Corona Virus as the Political Media Paranoia Strikes Again


April 5 ~ April 11


The Corona Virus is Real

and the only thing Paranoia can prove in real science is Paranoia

and the Number One Mental Disease in America

The Preached Paranoia  and Hate of Political Media Brainwashing Machine


We have healthy 100 year old People surviving the Corona Virus

as we have healthy 30 year old People who would not Dye from the Virus

who are in a Political Media Brainwashed State of Paranoia

are Committing Suicide

thanks to the Preached Panic and Paranoia based on Proven Political Lies



as many very healthy people continue to die

because they are not allowed to live Life

while trying to Survive a Political Media Brainwashed Death

as there can be no living when in fear of death


Hate and Paranoia are Pathological not Factual

and when your Political Agenda is based on Hate and Paranoia

this not a Political Agenda based on Fact this is a Preached Mental Disorder

spreading more mental disorder


The Majority of People in America are very healthy

and Healthy People who will not die from the Corona Virus should be working

as the Political Criminal Scam Media

are using the Corona Virus as a Political Scam Tool and Weapon


25,000 Carbon based Humans Starve to Death Everyday

on this CO2 Starved Carbon based Earth

as 10,000 Americans die everyday caused by everything but the Corona Virus and Old Age

while 100,000 have died world wide of the Corona Virus

when 100,000 People have died in the past just in the U.S. from the Yearly Flu Virus

and today’s Political Ploy by the media may kill many more People than the Corona Virus

as the Corona Virus is only a Tool for the Democratic Political War Machine

against the President

to ~ Scam ~ not Earn the Votes of We the People by Preaching their Hate and Paranoia

as the Democrats and their Criminal Political Media Brainwashing Scam Machine

continue to shoot the foot in their mouth

as their Political Crimes continue to Destroy America and We the People

for Democratic Political Gain

as We the People are being used as a Political Tool by Destroying our Lives

by Brainwashing us with their Hate and Paranoia

with their Political Blame Game with their every proven Lie

to Scam Votes for Proven Political Criminals

~ and ~

there will always be more Questions than Answers in Real Science

like how many of us who are still working as Essential Workers

are dying from the Corona Virus with the exception of Medical Workers

as I know of no deaths of Essential Workers because they are Healthy People

as in some areas of Germany the Death rate of the Corona Virus is .37%

where People are the Healthiest and not Vulnerable to the Corona Virus or any Virus

as Obesity Diabetes Heart and Lung Disease

are the number one Contributing Factors for already sick people dying

who are not well enough to work in the first place

while many People with the Corona Virus have had no Symptoms

and the Majority of We the People have not been tested and never will be

and testing can not stop any Virus

as the Virus will run its cycle and course regardless of Lock Downs

because there will always be second wave of a virus of some kind

and we never know until it happens or happens again and again

as the Lock Downs have the Suicide Hot Lines all Jammed up

with Alcohol and Drug Abuse and Drug Over Doses Spiking

while Domestic Violence is Sky Rocketing

and Food Lines are backed up for miles for days now in some places

as Crimes and Scams are Increasing

and Fresh Farm Food ready for Harvest just rotting on the Vine

and all caused by and based on Political Ploy

based on Lunatic Political Science Fiction by Lunatic Political Agenda

based on Hate and Paranoia

as Political Media Lunatics Cause and Dictate a False Reality

as the Negative effects of the Lock Down are far worse the the Virus

all for the Democratic Political Blame Game

by the number one Criminal Political Organisation in America

the Billionaire Political Media Democratic Corporation

forcing the President between a Rock and a Hard Spot

forcing the President to make an unnecessary Lock Down in America

as the Democrats continue to Prove they are Criminals and only for Democrats

and if you are not a Democrat then you are their enemy as their Actions continue to Prove

as the Billionaire Democratic Corporation

do not want to help We the People they want Own and Control We the People

as they have proven they are the Enemy of We the People

as the Billionaire Political Media Criminal Democratic Corporation of Hate and Lies

is the Cancer not the Cure

as we must live in the world of Political Scam Artist

Preaching their Lunatic Political Science Fiction doing only Harm in tested reality

as the Media in America is a proven Political Brainwashing tool for Billionaires

as we must live in a state of on going continuous Political War Destroying America

and the only thing with a lower rating than Congress is the Politically Brainwashing Media

who believe they can earn votes ~ not ~ with positive Ideas

but by Preaching Hate and Paranoia

and by committing Constitutional Crimes and Treason against We the People

as the Political Media Democratic Corporation is Organized Crime and nothing more

as they have Scientifically Proven

as the Billionaire Democratic Political Media Brainwashing Machine

continues to Preach their Political Hate Sermon to their Shrinking Political Choir

hoping to Earn the votes of those who’s lives they continue to destroy

as Viruses will come and go

and the Political Hate Machine Preaching their Paranoia for Votes will always be


~ Letter to the Editor ~

Preached Political Media Paranoia based on Proven Political Lies

can not be the Deciding Factor on how We the People continue to Live our Lives

as there is perception and there is deception and there is fact tested knowledge and

Preached and Persuaded Negative Make Believe Feelings of Fear cause Paranoia

and if I was the President

and knowing what I Scientifically know today from my Investigation of the available Facts

I would tell those People who are sick to stay home

and I would tell those People who are most vulnerable to die from the Corona Virus

to stay home

and I would tell all of those People who are Healthy and Well

to go to Church on Sunday

and ~ if ~ they should catch the Corona Virus

they should now they will not Die from the Corona Virus

as many of them have already had the Corona Virus and had no systems

and it is very safe for Healthy People to return to Living Life

and then do everything we can to help those who are not well to become well again

and ignore the proven to be

Political Media Programmed and Scripted Political Criminal Lies

by the Proven to be Political Media Pathological Frauds in Science

and always Question the Truth in knowledge

and do not just believe the proven Political Lies

or the proven to be Lunatic Hypothetical Conjecture based on proven Ignorance

by those who have earned zero right to scientific opinion

and are Paid to Lie to We the People for their Political Agenda

who do not know they are Lying to We the People

as the Media will not allow Question or Rebuttal to their Proven Political Lies

further proving they are Political Criminal Lairs

who are destroying We the People and America

for the sake of their Political Power Control and Greed



About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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