Corona Virus as the Political Media Paranoia Strikes Again


When the Media Intentionally Lies to the Public

like Yelling Fire in a Theater when there is no Fire

causing Intentional Harm to the Public

this must be a Punishable Crime

as my Investigation continues

while the Political Media does not Investigate anything

they just Preach the Political Sermon they are told to Preach

based on zero Logical Common Sense Question Rebuttal Debate

as the very mild Corona Virus is Real

and the Invented Political Crises by Your Political Media is all Proven Political Ploy

as you Billionaires who Hate President Trump

are Intentionally Destroying the Lives of many Millions of

We the People


There are many numbers and Data I have yet to know

~ like ~

how many Farmers and Ranchers have now committed Suicide

because of this Democratic Political Media Scam based on Hate Preaching Paranoia

and is Your Lunatic Criminal Effort to Win Votes for Democrats

with Scientifically Proven Lies Destroying America

as the Media Owned by You Billionaire Democrats

continues to Yell Fire when there is no Fire

and your Preached New Normal

is for We the People to live in a constant state of Paranoia

controlling our Lives

based on Scientifically Proven Lies for your Proven to be Criminal Political Agenda

with Real Blood on Your Proven to be Criminal Hands

as many more will Die from your Proven to be Political Media Lies

and because You Hate the President

and this does not give you the right to Yell Fire in the Theater

or Destroy all Life in America as we know it

as Your Billionaire Democratic Political Media Corporation

is a Scientifically Proven Mental Cancer doing only harm

Preaching Scam Science Fiction proving Fraud in Science

as you Preach Hate and Paranoia while Destroying Everyone’s Life

all to Win Votes

as a Political Media Brainwashed Mental Disorder is the best you Democrats have to offer

while destroying our Lives

rather than providing good Ideas to make Life better

as You Preach only a Criminally Negative Paranoid False Reality

hoping this will win the votes of

We the People

as you continue to Intentionally destroy our lives

for the sake of Your Political Power Control and Greed

and this is not Leadership

this is Proven Crimes by Hateful Politically Paranoid Lunatics

who will do anything to win

and if this Scientifically Proven to be Mental Disorder and Paranoid Religion Wins

We the People will Lose


April 29, 2020

When the Corona Virus hit New York

New York Influenza Cases then Impossibly Dropped by 77 %

when it is not possible in Real Medicine for the Influenza Virus to suddenly Drop by 77%

telling us a majority of Corona Virus reported Deaths were not from the Corona Virus

they are Deaths from the yearly Influenza Virus

that have dramatically increased over the past few years

and was Predicted to increase much further and be much worse this year

while the Corona Virus is much much milder than the yearly Influenza Virus

and Medical Professionals have now told me

the Corona Virus has been in America since August of 2019

and most People do not know they had the Corona Virus

because it is a very mild virus

as the Political Media Ploy Plot Thickens of the Corona Virus

as the Preached Paranoia based on Proven Lies by the Media

continue to do only Harm in Reality


April 26 ~ April 28


as long as Billionaires Own and Control the Democratic Party

and Own and Control the Majority of the Media

there will always be a Double Standard in the Media

and the tested truth will be withheld from the Public for Political Agenda

and proven lies will be preached as Reality in Science


Believing in Scientifically Proven Lies is not ~ knowing ~ the Tested Truth


Self-Debunked Ouija Board Prediction based on Proven Fraud and Ignorance

is not Proven Fact Tested Reality in Science


as I write and rewrite everyday

while I hate to write but I must for the tested truth

and I know I am Repetitive


Repetitiveness is the Key to Deprogramming Political Media Brainwashed Proven Lies

and why is the Majority of the Media in America

committing scientifically test proven Fraud against

We the People

~ because they can ~

and because they are Owned by Billionaires with a Political Agenda

as Freedom of the Press is now serving the very opposite of its original intention

and is now Preached Political Sermon based on Test Proven Political Lies

that many proven Fools just Believe in


Question Test Rebuttal Debate by the Scientific Method

and rejecting test proven knowledge for

Political Media Belief is Pathological not Factual and is Foolish

as Climate Change is real

while the political media preached doomsday climate Paranoia is a test proven lie

for Political Agenda to profit the Billionaires who own the majority of the media

just as the Corona Virus is Real

while the political media preached Paranoia is based on proven lies

and is a proven Political Ploy

by Political Agenda by Billionaires who own the majority of the media


along with many other Media outlets

and News Papers like the New York Times and many Magazines

and they are very proven political pathological frauds in Science

as they truly believe their proven lies

Preached to We the People

based on zero Question Test Rebuttal Debate

as they continue to Preach words of belief they can not prove are reality in science

proving they are Pathological not Factual

while Doctors have now stated they are being pressured to state on

Death Certificates

the cause of Death was the Corona Virus when it was not the cause of Death

proving political fraud

while Doctors stating factual Science Data to the public have been censured

proving further political fraud

as the Death Rate for the corona virus in California is now 00.03%

and is the same in parts of Germany based on 500,000 tests per week

and you will not hear this Scientific Data on the majority of the Political Media

as they continue to withhold Scientific facts from the Public for their political agenda

as 10,000 People Die everyday in America and not caused by the Corona Virus

as the new normal is Political Media Brainwashed Paranoia

based on Scientifically Proven to be Political Media Fraud in Science

by 60 Billionaires who own the Democratic Party and Hate President Trump

and they will do anything to stop the President from being the President

including committing Treason against We the People

because they can as they are doing

as Criminal Billionaires Dictate a False Reality

for the sake of their Political Power Control and Greed

as Political Media Brainwashed True Believers just believe the proven Lies

as we continue to be overwhelmed by Proven Lies everyday by the political media

owned by Billionaires who are Destroying America to win Democratic votes


To Conquer you must first Destroy

as the proven crimes of the Democratic Party continue to destroy America

as the Censorship of Physicians and Scientists continue by the Democratic Media

further proving Political Ploy by Billionaires who Own everything


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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