Criminal Medicine by Tammy Gibson [email protected]

I have provided my Evaluations of the Physicians

who committed Fraud against me

Helping Tammy Gibson of Montana State Fund

to St. Peters Hospital Medical Group of Helena Montana


The Physicians I have Proven committed Medical Fraud

for the Fraud committed by Montana State Fund

Owned and Operated by the State of Montana

and Chaired by those chosen by the Governor of Montana

Steve Bullock

are Physicians who are no longer Practicing Medicine in the State of Montana

with the exception of one proven to be Lunatic Criminal Fraud in Medicine



~ one ~

Tammy Gibson’s Personal Friend and Personal Physician

and Partner in their Proven Crimes

The Doctor of Medically and Scientifically Proven Fraud and Malpractice

The Criminal Lunatic working for and paid for by Tammy Gibson

~ Dr. Richard P. Sargent ~


The Criminal ~ Sage Medical Clinic

Helena Montana



~ two ~

Dr. Thomas D. Mulgrew MD

Helena Montana

Who is no longer Practicing his proven to be

Fraudulent Malpractice Medicine

to be continued



~ three ~

Jeffrey M. Cory PhD

Bozeman Health Deaconess Hospital

Bozeman Montana

who I forced my Tammy Gibson = MSF to go see

for a Memory Test

and I had to rent a car and drive 100 miles during the worst part of Winter

on one of the worst roads in Montana where many die every year

a road that had already been closed before and after my Drive to Bozeman

where I was expected  to be well rested for the Evaluation

after getting no sleep after white knuckle driving for 100 miles

and very worried about my drive back to Helena the next evening in the dark

while dealing with all my many Post Concussion Systems

for an Evaluation that could have been done in Helena with out having to drive 200 miles

and from 10 feet away

doing zero Physical or Neurological Examination

~ Zero Concussion Evaluation ~

~ Zero Physical Evaluation ~

Jeff states in his medical report I do not have a Concussion

while I have Medical Reports from very real Evaluations not reviewed by Jeff

that clearly state I do have a Concussion

while I have many other injuries beyond the Concussion

as Jeff states I can return to work as there is nothing wrong with me

based on Zero Physical Evaluation

and how does a Memory Test determine the condition of my

Injured Right Ankle

how does a Memory Test determine the condition of my

Injured Right Knee

how does a Memory Test determine the condition of my

Injured Right Side Tissue Damage

how does a Memory Test determine the condition of my

Injured Right Elbow

how does a Memory Test determine the condition of my

Injured Neck ~ still out of place at that time

how does a Memory Test determine if I have or do not have a Concussion

based on Zero Concussion or Neurological Test or Examination of any kind

as Jeff Falsified all my Statements

and Falsified my Childhood and Schooling

and Falsified 40 years of my Medical History

based on zero review of any Records of my past

or review of 40 years of my available Medical History

that Debunk his Proven Lies

as Jeff Fabricated everything in his Criminal Medical Report

that did ~ Zero Physical Medical Evaluation ~

and as I know from my Investigation

Jeff has a known History of Falsified Medical Reports in the Montana Legal Community

and is still Fraudulently Practicing Criminal Malpractice Medicine

who’s Attorney’s confronted me and sent me copies of my Web Page

stating Jeff Cory is a Lunatic Criminal Fraud in Medicine as proven

as I then sent to Jeff’s Attorney a copy of my Medical History

proving Jeff is a Lunatic Criminal Fraud in Medicine

and I never heard back from Jeff’s Legal Team ever again

as Jeff has clearly Proven to me he is a Paranoid Lunatic

based on his proven actions

and is the Physician used by Tammy  Gibson and Dr. Sargent

for MSF to Deny needed further Medical Care

to in the Injured Workers of Montana

while Jeff told me at our follow up visit

having to drive again about two weeks later in the same winter road conditions

that I

who received a Doctor Honor in 2011

am now at a 3rd Grade level

and if that was true then why would they deny further medical care

to someone who has Evaluated Educations Programs

and reviews Technical Science and Physics and Chemistry

who is now after a Head Injury at a 3rd grade level

and if I was at a 3rd Grade Level before my Injuries

I would not have been Qualified to be Hired for my Job

as Jeff then told me one of my now many issues and flaws is

I am a Skeptic

and from Websters Dictionary

~ skepticism ~

” the doctrine that the truth in all knowledge must always be in Question “

as Jeff make believes skepticism is a Mental Flaw

further proving he is a Lunatic who failed 5th grade science

as I am a Scientists = Skeptic

as my skepticism has proven Jeff is a Lunatic Criminal Fraud in Medicine

for Tammy Gibson and Montana State Fund and Dr. Sargent

as the majority of Jeff’s Lunatic Fraudulent Criminal Malpractice Medical Report

is debunked by my Documented Medical History Jeff  has never seen

but his attorneys have now seen

Jeff’s report is all Medically Proven Lies based on zero Facts

as Jeff should be in a Rubber Jail Cell

as Jeff is paid by Tammy Gibson and MSF = the State of Montana

to Falsify Medical Reports

to save money

providing many Ploy Legal Battles

for many Injured Workers to deal with

who then have zero income and zero medical care for their proven injures


as Dr. Sargent Agrees with Jeff Cory

then Dr. Sargent must disagree with all the other many Doctors

who’s Medical Reports based on Real Physical and Neurological Evaluations

Debunk Jeff Cory

The Doctors


list of Doctors

to be continued


After Montana State Fund Committed Proven Fraud against me

I went to


~ four ~

Eugene ” Buzz ” Walton II MD

~ RIP ~

Performance Injury Care & Sports Medicine

Helena Montana

who is a paid adviser to Montana State Fund

on how to return Injured workers back to work sooner

~ than they are ready to return to work ~

who is paid to put the wellness of Criminal Insurance Companies

above the wellness of his Injured Patients

Who Falsified my Medical Report

as Proven with my Medical History Records

while based only on one visit

and based on a less than Professional Concussion Evaluation

Dr. Walton states in his Medical Report

” that I may return to work as I am able “

~ Dr. Walton is no longer Practicing Medicine due to a Gun Accident after Hunting ~

to be continued


Dr. Sargent was in charge of my Medical Case

and Reviewed my Medical History

as proven by the document he Signed to release my Medical History

from the St. Peters Hospital Medical Records Files

as my medical history goes back to 1980 at St. Peters Hospital

and proving the Medical Reports by other Physicians in this Medical Case

that Dr. Sargent Approved = Rubber Stamped

were proven to be Falsified and Fraudulent Medical Reports

as Tammy Gibson then knowingly Approved the proven to be Falsified Medical Reports and then rejecting the one year of many real medical reports in her case history of my medical condition proving the fraudulent reports were criminal reports

as the Attorneys paid for by Montana State Fund

who Practice Medicine with out a License

who’s job it is to win regardless of good or bad or right or wrong

for the sake of another Win regardless of the criminal out come by the State of Montana

as the States Attorney’s then support and Argue for

the Obviously Fraudulent Medical Reports

while rejecting the very real medical reports proving Fraud by the State of Montana

in the Montana Department of Labor

~ Bogus Hearing ~

that Rubber Stamps the Obvious Medical Fraud against me by Montana State Fund

so Montana State Fund can save money

as they Fraudulently Turn Work Injured Citizens of Montana in to their Road Kill

and as Montana State Fund knows

Injured workers have no money for Legal Representation

and most Attorneys will not take a case that is not a Sure Thing

while from my experiences those Attorneys who will take these cases at no charge up front

do a far better job of protecting the Fraud by Montana State Fund

as MSF is their Bread and Butter

and you do not Cut Off the proven to be Fraudulent Hands that Feed You

as a very Rigged Injustice System by the Law Makers and Governor of Montana

who do not represent We the Working People of Montana

we who are their proven Road Kill

as they Represent Themselves and their Special Interests giving them money

as my Representatives in the Montana Government do not respond to my communications

while knowing I have been turned into Road Kill by the Montana Law Makers

so please do not Vote for my Law Makers who do not Give a Damn

as all they care about is their own Personal Political Agenda

like most law makes

as they use the money intended to help Injured Workers

to further destroy the Lives and Families and Communities of Injured Montana Citizens

Injuries caused by the Negligence of others

~ to be continued ~

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