Fraud and Tyranny by Montana State Fund


I have Investigated and Proven Fraud and Scams for more than twenty plus years

and after providing the medical reports of all my medical history

to the Attorneys for

Jeffrey M. Cory PhD

Deaconess Hospital Bozeman Montana

Proving Jeff Cory who has not reviewed my Medical history

Falsified all of my statements and all of my medical history in his medical report about me

Jeff’s Attorneys will not be Suing me for Publicly Stating

Jeff Cory is a Medical Fraud

and Committed Fraud for Montana State Fund

allowing Montana State Fund to Deny my Legitimate Medical Claim

while the Attorneys for Montana State Fund

an Insurance Company owned by the State of Montana

will not Sue me for Publicly Stating

Tammy Gibson of and Montana State Fund Committed Fraud against me

with the help of Tammy Gibson’s Personal Physician and Friend

Dr. Richard P. Sargent MD

Sage Medical Clinic Helena Montana

because they know I have Proven they Committed Fraud

Proving the State of Montana Treats its Work Injured Citizens and Tax Payers of Montana

 like Road Kill to save Money

Proving the State of Montana is a Criminal Government

and explains why Montana State Fund has been Sued in the Montana State Supreme Court

more times than any other Entity on this Carbon based Earth

and how much money does that save

as Montana State Fund gives a lot of money away to their Favorite People and Charities

as they save Employer money that is not theirs to save

by committing crimes against Work Injured Citizens

and then give Employer money away to those it should not go to


Jeff Cory is well known in the Montana Legal Community

and should be in Jail and see a good Shrink

while Deaconess Hospital Bozeman has a history of legal issues related to Kickbacks

and I would avoid Sage Medical Clinic if you looking for Honest Physicians

as Richard Sargent is very much a very Proven Fraud

as he knows my medical history debunk Dr. Cory and his Fraudulent medical report

as do many Medical Professionals who have reviewed all the medical reports

and sadly the State of Montana is a proven Criminal Organization

and not only at Montana State Fund as they are a growing Cancer in Montana

who intentionally further destroy the Lives of work Injured Montana Citizens

who must live with out very needed medical treatments and support

as we live with

~ of the government by the government for the government ~

Run by Proven Criminals

Bruce A. Kershaw

Doctor Honor

P.O. Box 4664 Helena MT. 59604 – 4664



About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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