Corona Virus as the Political Media Paranoia Strikes Again


April 21 ~ April 22



Over 1600 People with no names Die Everyday from Abortion


The Majority of We the People are Independents with zero Representation

and We are the observers of the Lunatic Political Reality

Destroying America and the Lives of We the People


Preached Hate and Paranoia caused by Brainwashed Political Agenda Ignorance

is not justification for Crimes and Treason against We the People

for Democratic Political Gain


The Democratic Party is made up of Millionaires and Billionaires

who don’t give a Damn about the majority of We the People


The Biggest Fraud and Scam on this Carbon based Earth ?


The Democratically Owned and Controlled Media

that can not be trusted in anyway

as the Media today has a much lower approval rating than Congress

as the Media is a Political Lie MachineĀ for Political Gain and nothing more

as Real Journalism in the Majority of the Media was Dead many Moons ago

as they continue to Politically Brainwash our Youth with very proven to be

Hate Paranoia Ignorance and Test Proven Fraud in Science for Profit

Proving the Political Media is not on the side of

We the People

as the Political Media are proven Con Artist Preaching their Political Science Fiction

~ they truly believe in ~

proving they are Persuaded and Programmed Political Pathological Frauds


~ The Majority of the Media ~

Owned and Controlled by Democrats can Never Ever be Trusted

because for many years now I can not keep up with all the proven Political Lies

and Science Fraud and Disinformation

by those who do not allow Scientific Rebuttal to their Proven Lies Preached to the Public

as our Lives are controlled by Criminal Political Media Fraud by Billionaires

who Own and Control the Media

who belong in Jail for their Intentional Treasonous Crimes against We the People

with their Wag the Dog time 24/7 in their Media

as Persuaded True Believers are Fooled by the Proven Political Fraud

and History will know the Questioned Truth by the Proven Political Media Lies

for their Criminal Political Agenda against We the People

as the Politics of Hate and Paranoia based on Ignorance by Billionaires Dictate our Lives

and is the very Opposite of Good Leadership

and are the Proven Tools of Fascism

when only one side of the Criminally Preached Political Story can be told

based on zero question test rebuttal debate of proven lies in science for political agenda

by those blinded by politically persuaded belief doing test proven harm

as they make believe they are doing good based on Scientifically Proven Lies

as the Democratic Political Media Corporation Define Fascism


when We the People are not allowed to Question the Truth in Knowledge

then there can be no tested Truth

and only proven Political Lies by Politically Brainwashed Fools

who decide for you what the Truth is based on convinced and programmed

political pathological make believe by proven frauds in science for their Political Gain


Political Preachers are not Teachers

and as long as Billionaires Own and Control Political Parties and the Media

there can be no Tested Truth in Tested Reality

there can be only their Dictated Lunatic Criminal Reality

based on Hate Paranoia and Ignorance by Pathological Frauds

with their Puppet Political Army who Preach and Obey their every criminal command

as the Tyranny by Billionaires continues to Destroy America and We the People

as those who rebuttal the proven political media lies are Crucified by the criminal media

proving political fascism by the Media

as they Crucify the Questioned Truth for their proven to Political Media Fraud

Brainwashing proven Ignorance based their Political Hate and Paranoia

as only their Political side of the story can be told to We the People

as only the Tyranny of Fascism can Crucify the Questioned Tested Truth in Knowledge

and when the Billionaires snap their fingers the Democrats jump


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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