Criminal Medicine by Tammy Gibson [email protected]


Dear Tammy,

I hope all is well for you

and if you could spend one day in my shoes ~

as I have been a Hermit for the past three years now

while for the most part my Post Concussion Syndrome has been up and down the same

for the past three plus years now

with some not so bad days and some bad days

while my Neck is still very much a Pain in the Neck

as you refuse to acknowledge my Neck Injury

or my Post Concussion Syndrome for the past two years

but you did for one year and thank you for that one year of a lack of Medical help

as I am still having Issues related to my other injuries too

and as I told you in my last email

as I stated that I was going to mail you a formal letter to inform you

Odegaard Miller Law PLLC Billings Montana

will no longer be Representing me against you and Montana State Medical Fraud Fund

as they are doing a great job of helping you than helping me

as I know many for many years now many Attorney’s in many Law Firms

and Odegaard Miller Law have very Proven to me their

Intentional Incompetence in this Legal Case helping you not me

as they have taken the side of your Bias against me

as you are the hand that feeds them as they are under your Rule of Injustice

further proving this is a rigged system and I am just another one of your Road Kill

and the Social Security System who must help your Road Kill would more than agree

as you dump your legal responsibility on to the Tax Payers

as they are more than aware of your Crimes against We the People

and I am guessing you will be hearing from Medicare one day for your proven Crimes

but I have decided everyone should know how this case is going

so I do not have to keep explaining this Legal Case to everyone here in Helena

all the time over and over again as I have been doing for the past two plus years

as I missed my Helena High Class of 1974 reunion this year

do to my on going and now permanent medical condition

and thank goodness I am still able to Drive Part Time for some income

as I have a lot of medical bills now

since you fraudulently cut me off from Medical help

and I have now borrowed over $30,000. since my injuries to stay afloat

and not lose my Home

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Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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