to find the truth in knowledge


We must Question Test Rebuttal Debate

to find the truth in knowledge = science

as the truth in knowledge must always be in question

so we may learn and know and grow forward

to prevent harm in fact tested reality

and when you refuse to allow Question Test Rebuttal Debate of your science

its not real


Radley M. Horton

Columbia University


Richard Palmer and David Reidmiller

and everyone at the


Northeast Climate Adaptation Science Center

and just like the United Nations

a Political Body not a Science Body

Committing Proven Political Media Fraud in Climate Science


George M. Woodwell

and everyone at the

Woods Hole Research Center

~ are ~

Political Pathological Frauds in Climate Science

as Radley and his Political Pathological Partners Truly Believe

~ Self-Debunked Unproven Theory is Fact Tested Reality ~

as Radley Rejects the Scientific Method and Peer-reviewed Science

for True Belief in Lunatic Political Science Fiction

doing harm to the Carbon Cycle

while Politically Preached as Settled Science

as Radley and his Foolish Partners Truly Believe their Test Proven Lies

based on their test proven Ignorance in real science

~ as ~


by the variable SUN

CO2 and Water Vapor + Sun Energy = Green = Environment

and Killing the cause of Green will not stop Billions of years of Climate Change

caused by more than a dozen climate variables known today

and just ignored by the Church of Doomsday Climate Paranoia

for true belief in self-debunked unproven theory

they Preach to us is Settled Science

Scientifically Proving they are Political Media Lunatics and not Real Scientists

who Refuse to Publicly Debate their Lunatic Political Science Fiction

based on flawed incomplete fraudulent debunked garbage science

based on zero scientific method

to Question Test Rebuttal Debate

as they Preach scientifically proven to be Lunatic Science

doing Test Proven Harm to the Carbon Oxygen Hydrogen Cycle

they do not comprehend and refuse to learn and know to grow forward in real science

as they Preach their proven Ignorance doing Harm



I Challenge you and your Partners in Lunatic Science Fiction

to an open Public Debate in basic Physics and Chemistry

CO2 Physics and Chemistry

Atmospheric Emission Science Physics and Chemistry

Hot and Cold and Energy Transfer Science

Botany Science = Greenhouse Science = Photosynthesis

with a



for your Peer-reviewed Science and Data


two oxygen atoms ~ based to ~ one carbon atom

Carbon based Oxygen = CO2 = Carbon Dioxide

Regardless of Humans is the cause of Climate Warming

Bruce A. Kershaw


Radley and Partners are Preachers not a Teachers

who will not be Debating their Lunatic Political Science Fiction

as Proven Lunatics do not Debate their Lunatic Science

as they Preach their Ignorance

because they do not know the science

when science is: to know

as they know nothing beyond their personal feelings of persuaded true belief

in test proven Fraud in Science


Proving they are the Scientifically Test Proven Experts in Ignorance

because personal feelings of true belief in debunked un-Proven theory is Ignorance

and not knowledge = science

because belief is not science = knowledge

and Belief does not allow Question Test Rebuttal Debate

and Belief is always right and those who do not believe as they believe are always wrong

and you can not stop Lunatic True Belief with proven fact tested reality in Science

you can not stop True Belief with Knowledge

as true belief can not admit is it scientifically wrong when test proven wrong

as knowledge is not a factor in True Belief


49 NASA Scientists

87% of the National Academy Science

along with more than 30,000 other Scientists

over 9,000 of them with PhD’s

disagree with the Scientifically Test Proven Lunatics of Preached Ignorance

~ *~

~ to find the Truth in knowledge ~

We must Question Test Rebuttal Debate

as the Truth in Knowledge must always be in Question

and the Lunatic Science the Lunatics Refuse to Publicly Debate is not Real

as Climate Change is Real but not Caused by You and Me

and Killing the Cause of Green will not stop 4.6 billion years of variable Climate Change

CO2 + Water Vapor + Sun Energy = Green = Environment

as the cause of Green is the Byproduct of Warming not the cause of Warming

with over 97 % of the CO2 in the air is caused by Nature

as Warming occurs first and then Evaporated CO2 and Water levels rise

as Scientifically Proven

and just Ignored by Political Media Doomsday Climate Paranoia

who want to Kill all the Plants and Trees to save us from their ~ next ~ Lunatic Doomsday

after 30 plus years of many failed doomsday predictions

based on flawed incomplete fraudulent study and unproven theory

as they Profit from their Fraudulent Lunatic Debunked Garbage Science

the Proven Frauds refuse to Publicly Debate


 I am called the Denier by those who refuse to Publicly Debate the science

as they can prove nothing beyond their personal feelings of persuaded true belief

in self-debunked unproven theory


~ 2019 ~

The Coldest Year on Record here in Montana

maybe this is caused by increased levels – 200 * below zero Dry Ice Crashing Downward

as all heat still rises in real Physics

and the faster air is heated the faster it rises and the faster frozen air take its place

causing the Ice caps at the Poles of this carbon based Earth

and as long as heat rises the Variable Dry Ice will always be there


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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