The Rebuttal ~ Joe Berry & Stanford Woods Institute = Fraud

~ February 21, 2020 ~

When I am Proven Wrong I will admit it and Grow forward in tested reality

and those who reject test proven knowledge for debunked personal feelings of true belief

are not Scientists they are True Believers and Preachers

and when we can see and prove something is Broken

then you do not make it worse

you try to fix it

but we all have to understand what is Broken before you try to fix it

as we are trying to fix what is not broken instead of fixing what is

and making things worse and not better

because of the Media Political Agenda Preached Ignorance

will allow only their agenda side of the story to be told to the Public

as those who have proven the Media Ignorance have no Voice in the Media

as the Media now decides for you what is real and what is not

even when it is Scientifically Test Proven Ignorance

because they do not comprehend the tested Reality beyond their preached political belief

as only the Billionaires and Millionaires who own the Media and the Political Parties

have a Voice in America Dictating their Proven Ignorance to the Public

while allowing zero Rebuttal and refusing to acknowledge they are proven wrong

when they have earned zero right to opinion on the subject matter

as they are always right and never wrong based only on their preached true belief

as Power Control and Greed Dictate a Lunatic Reality for Power Control and Greed

as they Preach their fear of the unknown as their reality

as they Preach their Political Science Fiction doing test proven Harm

….as the Independents are the Ignored Majority Deciding Elections

with zero Representation in Government

as the Political Parties are Destroying each other

for their Political Power Control and Greed

and are the Cancer Destroying America and We the People

and Abolishing Political Parties and Reversing the 17 Amendment

is the only Cure for the Growing Political Cancer

as Political Party Hatred can Govern nothing but Political Disease

as George Washington was against Political Parties

and the Majority of We the People can see and know why

as we have zero voice

as it is long over do to Reunite the now Un-United States of America

and remove Ownership of the U.S Senate from Special Interest Groups

and return Ownership of the U.S. Senate to the State Governments

and return all votes in the U.S. Senate to State Governments

as before the 17th Amendment

as States must be apart of the U.S. Government

deciding as part of the balance of real power in america

with Senators Chosen by their State Governments

and end the Corruption of Elected U.S. Senators

and allow the States to be United once again

with their rightful power and authority in the United States Government

and not separated from the U.S. Government as Separate Entities against each other

as the U.S. Government now dictate to the Un- United States Governments

when the States must always be a Legal part of the U.S. Government as before

as all the States must be as one in the Senate Body

and end the Political Bias Destroying America

as we must acknowledge our proven mistakes so may grow forward as one together

or grow further apart by destroying each other

and as long as there are Political Parties

there will always be a form of Deep State Dictating Political Party Agenda

as Preached and Proven to be Ignorance is Lunatic Political Agenda

doing only harm


When the Majority of the Media take sides in Politics it is then no longer Real Journalism

as they no longer provide all the facts to the Public

so the Public can decide for themselves what is real and what is not real

as the Media withhold very available facts from the Public

and provide only what they want you just Politically believe in with out real proven facts

as the Media becomes a Political Fascist Hearsay Propaganda Machine

as they are for the proven Political Crimes being committed against

We the People

by the Party they Represent as they are part of the Political Criminal Cancer

Destroying America

as the Media has become a Political Church doing only harm in tested reality

as a Media with a Political Agenda Preaching Political Sermons is not Real Journalism


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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