Fraud and Tyranny by Montana State Fund


New Laws

used against

We the People of Montana

New Laws Protecting Proven Intentional Crimes

by the Government of the State of Montana

and by Public Servants who Initiate Proven Crimes


the Work Injured Citizen of Montana

who already can not afford Justice

and who’s lives have already been further destroyed by the injustice

and have run out of will

as they are Treated by Montana State Fund like Road Kill

as MSF Fraudulently deny the pain and suffering of those they know are in need

to save money

that is not theirs to save

as they spend the money on Attorneys who Practice Medicine with out a License

Attorneys who are only in it for the Win

regardless of the Medical needs of the Injured Citizens

as Winning is all that matters

even if by proven Medical Fraud paid for by Montana State Fund


…and how many People are Dead today ?

because of the Medically Proven Fraud by Montana State Fund

by the Government of the State of Montana

using Falsified Medical Reports by Proven Quacks in Medicine

so they can save money that is not theirs to save

as they give a lot of money away to others it should not go to

and to Attorneys for Ploy Legal Battles

as Montana State Fund Supports an entire Legal System all of its own

so they can Deny Medical Care to Work Injured Citizens of Montana

injured by the Negligence of others who can not be Sued under Montana State Law

~ Why  ? ~


Letter to the Editor


The Justices of the Montana State Supreme Court

My Constitutional Rights have been Denied by the Government of the State of Montana

as We the People now Live in the State of Tyranny

as Montana State Fund Treats Work Injured Citizens with Head and other Injuries

like Road Kill to save money that is not theirs to Save

with the 100% support of our Governor Steve Bullock

Steve is for the Inhumane Punishment of Injured Montana workers to Save money

that is not his to save

as he gives this money away to others

that is not his to give away


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Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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