Corona Virus as the Political Media Paranoia Strikes Again


The Corona Virus is Real

and everything beyond that is

Democratic Political Media Fraud in Science

the Democrats have been committing Fraud in Science for Profit and Political Gain

for many many years

the Billionaire Political Media Democratic Corporation

is the number one Crime Organization in America today

and here in Helena Montana we have the very best law Enforcement People

in the world I live in

and then I see how the New York City Thugs wearing Badges

Beat the Hell out of someone who was not practicing proper Social Distancing

in a Democratic City

and I see whats happening in many the Democratic Cites

and this is Lunatic Political Science Fiction Destroying America

by decriminalizing Crime

in major cites where tens of thousands of Homeless

in need of Humanitarian Aid

and have to use the side walks as the bathroom

where major criminal organisations from other countries do their Business freely

with taxpayer support of their Health Care as they continue to commit Crimes

as I have told people over the years if I am in need of serous Health Care

I will Rob a Bank give the money to Save the Children and get my Free Heath Care

and not have to live on the streets

but now they are letting the criminals out of Jail

I guess to make room for People who Broke a Lock Down Rule

by showing their Love and Caring to a Friend in need

and showing compassion to others is now a crime in New York City

as Democrats Play God with all our lives for their Political Power Control and Greed

and when the streets of France became sewers

The French Revolution

changed that

and in California you do have to Dredge the Sewers to Track the Corona Virus

its on the their side walks


The ones who call me Crazy are the ones who can only prove they Failed 5th grade science

as it is they who are Scientifically Proven to be Political Media Brainwashed not Me

as it is they who refuse to allow Question Test Rebuttal Debate

of the many Proven Facts they withhold from the Public

as it is they who Preach their Political Media Doomsday Paranoia not Me

as I am Scientifically Factual while they are Politically Pathological

and the Billionaires who own the Democrats they made into Millionaires

will never be Punished for their Crimes

as their Proven Political Fascism in Science

is not a good thing for We the People or America

as Political Ploy is not proven fact tested reality in Science


Committing Treason against We the People is not the best way to Gain Votes

and Preaching Test Proven Lies in Science and Medicine

to instill Hate Fear and Paranoia is not the best way to Gain Votes

and Blaming Others for your Test Proven Crimes is not the best way to Gain Votes

while destroying the lives of everyone in America

is not the best way to Gain Votes

as Political Ploy is not the best way to Gain Votes

~ as ~

Democrats Cheered

when the Economic Crash Happened

and Caused by the Democratically Owned and Controlled Media

as they Fulfilled their Wishes and Dreams in their hopes of harming the President

by Destroying the Lives of We the People

as the Democrats now have real Blood on their hands from their Preached Paranoia


Stress Anxiety and Depression




Drug Overdoses

caused by the un-necessary Lock Down of America

they forced on to the President


Domestic Violence and Abuse

Alcohol and Drug Abuse

and a Rise in Crime

as the Billionaire Democrats have Committed Treason against America

to play their Political Media Blame Game against the President

with their scientifically Proven Lies in Science and Medicine

 hoping this will Gain Un-Earned Votes for Democrats

by Committing three plus years of Proven Crimes against America

as the Democrats now hold up Emergency help and funding for We the People

for this Catastrophic Emergency they Politically Intentionally Caused

for the sake of their Political Power Control and Greed

as the Proven Political Fraud continues

as the Billionaire Democrats in Charge of the Media they Own

know they have nothing to lose by Destroying the lives of We the People

as their Proven Lies in Science with their Preached Paranoia

with their Political Hate Blame Game

continue everyday 24/7

as we live with Scam Science by Political Scam Artist

as many of you just believe the proven Political Media Scams

and allow yourselves to live in a state of Politically Invented Paranoia

scientifically proving

 Criminal Political Media Brainwashing by proven frauds in science works


A Politically Controlled Media Owned by Billionaires with a Political Agenda

based on Political Power Control and Greed

are not your Friends

as the Physicians who speak out against the Political Media Fraud in Science

are Silenced by the Proven Political Media Frauds

as their can be no Rebuttal to the Scientifically Proven Political Media Fraud in Science

further proving real Journalism is Dead


I am now 64 years old

and I have been Watching the news since I was 7 years old

since the President John F. Kennedy Assassination in 1963

and real Journalism has been Dead for many years

and replaced with scientifically test proven Lies by Political Media Scam Artist

as the Media is now all Political Sermon based on Proven Criminal Political Agenda

as those preaching the proven lies believe their proven lies

as they do Question and Investigate the Truth in knowledge

and reject the Questioned Truth in knowledge for their political agenda true belief

and just read to the public what they are politically programmed to just believe

proving they are not real Journalist who would provide all the available facts

and allow the Public to decide what is real and what is not real

as the political media today decide for the Public what is real and what is not

as the political media reality is test proven lunatic make believe

based on proven political Deception


 I have always Voted for People not Political Parties

and if you do not Question the Truth then you can not know the Truth

only proving you have earned zero right to Scientific Opinion

and when the Political Media Purposely Intentionally Misinform the Public

with Proven Lies for Political Agenda while allowing zero Rebuttal

this is Political Fascism not Science


While the very mild Corona Virus is real

~ We the People ~

must Live with Another Democratic Political Media Paranoia Scam

based on scientifically proven Political Media Lies

Destroying America for Votes


The Democrats have been Crying Wolf for over 30 years now

as the Democrats are the proven Political Wolf of Preached Paranoia

as Political Ploy is what the Democrats have proven they do best for America


To Conquer you must first Destroy

and the Political Media Fascism in America

by the Democratic Billionaire Political Media Corporation

is Destroying America by Choice

for the sake of their Political Power Control and Greed

as they continue to commit Treason against America and We the People

as their Fraudulent Political Media Brainwashing continues to Destroy America

as Billionaire Democratic Fascism is Political Media Brainwashing America

as they tell only one side of many sides the story

as their Media Fraudulent Political Science Fiction continues to Dictate a False Reality

as the best they have to offer We the People is their Preached Hate and Paranoia

and when you confront the Political Media and prove their lies to the Public are proven lies

they continue to Lie to the Public for their Political Agenda

as proven Frauds can never admit they are Proven Frauds

as half the Public just Make Believe in the proven lies

with out Scientific Question Test Rebuttal or Debate

and while I have been Stabbed in the Back by both Major Political Parties

the Democrats have much Sharper Longer Poisoned Knives

that Stabs Harder and many more times

and there is zero equality in the Elitist Billionaire Owned

Dictated and Controlled

Democratic Political Media Corporation

Destroying America

they are the proven criminal political Wolf in Sheep clothing

they are the Party of proven Scams for over 30 plus years

and for the next 30 plus years and beyond

but only if you continue to just believe in Preached proven Lies

based on Hate and Paranoia based on zero scientific rebuttal


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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