Corona Virus as the Political Media Paranoia Strikes Again


The Virus is Real

and the Invented Political Media Paranoia is a Proven Political Scam

Harming all Life and Humanity more than the Virus for Lunatic Political Agenda

as Political Criminals do not Heal Life they Destroy more Life for Political Gain

and I will never vote for another Democrat ever again

because they are the Proven Criminals

Preaching their Hate and Paranoia doing only Harm and Zero Good

as they Create a Political Media Holocaust for Political Gain

as they Ban all words of Hope in the media they own and control

as they cause the destruction of Reality

as they are the Proven Evil in tested Reality

as they Preach only their feeling of Hate Paranoia and test Proven Ignorance

while spreading the Constitution

and make believing this is the tested Truth in tested Reality


They can not Earn the Votes of We the People

by committing Continuous Crimes against We the People

by Political Ploy

with test proven Political Media Deception Misinformation and test proven Lies


How can you Earn Votes by Betraying all Trust

 by Intentionally destroying the way of all Life for all Americans

only Proving they are very Mentally Sick Political Lunatics

who have overwhelmingly proven to me they are Organized Crime

as they have overwhelmingly Proven they Care only about Themselves


The Corona Virus Testing in the USA is Flawed

as it is Providing us with many False Positives and many False Negatives

and will have zero effect on the Final out come

and those who are healthy with the virus will live

and based on German data .5% of those with the virus who are in poor health will die

as Nature will decide who lives and who dies not testing

as accurate Testing would provide valuable Data

but will not change the outcome

just as Lock Downs will not change the outcome

as this can only slow down the outcome

and if you are in poor health then you should be at home

and hopefully you will be OK

and hopefully you can work at being more healthy

but many in poor health and dying People will die sooner because of ~ any ~ Virus

as up to 100,000 People die from the yearly flu virus

and Lock Downs will not stop this fact in nature

as 10,000 People die everyday in america but not from the Corona Virus or Old Age

as the Corona Virus is milder than the yearly flu virus

and the yearly flu virus will likely kill more People than the corona virus

as the yearly flu virus has already killed more People than the Corona Virus

as the Corona Virus did not cause all the Political Media Panic and Paranoia

the Political Media caused all the Panic and Paranoia over a mild Flu Virus

for their Political Agenda based on Hate and Ignorance and not based on real Science

as there will be many more Viruses and many more Deaths

and we can not put the entire world on Lock Down

every time there is a virus that 99.5% of us will survive

as we can not stop nature and we can not stop all life for nature

we can only do the best we can to save as many People as possible in a living world

and not in a Locked Down world

as you can not stop all life for those we can not save in reality

as Lock Downs will do far more harm than the Virus

and we can not stop all life from living for the sake of death caused by nature

as the Real Cancer of this Corona Virus is the Proven Political Ploy

destroying all of our Lives everyday

by stopping all life for those who can still live

as paranoia is the fear of the unknown

as the Political Media can provide only Preached Paranoia

and is Political Ploy not Science Data that is withheld from the Public for Political Agenda

proving the Political Media is the Cancer not the Cure


and because I defend the Truth in knowledge

Joe Berry believes I am a White Supremacist

only Further Proving he is a Lunatic

who is using Media Stories by Proven Frauds as Science Reference

to debunk my Data

as Joe Ignores Real Science Data

as my data is from the CDC

and all because Joe could not Accept ~ 1600 ~ People Die from Abortion everyday

Proving Joe is Pathological and not Factual

as his Reality is Make Believe and not the Questioned Tested Debated Knowledge

as make believe Reality is not Proven Fact Tested Reality in Science

as Words of Persuaded Belief do not debunk Real Science Data

as I am for the Tested Truth and Joe is for the Proven Political Lies

as I am for ~ all ~ of We the People and Joe is for 60 Billionaires

as Joe is against all of We the People from knowing all the available Facts and Data

as Joe is for only one political side of the story to be told to all of We the People

and is Political Fascism and not Real Science

as science is: to know

and Joe does not want you to know the Questioned Tested Truth in Real Science

he wants you to just Believe in his make believe

Proving only his Ignorance in tested Reality

as Politically Pathological is not Science

as I question the Truth as Joe Berry believes in his Proven lies

Joe is a Preacher of Political Science Fiction not a Scientist

who wants only his belief to be Preached

and there can be no Review Analyze Question Test Rebuttal and Debate

and the facts and data must be withheld from the Public

as Joe’s Make Believe reality is all there can be in Science

as only the proven Political lies can be Reality

as Joe’s Reality is Preached Paranoia and not Science Data

and feelings of belief are not science = knowledge

as only fools Believe


To: Joe Berry

Stanford University


I do not Lie to the Public

and if I am wrong

I fix my Brain and learn and know and grow forward in tested Reality

but You do Lie to the Public as Scientifically Proven

as I have been Investigating and Proving Fraud in Science for about 25 years now

and you are a proven Fraud in Science as you are debunked by Nature

proven with NASA Data making you a Pathological Fraud

as you continue to Preach your proven Fraud and Paranoia

and since 2007

I have Repeatedly forwarded Peer-reviewed Science to the Major Media Outlets

debunking the Public statements by the Media

and the out come of this is:

the Media continues to Lie to We the People

Proving they are Political Frauds in Science for their Political Agenda

for the Billionaires Club who own and control the Media


The Corona Virus is Real

while the Democratically owned Political Media since the Corona Virus outbreak

is Committing Treason and Fraud against We the People

Hoping it will Hurt the President


The Governor of New York was told many years ago he needed many more Ventilators

in case of an Emergency

as Negligent Democratic Governors Blame the President for their own Criminal Failures

proving they are Political Frauds for their Political Agenda

as they Preach their Invented Paranoia hoping to gain votes

while doing only further Harm to We the People

as they can not earn votes with honestly


The majority of the Political Media Who preach their Hate of the President to us everyday

for the past three years are now Lying to We the People about the Corona Virus

hoping it will hurt the President

as they believe it is OK to Commit Treason and Lie to We the People

if it can hurt the President

and who cares if it is Hurting We the People of America

as 60 Billionaires who own the Democratic Party and the Majority of the Media

and can Control the Stock Market

don’t care about

We the People of America

or any Carbon based People on this Carbon based Earth


Politics = factional scheming for power

Ploy = an action intended to outwit someone


and when you are Blinded by Un-Questioned Un-Tested Political Media Proven Lies

you can not See or Know the Truth in Tested Reality

as Political Ploy is Intentionally Destroying ~ all ~ of We the People of America

hoping it will harm the President

proving they are not on the side of We the People they intentionally Harm

with proven Lies for their Political Agenda

as We the People have been living with a continuation of Proven Political Lies

by the Political Media for over 30 years Proving Real Journalism is long Dead

as the Media is a Political Tool Preaching Political Sermon based on Proven Political Lies

as they are not with We the People

they are with the Billionaires destroying America

who are hoping to gain power and control by harming We the People

and you Joe berry have once again have proven to me you need a Shrink

as I look forward to you next Pathological Lunatic email

not supported by real Science but by your Lunatic Make Believe

as you should go back to using real science data you just Ignore

for your True Belief in proven to be Political Media Fraud

that has nothing to do with the Subject Matters


Get some help Joe




About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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