CO2 + Water Vapor + Sun Energy = Green = Environment


If you do not Question the Truth in knowledge you are not a Scientist

and you do not ~ know  ~ the Tested Truth

and I do not Deny Climate Change while I am called the Denier by the Media


I do not make believe as they make believe the world is going to end ~ again ~ in 2030

if we do not stop the cause of Green

and when a Shrink tells you need a Shrink


the Shrink ~ believes ~ you are a Skeptic


” the doctrine that the truth in all knowledge must always be in question “

as skepticism is the bases for the Scientific Method = to Question Test Debate

you then scientifically know and have scientifically proven

the Shrink needs a Shrink


for a Shrink to make believe ” to question the truth in knowledge ” ~  is: a mental flaw

the Shrink is a proven Lunatic

while Skeptics = Scientists have proven Al Gore and Co. are Frauds

~ and ~

When you Truly Believe your test proven Political Media Lies

you are Pathological not Factual

as the Media Preaches and Dictates Programmed Political Ignorance

in Lunatic Political Science Fiction

and History will know the Questioned Truth in Fact Tested Reality

as Belief is not Knowledge

and I already knew I was a Skeptic = Scientist: to question test rebuttal debate

to find and know the truth in science

as the Religion of Science is: skepticism of true belief dictating science

and being called a skeptic in proven fact tested reality

is a Compliment not a Sin


Climate Science is a Brand New Science

with more than a dozen climate variables known today

~ and just ignored by Lunatics ~

as we learn and know something new everyday in this new science

and Carbon based Humans made by this Carbon based Earth

by the Carbon Oxygen Hydrogen Cycle

caused by Plants and Trees Breathing Variably Evaporated CO2 and Water Vapor

while absorbing Variable Sun Energy

have been moving to higher ground for the past 26,000 years ~

and Blaming Global Warming for Fish Dying in Rivers

where Nuclear Waste from leaking underground storage containers

has been contaminating the river for Generations

is part of a proven Political Media Scam by Doomsday Climate Paranoia

as over whelming Political Media Fraud in Climate Science is Killing the cause of Green

for Power and Greed based on Ignorance

while ignoring the real Damage and Harm to all Living Breathing Nature

because of their proven to be Programmed Political Ignorance

based on zero Public Scientific Question Test Rebuttal Debate

and zero peer-reviewed science

as they Dictate Lunatic Political Science Fiction doing Harm


Political Media Doomsday Climate Paranoia is a Preached Political Media Religion

based on test proven Fraud in Science for Power and Greed

as they Make Believe and Preach they are doing Good

as it is very Scientifically Proven CO2 does not cause Climate Warming

as CO2 is the proven Evaporated byproduct of Climate Warming

by the Variable Sun

with over 97% of the CO2 in the air is caused by Nature

causing all Carbon based Life on this Carbon based Earth


Letter to the Editor

The New York Times

I have written many Letters to many Editors since 2007

with peer-reviewed science in hand proving my statements

based on my thousands of hours of Climate Science investigation since 2007

based on my 43 plus years of Atmospheric Emission Science Physics and Chemistry

and Hot and Cold Energy Transfer Science and CO2 Science

with two Green Thumbs in Greenhouse = Botany Science

as I continue to learn new knowledge in Photosynthesizes

as we learn and know something new in every science everyday

and not one news paper has printed one of my many Letters to the Editor

in rebuttal to proven lies supported and printed by the news papers

as the test proven facts debunk their Preached Political Agenda True Belief

in real science they do not comprehend

and have earned zero right to Scientific Opinion

as they Dictate Lunatic Political Science Fiction as Reality

as they refuse to allow Real Scientific Rebuttal or Debate to their Test Proven Ignorance

while they can provide zero peer-reviewed science when requested

to prove they are not Lairs proving only political media fascism in science

Killing the Cause of Green

with their arrogant Ignorance


To: Josh Siegel & Abby Smith


Everyone at The Washington Examiner


~ Reward ~

for the peer-reviewed science proving CO2 Causes Climate Warming

as you Preach the True Belief of others with out asking them for their Scientific Proof

so where is the Proof

and why do you Preach only one Hearsay Side of many sides of the story

why do you ignore the science data and peer-reviewed science debunking your true belief

why do you not provide all the very available facts to the public

so the public can decide for themselves what is real and what is not

as you decide what is real for the public based only on politically persuaded hearsay belief

and how did you earn the right to scientific opinion based on

preached political hearsay belief


science is: to know

while persuaded belief is a feeling

and personal emotional feelings can prove nothing in real science

as belief is not knowledge

and paranoia based on preached fear of the unknowable future is not science

as Pathological is not Factual

and to Know the Truth

you must learn and know the science

as those who Failed 5th Grade Science and refuse to learn and know and grow forward

Dictate Science based on their Politically Persuaded True Belief

doing test proven Harm to all Living Breathing Nature

for the sake of their Political Agenda based on Zero Question Test Rebuttal Debate

and Zero Peer-reviewed Science

as they reject scientific data for persuaded political true belief

while here in Montana we are Experiencing the Coldest Year on Record

~ 2019 ~

and Political Media Pathological Frauds

are those you provide scientific data to

many times over many years scientifically proving they are wrong

as they continue to Politically Preach and Sell their Doomsday Climate Paranoia

based on test proven Political Media Lies


Do you want to Know the Truth through Education

or just Make Believe you Know the Truth from test proven Political Media Lies

based on zero scientific method and live by proven Political Media Ignorance doing Harm

while make believing you are doing good

and when you refuse to Debate the Science you can not Articulate

this only proves it is Lunatic Political Science Fiction

based on self-debunked unproven theory you do not comprehend

you Politically Preach is Settled Science

when you know nothing and can prove nothing

as Politically Persuaded Convinced Programmed Brainwashed True Belief

based on zero Public Question Test Rebuttal Debate

is nothing in Real Science


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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