U.S. Sen. Jon Tester MT. ~ The Cancer is not the Cure


Test Proven Fact

~ vs ~

Make Believe


Question Test Debate

~ question ~

Are You a True Believer ?

Do you just Believe

what your Political Media Preachers tell you to just believe

with out questioning the Truth

do you just Believe In the very proven Political Lies

by those who just Believe In their own Political Lies


as the tested Truth in Knowledge is rejected for Political Make Believe

for the sake of Political Power Control and Greed

and this is Political Science Fiction doing test proven Harm in tested reality

and is not Real Science


science is: to know

~ and to know the truth in knowledge ~

should I

Question and Test the Truth in Science to know the Truth

or should I

just Make Believe what I am told to just make believe is the truth in knowledge

but not know the Truth and just believe in scientifically proven Lies

and live in a false reality doing harm

while as every Scientist knows

~ One Scientist can be Right ~

while every scientist can have a different interpretation of the very same knowledge

and of the data and of many facts when put together with many other facts

and that is why we must always Question the Truth in knowledge

and why we have a scientific method of on going

Review of Analyzed Knowledge

with on going Question Test Rebuttal and Debate

as science is proven wrong more often than proven right

as new knowledge debunk or support old knowledge everyday

as we learn and know something new everyday in every science

as everything changes everyday because nothing is a constant in tested reality

and those who make believe in Preached settled science

can only prove their Ignorance in new knowledge debunking their Preached settled science

as belief is not science = knowledge

and the same can be applied to the interpretation of the Laws of Man and of Nature

~ and ~

Based only on the Democratic Corporation Criteria for Impeachment

while Ignoring the Impeachment Criteria of the U.S. Constitution

every President can and will now be Impeached

by the Political Bad Thought Police with no crimes committed

and as they say

thee who is with out Sin cast the first stone


Pryor to the 17th Amendment

State Governments would be the Jury in the Senate today

and not Individuals with Personal Hatred

as State Governments Pryor to the 17th Amendment choose their U.S. Senators

to vote in the Senate as the State Governments have Directed

as the Seventeen Amendment

removed all Constitutional Authority from all State Governments in the U.S. Government

with only the one exception

new Amendments to the Constitution

making the States now Un-United with zero Authority in the U.S. Government

as the Bases for the Senate in the Constitution was to make the States United

with Equal Authority and Power in the U.S. Government

as State Governments would be deciding this Impeachment Trial

and not Individuals full of Personal Feelings of Political Hate

as states were the final cheek in the balance of power

just as the Senate = States Pryor the the 17th Amendment

owned and controlled the Cheek Book for the U.S. Government

as now only one individual controls the Cheek Book for the U.S. Government today

and that would be the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee today

allowing far to much Power and Authority to only one individual

~ * ~

as these mistakes in our History can be Fixed

but only if the History is not forgotten

~ * ~

I am an Independent for the Truth in Life and Knowledge

and I Plead Guilty to my Cruel Honesty

and as a Student of Constitutional History and Law since 1980

and from my observation of the very Flawed Lunatic Impeachment

~ from outside the Lunatic Circus Show ~

 the only thing that has been legally proven by the Impeachment

is thee Abuse of Constitutional Powers by the Democrats

as the Democratic Corporation have put themselves above the Law

and Sadly the Media

do to their Political Pathological Ignorance Agenda

the Media has scientifically proven they are far more dishonest than the Politicians

as the Media continues to Politically Preach one proven Lie after another

and do they truly believe their proven Lies

while there is ~ zero ~ Credibility in Washington D.C.

as the Credibility of the Democrats today is Sinking Much faster than of the Republicans

as All Political Parties are the Cancer not the Cure

and if there were no Political Parties or a Politically Bias Media

this Carbon based Earth would be a much better place to be


Who Should Decide ?

We the People


a Bias Political Party based on Hatred

as the political circus show continues for

We the Ignored People

~ as ~

Scientifically Proven Lies are Preached as the Truth

by Politicians and so called Journalist on both sides of the Political Arguments

while the Democratic Green Agenda

is a Scientifically proven to be a Criminal Political Agenda

by Democrats who truly believe their Lies while they can Articulate zero Science

as they Preach their Proven Lies to

We the People

that are just Believed and Preached by Fools who know nothing and can prove nothing

as the Media refuses to allow Public Scientific Question Rebuttal or Debate

of the Proven Lies further proving it is not Real Science or Real Journalism


The cause of Green is not the cause of climate warming

CO2 + Water Vapor + Sun Energy = Green = Environment

as the cause of Green is the Evaporated byproduct of Climate Warming

by the variable Sun with many Cycles

causing the Carbon Cycle and all Carbon based Life on this Carbon based Earth

as proven Political Media Lunatics Preach to us with zero peer-reviewed science

the Cause of Life is Toxic Poison and Pollution

and that Lunatic statement is very debunked by real science


97% of the CO2 in the air is caused by Nature

as Scientifically Proven

and Ignored by Political Media Brainwashed Green Lunatics

who failed 5th grade science

and want to spend Trillions and Trillions to reduce the cause of Green caused by Nature

when we know Plants and Trees need four times more CO2 to Breathe

to be Healthy and Strong on this CO2 starved Carbon based Earth

and the more CO2 the Greener this Carbon based Earth

as Scientifically Proven

and Ignored by Political Media Doomsday Climate Paranoia

by the Democratic Political Media Corporation for Power Control and Greed


Reducing the cause of Green will not stop climate change

as Scientifically Proven and Ignored by Political Media Lunatics

who have earned zero right to scientific opinion

and when their Lunatic Science has been scientifically debunked

this does not stop the true believers from preaching their test proven Lunatic Science

doing test proven harm to the cause of Green and Food and Oxygen

when we could be spending trillions doing something positive

~ * ~

…and from this Point in Time and forward

every President Elected

will be Faced with an Impeachment

beginning before they take Office

before they are President

as is happening today


Impeachment based only on Personal Feelings

and not based on Questioned Tested Debated Proven Facts

as there are still no Proven Facts or Victims

only Personal Feelings of Hate

as the House has Dumped their very Flawed Incomplete

and Fraudulent Politically Bias Impeachment

on to the Senate as they now expect the Senate to fix their Baseless Garbage Impeachment


The Truth is Proven not Preached

as Belief Dictates the Un-Questioned Un-Proven Un-Truth

and in Their best efforts to Destroy each other

the Political Parties

for the sake of their Political Power Control and Greed

continue to Destroy America and

We the People

~ as ~

There are many among us who just Believe

in the very proven to be Political Media Pathological Fraud

as many of the Political Preachers

they too believe in their own political hearsay proven Lies

because they do not question their Un-Truth they just believe the Political Hearsay Lies

and Those who do not Make Believe in the Un-Truth

the scientifically debunked Un-Truth

~ know ~

the Pretend Truth is a proven Lie

while those who knowingly Preach the proven Lies

know they are the Criminals of Reality

for their Political Power Control and Greed

~ and ~

Politically Preaching Fear of the Unknown is not a Lie

Preaching Fear of the Unknown

is the number one Political Tool for gaining votes

while Preaching Fear of the Unknown is Paranoia and is not Proven Fact Tested Reality

as the Media continues to Ram their Political Pathological Paranoid Religion

down our Throats everyday while allowing no Intelligent Logical Rebuttal or Debate

because they are not Real Journalist they are Political Preachers

who Truly Believe

as we are forced to hear their one sided Politically Bias Sermons

~ proving ~

You can not stop brainwashed political make believe with proven fact tested knowledge

as persuaded belief continues to reject fact for persuaded belief

as they are blinded by their persuaded belief doing only test proven harm

as Belief refuses to Look and See and Learn then Know and Grow Forward

in Tested Reality

for their Persuaded Convinced Programmed Politically Brainwashed

Make Believe Reality based on Feelings not Facts

as we must live with

~ Political Pathological rejecting Scientifically Factual ~

and if you do not make believe as they Preach

then they Hate you and you are the Enemy

as they continue to Preach their test proven Lies

as they continue to believe in their test proven Lies they refuse to Publicly Debate

because Pathological True Belief is never wrong

therefore there is nothing to Debate beyond their Make Believe Reality

for their Power Control and Greed

and how do you Debate Politically Preached Paranoia

based on Scientifically Test Proven Ignorance that is Truly Believed

as you can not debate tested reality with Political Media Brainwashed Fools

as they are the Persuaded True Believers of Proven Ignorance

as you can not reason with the unreasonable who preach their Paranoia for votes

for their Power Control and Greed doing only Harm

by those who refuse to learn and know and grow forward factually

beyond their Personal Emotional Feelings of True Belief Pathologically

as Divide and Conquer has worked for many thousands of years

and Intentionally Preaching Paranoia will Divide

by making true believers in fear of the unknown

but will it Conquer

We the People

who reject the Politically Preached Paranoia of the unknown


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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