U.S. Sen. Jon Tester MT. ~ The Cancer is not the Cure


Letter to all the Editors

as you have yet to print one of my many letters since 2007

as Freedom of Speech is only for those who Politically Make Believe as you Make Believe

as you preach Political Hatred for your Political Agenda

as you ignore scientific fact for political Make Believe

as you refuse to allow Public Question and Debate of your Political Make Believe

as you suppress the Questioned Truth in Knowledge

as you have decided for the Public what is real and what is not

based on your Political Make Believe

as you Preach and do not Teach or Inform all the available knowledge

you are a Political Church dictating your True Belief to the Public

allowing zero rebuttal to your proven to be political pathological Lies

based on Political Hearsay


Bruce A. Kershaw

Carbon based Human

made mostly of Oxygen and Hydrogen

and 20% carbon holding it all together

made by and from the Carbon Oxygen Hydrogen Cycle

caused by Evaporated CO2 and Water Vapor with Sun Energy causing Green

causing the Environment

Independent Scientist

Helena ~ Montana


Carbon based Earth

where everything has carbon in it


…and If there is a God


~ God Bless the Universe ~


~ We ~

should all Bless the Universe allowing all of us to be

and not bless just one

Pathological Political Media Persuaded Religion

based on test proven Ignorance doing test proven harm

in the world of proven fact tested reality

the Questioned Tested Debated Truth in Knowledge


The Premeditated Flawed Impeachment trying to find a Crime

while they continue to Politically Shot the Foot in their Mouth

as they Preach to us they believe = make believe God is a Democrat


The Speaker of the House of Representatives

is committing Constitutional Abuse of Power

while committing Constitutional Obstruction of Justice

by not forwarding the Flawed House Impeachment Resolution


Political Media Brainwashing Rule America

Ruling We the People

as those Ruling over us

just ignore the very real Issues and the very Fixable Problems in our Communities


belief is a feeling

belief is not knowing

Belief is Religion

honesty is: factual: the questioned truth in knowledge

the Provable Fact Tested Reality in Knowledge


Would you like to be

the most powerful Carbon based Human on this Carbon based Earth ?


Politically Persuaded Make Believe Reality

is not:


Questioned Tested Debated Reality


Questioned Tested Debated Truth in Knowledge

~ vs ~

Preached Political Media Make Believe

Preaching only one side of many sides of the story

for the sake of their political agenda based on zero Question Test Debate

while rejecting the Questioned Truth in Knowledge

they do not comprehend and refuse to learn and know

as they preach to us their proven Ignorance they refuse to debate

is: the fact tested Reality in Science


Political Science Fiction is:

Political Pathological Ignorance

the political pathological persuaded true belief

in something that is scientifically proven to not be real


Ouija Board Political Science Fiction is always Bad Psychic Politics


You can not Impeach the President because you Hate the President

because he does not agree with your preached political make believe

or just because the President is not Politically Correct in Washington D.C.

as everyone in Washington D.C. is a Politically Correct Proven Lair

as they truly believe their very proven to be political Lies for power and profit

as they reject the very proven facts proving they are Lairs

for their persuaded Political Media Agenda Religion doing Harm

while their belief is always right and the proven facts are always wrong

and if your reality is based on persuaded political belief

then your political reality is make believe based on proven Ignorance

because you reject knowledge you do not comprehend for your Political Agenda

for Your Political Power and Greed


and those who are with out the very same Political Sin

cast the first stone


~ what came first ~

The Impeachment or the Crime ?

and when all you have to offer to We the People is Hatred

the very flawed incomplete Impeachment case based only on Hate is the Crime

and then to expect the Senate to do the unfinished work of the House

is further political ignorance

because the lawful responsibility of the House is not the responsibility of the Senate

as the Senate has no choice but to declare the Flawed Impeachment a Political Hate Crime

as Leadership based on Hate is not Leadership

as political hatred ignore the facts and rights of everyone

as political hatred places itself above everyone and everything

as the Invented Crimes against the President

are the very proven crimes the Political Hatred have themselves committed

as they Preach to us Justice for all

unless you do not make believe as they Make Believe

then you are their enemy as they then prove to you they hate you

as they can not see and know beyond their political true belief

as their Political Make Believe is always right

and everyone else is always wrong and are the enemy

because you do not make believe as they make believe

as the tested knowledge is always wrong in their make believe reality


The Premeditated Impeachment based on no Crime and

~ If ~

the House does not forward their Flawed and Politically Bias Articles of Impeachment

to the Senate and to the Chief Justice

they are not Articles of Impeachment

and have and serve zero legal value or record of any kind

It is not a Legally Recognized Impeachment Resolution

until it has been forwarded to the Senate to be Documented

and then Documented in the Trial with the Chief Justice Presiding

as the House Impeachment is only one part of the many parts of the legal processes

to be a Confirmed Official Lawful Legal Impeachment Case

as the Senate Court and Chief Justice must acknowledge the Act of the Impeachment

that it in fact happened

before it may go forward with the motions

and if the House does not forward the Impeachment Resolution to the Senate

it can not be a Recorded Impeachment with all or any lawful Branches of Government

~ all the Legal Paper Work must be completed ~

to make it Law to make it Real

it is not an Impeachment until it has been In Acted

the impeachment is not an impeachment until it is brought forward

as the charges are not charges until legally brought forward as charges

there is zero legal confirmation of the Impeachment = Charges

and withholding the U.S. House Articles of Impeachment of the President

from the Senate and Chief Justice

is an Abuse of Power and Obstruction of Justice and Due Process

as the Impeachment by the U.S. House Representatives was in fact an Abuse of Power

based on Admitted Political Bias and Hate

while the House Declares the President is Guilty with out a Trial

with out charges brought forward

all based on political media hearsay true belief

as the Crimes of Hate by the House is not Justice

it is a Crime against Justice

as their Hatred has Blinded them of Factual Reality

as they Make Believe they are doing Good for us all

as they are not doing the work of

We the People

they are doing their political dirty work planed years ago


The President has not been Legally Impeached = Charged

the Impeachment has not been Recognized by Law

while this impeachment based on their personal feelings provides zero victim of crime

proving this is a Political Pathological Resolution not a Factual Resolution

as the House Resolution is based on feelings not knowledge

while the House Denies due Process

and then expects the Senate to fix their flawed debunked process

as the bases for this Impeachment is Political Paranoia

and unlawful Impeachment can not fix Political Paranoia

~ that is what Shrinks are for ~

and If you Hate the President don’t destroy America

If you hate the President Don’t send him a Christmas Card

and everyone Politically Preaching Hate and God is on their Political Hate Side

while just ignoring the Constitutional Separation of Church and State

with three years of planing an Impeachment with very proven political lies

are proven Lunatics


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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