Corona Virus as the Political Media Paranoia Strikes Again


The Corona Virus is Real

and the Criminal Political Media has turned the Corona Virus

in to a Political Media caused Mental Disease doing far more harm than the Corona Virus

and to put it very bluntly

we can not Lock Down the world because unhealthy People are dying

because all of those who already have one foot in the grave in some way

will die from ~ any ~ Virus

as it will be the straw that broke the camels back for most who will die

and they will die from the yearly Flu Virus that can kill up to 100,000 per year

just in the U.S.A.

or the Corona Virus that has now killed 14,000 already sick people

or they will just die from their Disease

~ as ~

MSNBC = Programmed and Preached Paranoia causing Stress and Depression

to advance their Democratic Political Agenda

 MSNBC = Microsoft NBC = Bill Gates MSNBC

publicly state

” there is no hope and millions are going to die “

while no one tells more test proven Lies in Science to We the People than MSNBC

and there is nothing more negative on this carbon based Earth than MSNBC

~ in their efforts to Earn Votes and Donations for Democrats ~

by Intentionally Destroying the Future of America with proven Political Lies

by Billionaires who own and control the Majority of the Political Media

and now they expect those who have lost their jobs with no income for many weeks

who can not pay the rent as they are standing in food lines

who have been told by MSNBC there is no hope and millions are going to die

that they will now see money flowing in to the Democrats

who caused this politically scripted Holocaust

based on a already proven to be a mild virus


I will say this over and over again

the Political Cancer is not the Cure

as Political Mental Illness is the Dictated Reality by Political Pathological Frauds

by 60 Democratic Billionaires who Own and Control everything

while Playing God with our Lives

as the Political Media continues to cause Mental Disorder

and you can thank MSNBC for the Majority of the Suicides happening today


~ we can not control nature ~

we can only Live and adjust to nature the best we can

and Political Insanity based on Political Science Fiction is not Science

as we have Political Quacks Prescribing 1.5 years of Lock Down

and this is Lunatic Medicine Preaching Paranoia based on Zero Perception of Reality

We can not stop Death by stopping all Life

and Preached Paranoia is Pathological not Factual

as Paranoia is a Mental Disorder not a Cure for Lunatic Science

as the Media continues to Lie about Medicine Science for their Political Agenda

as we must live with Lunatic Political Science Fiction by Political Lunatics in Science

who have Zero Logic or Common Sense

as Preached Political Media Paranoia now Dictate a Lunatic Reality

based on zero tested reality

as the Virus is Real and the Programmed and Scripted Political Media Paranoia

is a Political Ploy against We the People

for the sake of Political Power Control and Greed by Political Criminals

as Constitutional Crimes by the Democrats Continue


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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