U.S. Sen. Jon Tester MT. ~ The Cancer is not the Cure


Honorable Chief Justice

of the

Republic of the United States of America


The Jury


United States Senate


Impeaching any President

for doing their job

is Treason against We the People


We the People

~ vs ~

an entity

with more power than all of

We the People

The Democratic Corporation

Preaching Paranoia with Test Proven Lunatic Solutions

~  *  ~

opening argument

Being Politically Incorrect and Over Flamboyant

and better at making Political Enemy’s of would be Friends

is not a Crime in Tested Reality

and it is not


for the President to do his duty and investigate admitted Crimes against We the People

~ as ~

We the People


the Investigation of Joe Biden for his Publicly Admitted Treasonous Acts

Against We the People

for the sake of his Family Profit and Wealth

~ as the Democrats ~

Preaching to and Persuading ~ We the People ~ to Believe In

the Democratic Fears

of the Un-knowable Future for Votes

is Preaching Paranoia for Votes

and this is not Leadership and is not Worthy of My Vote


the Democrats long before the Impeachment and before a Lawful Trial

with no real evidence of any crime or victim of any crime

and based only on their personal feelings of Hate

Preach to We the People

~ The President is Guilty ~


the very Crimes the Democrats have Factually Committed

and far more and far worse by many Democrats

while proving nothing in their Criminally Fraudulent Political Impeachment

as they distort the Constitution and the Bill of Rights

of the

Republic of the United States of America

as the Democrats Commit Treason against We the People

~ as ~

The Democratic Lunatic Political Media Circus Continues

as the Democrats can only Prove they are Political Pathological Frauds

Abusing their Power

while Preaching their Paranoia of the Unknown

~ while ~

The President has the Authority to Investigate any and all U.S. Foreign Policy Crimes

regardless if the Publicly Admitted Criminal is Running for President too


The Leadership of the Democratic Political Science Fiction Party

have overwhelmingly proven they are the Leaders of Political Media Organized Crime

and Believing their own Test Proven Political Hearsay Lies is a Pathological Reality

and not a Factual Scientific Realty

as their Persuaded True Belief Followers just believe the proven Lies

as the True Believers do not Question the Truth in Knowledge

as they just Believe = Religion


The Democrats are for Democrats and not for

We the People

as all they want from us are our votes based on their proven Lies

as the Democrats continue to just Believe In their test proven Lies

with out Question Test Rebuttal or Debate


the President

has a much higher rating with

We the People

than does the Congress or the Media

as We the People do not Trust Congress

or the Media controlled by Millionaire and Billionaire Democrats

with a proven to be Fraudulent Political Agenda

providing very proven Political Media Lies to We the People to just believe in too

as they Politically Preach only one side of many side of the story

as they allow zero Public Question Test Rebuttal Debate to their proven Lies

Proving Political Media Fascism by the Media

the Media will not allow to be Debated in the Media


I have always Voted

and I have leaned Democrat over the many years

but I have always Voted for People and never Political Parties

and I will never Vote Democrat again

because the Democratic Party is a Political Corporation

committing proven Crimes that are OK with the Democrats

for the sake of their Power Control and Profit

as they will always put their Interests First

above the Interests of the Majority of

~ We the People ~

as We Independents are the Majority with zero Representation


I do not belong to any Political Party

and the Democrats are for only Democrats and the rest us who are not Democrats

who have test proven Facts proving the Democrats are wrong

Can Go to Hell

because if you do not make believe as the Democrats Make Believe

you are wrong and the Democrats are never wrong and are always right

even when scientifically proven wrong

and I call this Arrogant Ignorance by Political Elitist Fools

as the Democratic Party is based on Persuaded Personal Emotional Feelings of True Belief

and not on the Proven Fact Tested Knowledge they Ignore and do not Comprehend

for their Political Make Believe

as they Reject Questioned Tested Knowledge for their Belief

as they are Blinded by their Belief doing only harm in Tested Reality

as their Lunatic Science is based on Belief ignoring the test proven Facts

as they Preach an Unproven Theory is Settled Science

Proving only their Ignorance by Persuaded True Belief they refuse to Publicly Debate

as the Democratic Party Refuses to Look See Learn Know and Grow Forward

as the Democrats truly Believe their Scientifically test proven Lies

as they reject real science for their make believe science they can not prove is real

proving they do not comprehend the science

and have earned zero right to scientific opinion

as they can Articulate Zero Real Science

and will continue to reject knowledge for their true belief doing harm

as the majority of the Media have taken Political sides with the Democrats

scientifically proving they are not Real Journalist and are Political Doomsday Preachers

with a Democratic Political Agenda doing test proven harm

as they too reject proven fact tested knowledge for political Brainwashed make believe

for the Party of Lunatic Political Science Fiction Preaching a Lunatic Reality

they Refuse to Publicly Debate

proving their Political Science Fiction is Lunatic Science




Personal Emotional Feelings of Political Media Persuaded True Belief

Prove Nothing in Law or Science or Nature


Pathological ~ vs ~ Factual

In the Laws of Man as in the Laws of Science

the Truth in knowledge must always be in question

to find and know the Tested Truth in Reality beyond Persuaded Political Belief

as Belief is Make Believe ignoring the questioned Truth in proven fact tested reality

for their persuaded feelings of political make believe reality


Do you Know the tested truth or are you persuaded to just Believe with out Question


the Laws of Nature Debunk the Unproven Theory CO2 or Humans cause Climate Warming

as Solar Science Debunk CO2 or Humans cause Climate Warming

as Climate History of this Carbon based Earth

Debunk the Unproven Theory

Carbon based Humans

or Carbon based Oxygen = CO2 = Carbon Dioxide


Climate Warming

as Basic Physics and Chemistry Debunk CO2 or Humans cause Climate Warming

as NASA Data


the Unproven Theory CO2 or Humans cause Climate Warming

as Peer-reviewed Science History Debunk CO2 or Humans cause Climate Warming

as Ice Core Science Debunk CO2 or Humans causes Climate Warming

as all of Science ignored by Political Make Believers

  Debunk Humans cause Climate Warming

as more than a dozen known climate variables

Ignored by Political Media Doomsday Climate Paranoia


Humans or CO2 cause Climate Warming


Did President Donald J. Trump withhold Funding and Aid from the Ukraine

Pending an Investigation of the Publicly Admitted Crimes by Joe Biden

as the President has the Constitutional Right in U.S. Foreign Policy to do so ?

~ No ~

and has the Ukraine received the Funds and Support from

We the People

~ Yes ~

and is this a Crime

~ No ~

and was the Impeachment based on Pathological Feelings of Hate

as proven by the Laws of Man and Science

~ Yes ~

Proving a Political Bias Abuse of Constitutional of Power and Authority

by a Political Party


Did Vice President Joe Biden

Threaten to withhold funds from the Ukraine

if the Ukraine went forward with a Criminal Investigation of his Son ?  Yes

and should there be an Investigation of Joe Biden and his Admitted Crime ? Yes

and should the President be Impeached for ~ not ~ withholding funds from the Ukraine

as the President has the Constitutional Right to do so



aT mY aGE

sometimes i STOP TO THINK



I do not know who said that but is was not me

but it was on the T-Shirt my Son & Grandson gave me for my Birthday


and maybe I forgot more than they know

and explains why

History continues to repeat it self

and this is what I still know today


Question /Test /Debate

~ The only constant in this growing expanding Universe is Change ~

and in tested reality I Learn and Know something new everyday

by Questioning the Truth in Knowledge


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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