Criminal Medicine by Tammy Gibson [email protected]


The Biggest Criminals in Montana

Steve Bullock

Governor of Montana

and the Governors Chief Legal Counsel

Raph Graybill

who would like to be the next Montana Attorney General

and those Steve has hand picked to over see the Crimes of Montana State Fund

and what Montana State Fund does Best

is make Law Firms and Criminal Doctors very Rich

to save money


To: The Board of Directors of Montana State Fund

as you are appointed by the Governor of Montana

Steve Bullock

to over see the proven crimes at Montana State Fund


Lance Zanto ~ Chair

Matt Mohr

Lynda Moss

Laurence Hubbard

Jan VanRiper

Jack Owens

Cliff Larson

Jim Molloy


Proven Criminals belong in Jail

as Injustice Rules Montana

and when Government is the Criminal what do we do ?

as we live in the world of Scam and Fraud

and it is everywhere

and when you report the Proven Crimes by the Government

to the Government

nothing happens

as the Crimes against We the People the Pheasants of Montana continue

by Government Elitists

who have far to much power and authority

with no over sight while committing proven Crimes

with the Blessings of our Law Makers

who know of the Crimes they Ignore

as they do not Represent We the People they Represent them Selves


We the People


Montana State Fund is a Criminal Government Insurance Company

Paying for Falsified Medical Reports by Criminal Doctors

to Deny Legitimate Medical Claims of Work Injured Citizens of Montana

to save money

and MSF must be Abolished for the Wellness of We the People

as they turn We the People into their Road Kill

as they Punish Injured Citizens and their Families to Fraudulently save money

as Justice in Montana is only for Those who can Afford it


The Montana Government

is making it many times harder for the Work Injured Citizen of Montana to Seek Justice

for proven Intentional Crimes

Committed by the Government of the State of Montana = Montana State Fund

and is Intentional Injustice against We the People


I believe in taking care of one another

~ caring for each other ~

and it takes very Special People in our Lives

to knowingly intentionally further destroy the Lives of those with known Brain Injuries

to save money that is not theirs to save


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Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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