstitutional Behavior Destroying America

for the sake of Criminal Political Power Control and Greed

and that is what the Majority of We the People of America

who have not been Politically Brainwashed by your MSNBC can See

Crimes against We the People by Proven to be Political Pathological Frauds

Proving you are the Political Poison not the Political Cure

as you Preach to us the good you are doing for Humanity

as you commit Political Fraud doing harm to Humanity

you are a proven Criminal to Tested Reality

Destroying America for Political Gain

as Preached Hate and Paranoia 24/7 based on proven lies is not the Cure

it is the Disease

Preaching and Brainwashing Doomsday Paranoia

based on Scientifically test proven Lies

will not Earn votes for Proven to be Criminal Democrats who Shred the Constitution

as they are the Disease

and may the Billionaire Democratic Political Media Corporation Dictating Political Lies

soon die and never rest in peace

as Intentionally Destroying America is the best you can do for We the People

all based on Political Hate and Proven Political Lies

and that is not Leadership that is a Humanitarian Crime



Independent Scientist for the Truth

paid by no one or anything


April 3, 2020

The Corona Virus is Real

and being Politically Driven by Hate is not Political Science

it is Political Science Fiction driven by Political Mental Illness


When Medical Doctors State one thing to the Public

and the Political Media Preaches another

you know someone is Lying to the Public


Lies Lies and more Lies by the Preached Political Media Hate Agenda

as the Media continues to Program Script and Instill Panic and Paranoia

as the Media will interview a Physician who provides accurate medical advice

and medical information to the Public

and then the media goes to a reporter elsewhere

where the Physician can not here the Reporter who failed 3rd grade science

who is Preaching Scripted proven lies about the Corona Virus to the Public

that continue to instill more Panic and Paranoia for their political agenda

as the Political Media is a Political Ploy doing only Harm

as the Media Intentionally Lies to the Public during a National Emergency

to support their Political Agenda of proven political hate against the President

and the Physicians Paid for by the Media provide misleading Hypothetical Conjecture

as we continue to live with Politically Staged Panic and Paranoia

Playing a Political Blame Game with their Politically Invented Crisis

as the sky is not falling


The Corona Virus for most People is very mild

as many do not know they have the virus

while the Seasonal Flu Virus is much Harder

and killing many more people than the Corona Virus

while the Corona Virus Spreads easier as it is an Air Born Virus

but is easier for most Healthy People to deal with and recover from

as the majority of deaths from both the Seasonal Flu and the Corona Virus

are caused by those with Obesity Diabetes and Heart and Lung Disease

so do not believe everything you here from very Proven to be Unpatriotic Political Lairs

who are doing intentional harm to We the People and America for the sake of their

Political Hate Agenda

who provide We the People with their Politically Scripted Panic and Paranoia

as Democratic Governors preaching their doomsday paranoia

continue to Shoot the Foot in their mouth

with their Politically Preached Paranoia

as they Blame the President for their own fact proven Failures

as they were directed by the U.S. government to better Prepare for the next Pandemic

and then failed to as Recommended before President Trump was Elected

and now it is all President Trumps Fault for all of their own Mistakes

and the right to Freedom of the Press is not the right to a Politically Sided Press

with a Proven Political Agenda Committing Treason

against America and We the People

as Real Journalism is always Neutral and not Politically Sided by Hate

as the Media is no longer Factual and is Political Pathological

and continues to Lie to the Public


~ so remember ~

when covering your face or wearing a Mask and wearing Gloves

the Eyes can still absorb the Corona Virus

and if you are not already sick with other health Issues

you will not die from this mild Virus

as 10,000 People die in American everyday but not from the Corona Virus or Old Age


and who do you believe

the Doctor or the Reporter who failed 3rd grade science

who is reading from a script written by someone else

and does not know they are lying to the Public

and those who reject the Questioned Tested Truth for Test Proven Political Lies

are the Test Proven Fools

and if they are Preaching Proven Political Lies they are Political Criminals

doing only Harm


April 2, 2020

Joe Berry is Blinded by Belief and can not see the Tested Reality in Science

and it is OK with Joe if the Media is Lying to the Public

during a National Emergency or any time and all the time


Joe Berry Stanford University in his last email to me yesterday ~


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