U.S. Sen. Jon Tester MT. ~ The Cancer is not the Cure


Preaching Fear of the Unknown is not a Political Science Debate

Preaching Fear of the Unknown is Paranoia

and Preaching Paranoia is a Mental Disorder and not a Political or Science Debate


Reality is not based on Politically Programmed Personal Emotional Feelings of True Belief

as the Political Media Brainwashing of our Youth continues

based on Negative Feelings and zero Positive Real Facts

as many of the Politically Brainwashed refuse to learn and know and grow forward

for the sake of the Political Power Control and Greed of their Preachers

as Flawed Facts caused by Personal Feelings

can provide only a Flawed Reality doing only Proven Harm

as Political Media Preachers are not Teachers

and when you do not know you are a criminal in your Criminal Acts

you are then a Scientifically test proven Pathological Lunatic

and you will continue to reject the real science

and continue to be a Pathological Criminal of Reality while believing you are not

caused by persuaded feelings in many cases

as Factual can not stop Pathological

but I have a Cure

with out the need for Politically Socially Brainwashed Shrinks who need a Shrink


To: The Montana Democrats

and as you should know

not one of your Lunatic Doomsday Predictions over the past 30 plus years has come True

as your predictions are based on Preached Paranoia

and not on real science your just ignore

as you are now Preaching your new Doomsday Prediction of

~ 2030 ~

because the 2020 Doomsday Prediction is not going to happen

just as the 2016 Doomsday Prediction did not happen

and the 2013 Doomsday Prediction did not happen

or the 2000 Doomsday

as not one of your Doomsday Predictions of the past 30 plus years has or will come true

scientifically proving you are Paranoid Lunatics who failed 5th grade science

and are true believers of scientifically test proven Political Media Lies

as you allowed yourselves to be Politically Brainwashed

because you reject Question Test Debate

and as you should know

the Majority of We the People are Independents

and are not politically brainwashed clones to any proven to be Lunatic Agenda

based on proven Political Media Lies based on Power Control and Greed

as We Independents who have zero Representation in the Government

and who know Political Impeachment is not a Lawful Impeachment

and not worthy of a Senate Trial

as the Pre-Trial has now decided

and further proving this is not the Democrats America

this is We the Peoples America

as the now Democratic Socialist Fascist Political Media Corporation

has defeated itself once again and will continue to do so


when the Hearsay Media Headlines that are proven lies

are your factual references in Law and Science

then you can only prove you are a political fool of proven fools

doing only harm to America and the Environment

as the Democrats have proven they failed Constitutional Law

the Laws of 5th Grade Science

and all the Laws of Nature

as Paranoia by Ignorance is their Preached Reality

~ while ~

~ I am told I need more Humor in my Writing ~

when there is not a lot of Humor in Proving Political and Media Crimes


We the People

as Political Pathological Media Lunatics Dictate a Lunatic Reality

and they can overwhelmingly prove they are Lunatics with another unlawful Impeachment

as they have proven they are Political Pathological Frauds who Believe their proven Lies

who reject knowledge for Lunatic Hearsay True Belief Agenda

and Preach Test Proven Brainwashed Lunatic Paranoia for votes to win

to spend trillions and trillions to reduce the cause of Green and the Environment

because they make believe CO2 the byproduct of warming is the cause of warming

as they can Articulate zero science and refuse to Debate the real science

while they can scientifically prove nothing with real science

as they Preach their Lunatic Political Science Fiction

based on their Preached Paranoia of the Unknown

their Paranoia based on test proven Ignorance

because they refuse to know the Questioned Truth in Knowledge

for political media brainwashed Paranoia

Political Media Brainwashed Pathological Fraud based on Ignorance

is a Lunatic Reality doing Harm in Tested Reality


What do you call 20% of all the Politicians and Political Journalist Preachers in America

at the bottom of the Sea


~ and you right ~

A Slow Start


Reviewed Analyzed Questioned Tested Debated Science

~ vs ~

Preached Media Lunatic Political Science Fiction

doing test proven harm in tested reality


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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