Political Media Doomsday Climate Paranoia for Profit


Climate Change is Real

~ and ~

NASA Data and Peer-reviewed Science


the Hypothetical Conjecture  = Unproven Theory

CO2 is the cause of Climate Warming

regardless of Humans who produce only 3% of the CO2 in the air

as stated by the EPA

~ and ~

Taxing the cause of Green and Spending Trillions to Kill the cause of Green

will not stop 4.6 billion years of Progressive Variable Climate Change

caused by more than a dozen climate variables known today

providing an Infinity of climate variable


There will always be Lunatic Science by Proven Lunatics in Science

and there will always be those who do not Question the Truth in Knowledge

and just Believe the Lunatics


Climate Science

~ vs ~

The Political Media Church of Doomsday Climate Paranoia

who have publicly proven they failed 5th grade science

by rejecting the scientific method

who can not Articulate or Prove their Lunatic Science beyond ~ their ~ True Belief

and want to Spend Trillions to Kill the Cause of Green and the Environment

to save us from their Lunatic Prediction of Doomsday

based on self-debunked unproven theory they Preach is settled science

scientifically proving only their Ignorance in real science

as real science is Based on Question Test Debate

as they refuse to allow Question Test Debate of their Lunatic Settled Science

Further Proving it is Lunatic Science


Do you Believe this CO2 Starved Carbon based World

will End in 11 years

if we do not stop the cause of Green and the Environment

CO2 + Water Vapor + Sun Energy = Green


Bloodletting all Living Nature

based on Politically Persuaded True Belief and Zero Scientific Method

is Lunatic Science


CO2 can not Harm the Environment

CO2 = Carbon based Oxygen = Carbon Dioxide

is the cause of the Environment

and all Carbon based Life on this Carbon based Earth

as Doomsday Climate Paranoia Preaches to us the Cause of Green and all Life

is Toxic Pollution

further proving they failed 5th grade science

and have earned zero right to scientific opinion


Real Science is based on Question Test Debate

~ Question ~

and knowing all heat rises in real physics

How does something the size of a sewing thread = Human generated CO2

Trap Heat

in something the size of a football field = the Atmosphere



while knowing the majority of the atmosphere is – 200 * below zero

and very Frozen CO2 = Dry Ice is crashing back downward

cooling the air 10 times faster and 20 times longer than the frozen water vapor

causing the Ice Caps at the Poles of this Carbon based Earth




for the peer-reviewed science proving Humans cause climate warming

as Test Proven Fraud in Science Dictates Lunatic Political Science Fiction


Climate Science is a Brand New Science

and only Lunatic Science can be Settled Science in Fact Tested Reality

as the Truth in Knowledge must always be in Question

as we learn something new everyday debunking what we know from yesterday


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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