Criminal Medicine by Tammy Gibson [email protected]


I have what I am told by Medical Professionals

is: permanent

Post Concussion Syndrome

caused by the Negligence of my then Employer

the Helena School District

and in the Sate of Montana the Negligent Party is not Liable for their Negligence

their Insurance Company

Montana State Fund is reasonable for the cost of the Negligence of and by my Employer

and it is the job of Montana State Fund

to turn Work Injured Citizen of Montana into their Road Kill

to save money that is not theirs to save

as they give a lot of Employer Funded Money away to those who are not Injured

as the Montana Law Makers and the Governor during their last Emergency Budget Crises

past new laws

making it much easier for Montana State Fund

and Montana Hospitals and Physicians

to knowingly continue to commit Medical Fraud and Malpractice against Injured Workers

while making it many times harder for the Injured Workers to seek Justice

while Injured with out medical support

for what are very proven Crimes by the State of Montana and Montana State Fund

and supported by Montana Hospitals and Physicians who are paid by Montana State Fund

who knowingly and are proven to Falsify Medical Reports for MSF

as these proven Crimes have the Blessings of the Montana Law Makers and the Governor

to save money by further destroying the Lives of Injured Montana Citizens

as Legally and Medically and Scientifically Proven

as this proven to be Criminally Rigged System of Injustice by the State of Montana

against the Work Injured Citizens of Montana Continues

as Criminals are in Charge of the Montana Sate Fund


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