Corona Virus as the Political Media Paranoia Strikes Again


April 24 ~ April 25




” The doctrine that the truth in all knowledge must always be in Question “

and is the Bases for the Scientific Method

by Question Test Rebuttal Debate

to know the tested truth in science


science is: to know

by skepticism


the majority of the Media are Preaching Proven Lies in Science to Sway Votes


Every Time the Political Media Preaches to us something is Catastrophic

for the sake of their Political Agenda

it is then Scientifically Proven to be a Catastrophic Political Lie

as their Debunked Catastrophic Science and Predictions to Sway Votes

never come true

and when scientifically confronted with their proven Lies

the Political Media will never admit or correct their proven Lies

and then continue to Preach the same Proven Lies to

We the People

over and over again

as this has Politically Brainwashed our Youth


The Dumbing Down of America with Preached Political Media Lies in Science


Preaching Hate Fear and Ignorance is a Political Tool for Votes

based on Scientifically Proven Lies

as we allow Proven Political Ploy and their Political Blame Game

to Dictate a False Reality doing only Harm to Humanity

for the sake of the Political Power Control and Greed of their Billionaire Owners


Real Science is based on Question Test Rebuttal Debate

as the Scientific Method is Rejected by the Political Media

as Scientific Rebuttal to very proven Lies by the Media are not allowed in the Media

and those who disagree with the Political Media based on Scientific Fact

are Crushed by the Political Media

as the Media have much to Hide and Withhold from

We the People

as the Media has proven they are Political Media Organized Crime

by their Billionaire Owners who are Harming Humanity

for their Political Power Control and Greed


~ question ~

do you just believe

the Politically Preached Proven Lies by Proven Lairs and Pathological Frauds ?


The Truth in Knowledge must always be in Question

and when the Truth in Knowledge can not be Questioned

then there can be no Truth in Knowledge

and then there can be zero Knowledge and only Preached Belief = Make Believe


The New Normal is Scientifically Proven to be

Invented and Preached Political Media Hate Paranoia and Ignorance

Proving Political Insanity by Political Criminal Lunatics

as we Live in a False Reality Dictated by a Criminal Political Media Agenda

and Preached by those who Failed Grade School Science

who are Preaching Scam Political Science Fiction

they are Persuaded to Believe is Fact Tested Reality

as they Preach what they are told to Read to the Public

and not what they know as they know nothing

because they do not Question the Truth in Knowledge

as they just believe as they are told to just believe

as Test Proven Ignorance is ~ their ~ Reality


to believe is: to make believe

and to just Believe in a proven to be Political Media Scam is Stupidity

allowing the Crimes against Humanity by Billionaires to continue to be


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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