Fraud and Tyranny by Montana State Fund


Dr. Cory who did zero physical examination of any kind

and did not review the very available medical reports

debunking his un-provable hypotheticals = Imagination

is Medically debunked by

Three separate St. Peters Hospital Emergency Room Visits and Reports

and a Material Safety Data Sheet

along with Medical Reports by

 J.E. Seliskar, MD

Dennis D. Palmer, MD

Lovell J. Kreed, MD

David W, Jordan MD

Thomas D. Mulgrew, MD

Eugene Walton, MD

Nicole C. Clark, MD

Christina Keener, NP

Amy A. Pezo, D.C. C.C.S.P.

Dylan Powell, PA-C

Donna Shull, PA-C

Dale Koch, PT, MS, NCS

and 24 Physical Therapy Sessions

with continued Medical Treatments

while Dr. Sargent’s medical report fraudulently rubber stamping

Dr. Cory’s Falsified Medical Report

clearly shows Bias by Dr. Sargent

while helping his Lady Friend at Montana State Fund Tammy Gibson

as they ignore the proven medical facts for Fraudulent Make Believe

as they treat those in medical need like Road Kill

as they acknowledged my Medical condition for 12 months

and then committed fraud to save money

and it is no secret

insurance companies have a very long history of Falsifying Reports to save money

to deny Legitimate claims

~ or ~

St. Peters Hospital and all the Medical Professionals listed above are the Frauds

as fact tested knowledge

debunk un-provable lunatic hypotheticals based on zero physical evaluation


Thank You Governor Steve Bullock

as you hand picked the Crime Boss for Montana State Fund

Lance Zanto

as you support the proven crimes of your Montana Government

and taking away medical care for work injured citizens

for injuries cause by the Negligence of others

who are protected under Montana State Law from being Sued for their proven Negligence

as Montana Law Protects Proven Criminals inside and outside of the Government

the Law Protects Doctors who Commit Fraud for Montana State Fund

and is Montana State Government Legalized Organized Crime

making you Steve Bullock the Crime Boss of Montana

as the Montana Government under your Leadership

is the Human Road Kill Factory of Montana

and do my Representatives in the Montana Government give a Damn

of course not

they are not Representing  the Will of We the People

they are Representing their own Personal Political Agendas

and protecting the government not we the people

as proven by the Bad Laws they make

Protecting the Criminal Government from We the People


Citizen Lobbyist

for the Truth in all of Life and Knowledge for a better Life for All

and Montana Human Road Kill



Honest Doctors can be wrong up to 50% of the time

and to say Fraudulent Doctors paid by an Insurance Company are never wrong

and their word is final and can not legally tested

is Bogus Law

and Legalized Crime

against the work Injured Citizen of Montana = Legalized Road Kill

by the State of Montana

to say I can not Sue the Government for committing proven fraud against me

is Un-Constitutional

and Scientifically Test Proven Fascist Tyranny

as there will always be Bad Law by bad Law Makers

and Justice is the right to challenge Bad Laws

you can not protect Bad Law with more Bad Law

to Protect the proven Crimes by the proven Criminals in a proven Criminal Government

denying the rights of work injured citizens


Legalized Government Fraud providing and supporting an entire Legal Industry

all of its own

I guess it gives the Montana Supreme Court something to do

as if the Justices do not have already enough to do

while the Department of Labor

they just Rubber Stamp the Fraud at Montana State Fund

one government agency protecting another government agency


What find most Alarming is the Inaccuracies in Medical Reports

of my statements inaccurately recorded

by the Honest Medical Professionals

that have nothing to do with my health and are facts that about my life that are wrong

maybe that is part of the reason they are wrong 50% of the time in their Profession

they take very bad notes

~ Peace ~



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Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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