CO2 + Water Vapor + Sun Energy = Green = Environment


~ Scientists for the Truth in Science ~


science is: to know


Politically Persuaded True Belief is not Knowledge

and Journalist who take Political sides are not Real Journalists

they are Political Preachers withholding the majority of available facts from the Public

for the sake of their Political Agenda as they Deceive the Public

as they do not Question the Truth in Knowledge

and Preach their Persuaded Political True Belief

as real science is questioned tested debated

and proven with peer-reviewed science

not Politically Persuaded and just Believed

as the media preaches to us unproven theory is settled science

in a brand new science as they reject the Scientific Method




for the peer-reviewed science debunking the NASA Data and Peer-reviewed Science

proving Al Gore and the U.N. IPCC

and the Majority of the Media who ignore the NASA Data are Frauds

while proving

Political Media Fascism in Science

by those who have publicly Failed 5th Grade Science

and refuse to Publicly Debate their Lunatic Science Fiction

as not one pre-programmed computer Ouija Board climate prediction has come true

Predictions based on ~ one half ~ of one climate variable

while ignoring the other one half of the same climate variable

~ the cooling half ~

the frozen CO2 = Dry Ice crashing downward as warm CO2 rises

as all heat rises in real physics

while something the size of a sewing thread

can not trap heat in something the size of a football field

in real physics

while ignoring more than a dozen other very real climate variables

as prediction of the unknowable future is not knowledge = science

as not one U.N. IPCC Climate Prediction has come true

as not one NASA Climate Prediction has come true

as not one Al Gore Climate Prediction has come true

providing us with 30 plus years of self-debunked prediction

based on self-debunked unproven theory

based on one half of one climate variable that is off-set by the other one half

as 49 NASA Scientists disagree with the NASA Political Wing Nuts

  who ignore their own NASA Data and other Peer-reviewed science

as the NASA Political Wing Nuts Preach to the World

~ do not be Fooled by the test proven Facts ~

they ignore

as the Sea level is declining for many years

as Sea Ice is increasing for many years

and there has been no Catastrophic climate warming ever

further debunking the unproven theory

and the bases for their Lunatic pre-programmed

Computer Ouija Board Climate Predictions

that have failed to happen for the past 30 plus years

as 87% of the National Academy of Science

along with more than 30,000 other scientists over 9,000 of them with PhD’s

Disagree with the U.N. IPCC Proven Frauds

and Political Media Doomsday Climate Paranoia

while proving the consensus is a Political Media Lie

as there can be no consensus in self-debunked unproven theory

Politically Preached by the Media as Settled science

while one scientist can be right in real science


There are Shrinks and Padded Cells waiting for Al Gore and his True Belief Followers


~ AlGoreism ~

The Lunatic Church of Political Media Doomsday Climate Paranoia


~ Power and Profit ~

based on

Zero Scientific Question Test Rebuttal Debate in the Media

who are trying to Kill the cause of Green and the Environment

based on self-debunked unproven theory

they Preach to us is Settled Science

when settled science does not exist in real science

while climate science is a brand new science

and we have far more to learn than we know today


Change is a Constant and Continuous in this known expanding Universe


1000 years ago Montana had California Climate for 200 years

and 2019 is a Record Cold Year here in Montana

the coldest year ever since records began in 1880

as the Glaciers in Montana are growing again

as they have melted many times before causing Missoula Lake many times

causing the Columbia River and Giant Montana Boulders on the Oregon Washington coast

as the past 20 Ice Ages followed by Warming Periods over the past 2 million years

have formed what we see today everywhere

and what will come from the next 20 Ice Ages and Warming Periods here in Montana

over the next 2 million years

as Montana has been both Jungle and as today High Mountain Desert

with Flowering Cactus

where here in Montana we can Hunt for Sea Shells at 8,000 above Sea level

as the majority of Montana was below Sea level 93 million years ago

as we Hunt for Dinosaur Bones from the time the Earth was a Jungle

as the Earth is entering a known Solar Cooling Cycle Period by the Variable Sun

as the Variable Sun with many cycles is the number one climate variable

for this Carbon based Earth

and just ignored by Political Media Doomsday Climate Paranoia for Profit

along with more than a dozen other climate variables known today

further debunking the unproven theory CO2 and or Humans cause Climate Warming

while Politically Preached by scientifically proven to be Lunatics as Settled Science

as we are experiencing fewer than normal warmer days

and many more cooler than normal much colder days

as the variable Sun with many cycles continues to be warmer and brighter over time

until one day the very variable Sun vaporizes this Carbon based Earth

as it is only the ignorance of fools who just believe

the proven Political Media Lies of Ignorance by political agenda

because they do not question the truth in knowledge

as they are the True Believers and Preachers of Proven Persuaded Ignorance doing Harm

costing trillions

as they reject knowledge for Politically Persuaded Paranoia

while doing test proven harm to all living Nature to profit the Power Greedy few

as Preached Paranoia does not debunk Peer-reviewed Science

as Peer-reviewed Science can not stop Politically Brainwashed Paranoia for Profit

by Test Proven Pathological Frauds

who have publicly proven they failed Grade School Science

and have earned zero right to scientific opinion

as you can not Question Test Debate the truth in knowledge

with Political Media Brainwashed Paranoia based on test proven Fraud in Science

and you can question the Truth in knowledge and earn scientific opinion

or just believe the test proven Lies

and live in the reality of Climate Paranoia doing harm to the Environment

costing many trillions of dollars to do only harm to the cause of Green

they Politically Preach to us is Toxic Poison and Pollution

proving they are Politically Brainwashed Lunatics and not Real Scientists

who refuse to look and see and learn and know and grow forward in Real Science

as they refuse to earn the right to scientific opinion and preach their test proven lies

in science they do not comprehend and refuse to comprehend

for the sake of their Lunatic Political Agenda

Bloodletting Nature

based on Zero Scientific Method

~ Zero ~

Question Test Rebuttal Debate


In Real Science we learn and know something new everyday

that will support or debunk what we know from yesterday

as the truth in knowledge must always be in question


Believing = Pathological

and is not Proving = Factual

Persuaded Belief is Make Believe and Political Religion

based on zero peer-reviewed science and proven fraud in science

and is not the Proven Fact Tested Reality in Science = Knowledge


Climate Change is Real

and Green Lunatics want to Kill the Cause of Green


Evaporated CO2 and Water Vapor + Sun Energy = Green

Causing the Environment

causing the Carbon Oxygen Hydrogen Cycle

causing the Carbon Life and Energy Cycle

~ Recycle ~

making all the food we eat and all the oxygen we breathe

causing all Carbon based Life and Energy on this Carbon based Earth


… and the Government on all levels and the Media for the most part


an Insult to the Intelligence of

 We the People

as Ignorance continues to Fraudulently Politically Use and Brainwash our Youth

based on Scientifically Proven Lies by Ignorance


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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