U.S. Sen. Jon Tester MT. ~ The Cancer is not the Cure


I am not owned and controlled by any Political Cancer Religion

I am a Scientists for the Truth in all of Life and knowledge for a better Life for All

and a Student of Constitutional History and Law since 1980


Those who do not Question the Truth will never Know the Truth

as they are Persuaded True Believers

who just Believe as they are Programmed to just Believe

as Belief is a Feeling and can provide zero Proven Fact Tested Reality

to find and know the Truth

as Belief is Pathological not Factual

Belief is not Knowledge

Belief is Make Believe

and what have you been Persuaded Convinced Programmed Brainwashed to just Believe

with out Questioning the Truth


Is your Reality to Know

or is your Reality Make Believe as you are told to Make Believe

and do you just Believe the Proven Lairs ?

as those who do not know the tested Truth and ignore the Truth

Dictate a Lunatic Reality doing only Harm

as those who Impeach the President today have placed themselves above the Law

as Political Wars are not based on Constitutional Law

as they Break Constitutional Law they refuse to Defend

while Rejecting the Will of We the People

as many Growing Political Cancers continue to further control our Daily Lives

as We the People Live in a Authoritarian Hypocrisy and no longer a Republic

by those who Spit on the Constitution they continue to destroy

as they Preach to us their Make Believe

based on their Rejection of the Questioned Tested Truth

as the Political Cancers of Ignorance by Belief continue to Destroy America

and Impeaching the Will of We the People will not Stop the Cancer

by those who are politically persuaded to just make believe they are doing good

when doing harm they can not see for they are blinded by Belief

as they do not Question the Truth they just Believe as they are told to just Believe

as True Belief is Region and not the Questioned Truth in Knowledge

as Political Religion Dictate many Proven Lies they just Believe are the Truth

proving they are Political Pathological not Factual

and we must regain

The Separation


Political Pathological Church and State

as we must separate the persuaded political make believe

from the Proven Questioned Truth in Fact Tested Reality

~ as ~

The Media continues to take away the voice of those who have proven the Political Lies

as the Media continues to just believe their own proven political Lies

as Political Wars acknowledge no laws or rights

as they acknowledge only their Political Make Believe

while ignoring the harm they refuse to see

like Killing the cause of Green to save us from their next predicted Doomsday

that will not happen once again

based on Paranoia of the unknowable future based on Belief in proven Ignorance

as test proven Political Religion continues to Preach to us their Lunatic Political Reality

doing only harm to the tested reality in the truth they do not comprehend

proving all Political Parties should be against the Law

as they can prove only Ignorance

as they continue to only Distort and Break the Law

as our rights they continue to take away

as their proven Lies they just Believe

are just Believed by those who do not Question the Truth

and do not know the Truth

as their Truth is Persuaded Make Believe


General and then President

George Washington

was against Political Parties and so am I


The Test Proven Cancer is not the Cure

as Persuaded Ignorance continues to reject the Questioned Truth in Knowledge

as True Believers refuse to learn and know and grow forward beyond their True Belief

doing only Harm in fact tested Reality

as Pathological Reality is not Factual Reality

Feelings are not Facts


Is your Reality based on Persuaded Feelings of Belief in Fear of the Unknown

or is your Reality based on Knowledge ?

as only knowledge can be Questioned Tested and Debated

as belief does not allow question test debate

and Positive Leadership is not based on Fear of the Unknown


Paranoia caused by Persuaded Fear caused by Ignorance for Power and Greed

~ peace ~

About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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