Corona Virus as the Political Media Paranoia Strikes Again


April 20, 2020

….of the Billionaires by the Billionaires for the Billionaires


There is no spike of the Corona Virus among the Essential Workers

and We the People should not be in a Lock Down

and only those who are already sick and are at risk of dying should stay at home

as the very Mild Corona Virus is Real and is Milder than the yearly Flu Virus

and the rest is Political Ploy by Political Criminals


April 18, 2020

25,000 Starve to Death on this Carbon based Earth Everyday

10,000 People die everyday in America from everything but the Corona Virus and Old Age

and in Montana

10 People have now Died from the Corona Virus because of their Poor Health

and that is fewer than 1 Person per 100,000 People

and the only thing you are less likely to die of in Montana is being struck by Lighting

and in some states with No Lock Downs the Percentages of Death are not higher

as the number of People in America who have died from the Corona Virus

is the average number of People who die every year from the yearly Flu Virus


as up to 100,000 People have died in one year from the yearly Flu Virus

and it is time to end the Criminal Political Ploy by the Billionaire Democrats

who own and control the Media and the Democratic Party

so we can save what can be saved that has been stolen by

60 Billionaire Democrats

who own and control the Democratic Political Media Corporation

who stole the Lives and Freedom of every American to hurt the President

as they have committed Treason against America and We the People

for sake of their Political Power Control and Greed

as the Political Blame Game against the President continues

for the Crimes committed by 60 Billionaires who own the Democrats

as they believe destroying the lives of We the People to make the President look Bad

will Win Votes for Democrats who are the Cancer in Tested Political Media Reality

and it is time to end the Political Economic Holocaust by the Democrats

it is time to live life again and continue to help those who are dying


We can not stop living for the fear of death

Brainwashed by the Criminal Political Media

as all life is a chance everyday

as the Mental Health of America continues to be destroyed by the Democrats

to earn our votes

as the Governor of Montana Steve Bullock is a Democrat First

and a Montanan Last

as Steve Stabs we the People of Montana in the Back for his Political Agenda

as Steve Bullock is for the Cancer not the Cure

and is now the Political Puppet of Billionaires

as Steve’s administration continues to commit crimes against We the People of Montana

for his Political Gain

Steve is not for the Agenda of We the People


April 13, 2020

~ based on data from all around the world ~

Because the Corona Virus is a Mild Virus

50% of those who catch the Corona Virus have no symptoms

and do not become Sick or Ill and then spread the Virus faster

because they are not at home sick because the Mild Virus did not make them sick

and if the Corona Virus was not mild they would not be spreading the virus because

they would be at home sick and recovering from the Virus and not Spreading the Virus

and this tells us the Percentage of those who are already Sick with other Disease

and then catch the virus and die is a much much lower number percentage wise

because we no not know all the numbers

we do not know how many have the Corona Virus with no Symptoms

and it is not possible to test everyone as we are only testing People with Symptoms

providing false numbers of Death Percentages

as the Percentage of Death from the Corona Virus is much much lower

because 50% with the Virus have no Symptoms

and all I hear from the Media is Panic and Paranoia and their Political Blame Game

making things many times worse for everyone

and that is what a Hateful Paranoid Political Media does for We the People

make things worse to score Political Points against the President

who has done a far better Job than Obama Biden

who waited for over 1000 people to die before beginning to deal with their emergency

and all I hear is how poorly the president has responded to the Corona Virus

and is a proven political lie when Obama and Biden did far worse

proving the Politically Bias Media who should never take any political side

is the Cancer not the Cure

Harming We the People of America with their Political Hate and Ignorance

as the Media only allows their one political side of the story to be told

based on their Hate for the President

as they Preach their Proven Political Media Fraud to We the People

trying to win Political Points based on their Hate Paranoia Ignorance and Proven Lies

during their Invented National Emergency to hurt the President

who I did not Vote for but I will Vote for Now

because of the on going Fraud by the Democrats

who own and control their Criminal Media doing Harm to everyone

as the Unlawful Unconstitutional Impeachment did not work

so they are using the Corona Virus against all of We the People

to deal with their Hate and Paranoia of the President

as they continue to prove they are the Criminals in tested reality

for their desire for their Political Power and Control and Greed

by Harming all of We the People and hoping this will hurt the President

as the Democratic Political Media is trying to Win Votes by Destroying America

rather than providing Good Ideas to win votes

as they provide We the People with Nation Wide Mental Disorder

with their Preached Hate Panic and Paranoia

and that is the best they can do during a Crises they invented

to play a Political Blame Game caused by their Hate

to Win Votes for Proven to be Political Criminals

as the Majority of We the People are Independents

and Political Scam is what the Democrats do Best for We the People

as they have proven to us their Fascist Criminal Mentality

and when they want the world to be Paranoid too

they can do it with the push of their Media control button

as Criminal Hate and Paranoia is what they do best to win votes

and every time the Billionaires Lie to us

We the People Lose

as we are the Victims of Hate by the Billionaires Club

who can destroy all of our Lives at will

as the Billionaire Democratic Fascist Political Media Lie Machine

continues to Intentionally Destroy We the People of America

to Win our Votes by Political Ploy

and how many Suicides will be on the Bloody Hands of the Billionaires Club

and how many Lives will be destroyed forever

because of Billionaire Elitism and their Hate of President Trump

as they hurt the President by destroying America and We the People


Bill Gates and Mike Bloomberg

and their Billionaire Partners in Crime

as they want Own and Control America and We the People

and the only way they can do that is to Destroy America

and Destroy the Lives of We the People First

The Billionaires Club is Proven Political Media Organized Crime

Destroying our Lives

for their Political Power Control and Greed


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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