Political Media Doomsday Climate Paranoia for Profit



thank you for responding to my emails

and once again you are wishing you did not

and did you ~ know ~

the 1896 Arrhenius Science Paper you sent me

January 1, 2011 when we began our debate

is an outdated incomplete flawed self-debunked paper

and is being used today by many organizations like

The Union of Concerned Scientists and their Affiliates and the Media

as scientific proof humans cause climate warming

Proving Fraud

and are you still using it Joe ?

and did you know

some Scientists who provide Ocean Temperature Data have admitted

using only their Highest Temperature Data and not averaging it with the lowest data

to support their Political Agenda

Proving Fraud

and did you know

a very large number of weather stations have been turned off

in the coldest climates on this Carbon based Earth

and new Weather Stations placed on Black Tared Roof Tops

next to Heating and Air Conditioning outlets

providing Garbage Data for climate studies

Proving Fraud


turning a blind eye to the proven Fraud in science

makes you no better than the proven frauds

and do you believe in the Politically Preached Doomsday Climate Paranoia ?

do you believe the world as we know it today will end in 11 years

in the year 2030

after 30 plus years of self-debunked computer Ouija Board Doomsday Prediction

by proven Lunatics

based on unproven theory and proven to be flawed incomplete fraudulent studies

that just ignore very real physics we can see with our eyes

ignoring all heat rises and frozen air take its place causing the Ice Caps

climate studies that do not acknowledged more than a dozen known climate variables

and ignore millions of years of known climate history

and Ice Cores showing us Ice Ages with much higher levels of CO2 in the air than today

while ignoring a well documented Mid Evil warming period

all further debunking the unproven theory and flawed and fraudulent studies

your Lunatic Climate Religion refuses to publicly debate

and can you prove unproven theory Preached as Settled Science is proven theory

and knowing in real physics all heat rises and frozen air take its place

~ How ~

does something the size of a sewing thread

Trap Heat

in something the size of a football field


how can a needle trap the heat of the haystack


how can 00.40 % of the air

trap heat in 99.96 % of the air

CO2 can not trap heat it can only transfer preexisting heat upward

and the faster it is heated the faster it rises

and the faster increased levels of Frozen CO2 = Dry Ice

and frozen Water Vapor take its place

more than off-setting all heat rising

and your Lunatic Doomsday Climate Paranoia refuses to publicly debate

because their Lunatic Science is Settled

and there is nothing new to learn and know in this brand new science

as your lunatic religion ignores most of the available science for their political agenda

based on their Belief = feelings not facts

and is pathological not factual



your Answer here

Yes or No

do you believe in doomsday in 11 years

like all the other many Doomsday’s that never happened

and we are all going to Die from the cause of Green and the Environment

caused by evaporation by the variable Sun with many cycles

the evaporated by product of warming by the variable Sun

are we all going to Die from the 97% of the CO2 in the air caused by Nature

and is only 00.04 % of the atmosphere to support All the Green and the Environment

and all life above sea level

causing the Carbon Oxygen Hydrogen Cycle caused by this Carbon based Earth

are we all going to Die from the evaporated cause of all life causing more Green

as the Majority of CO2 in the air for billions of years

while Acidifying the Oceans over billions of years

is from ~ unpredictable ~ volcanic activity below sea level

as there is many times the CO2 in the Oceans than in the air

from the Hot Liquid Core of this Carbon based Earth

the same Hot Liquid Core

variably heating the Earths Crust the Oceans and the lower Atmosphere

while melting much of the Ice from the bottom side

are we all going to Die from the cause of all living breathing nature

are we all going to Die if we do not stop the cause of Green and the Environment

for the past 600 million years above sea level

are we all going to Die in 2030 from the evaporated cause of life from the Oceans

by the variable Sun that continues to be warmer and brighter over time

as warming occurs first and then CO2 and Water vapor levels rise caused by evaporation

and as NASA Data has Proven the increased evaporation

causing more Rain Snow and Ice is causing the the Sea level to decline

while making this carbon based earth greener

and are we all going to die in 11 years

as Preached by your Doomsday Climate Paranoia for Profit

as your belief is based on one half of one climate variable

as you ignore the majority of real climate science

and are we all going to Die soon from your proven Ignorance

Yes or No





the only thing you have scientifically proven to me is

you are apart of the proven cancer not the cure

as you have no problem with the very proven fraud in Science

as you do not speck out against the very proven Political Media Lies in science

making you a very proven Political Pathological Fraud too

as True Believers reject knowledge for their personal feelings of true belief

and I am for the Questioned Truth in all of Life and knowledge for a better life for all

and you are for the true belief and proven fraud

doing test proven harm to the environment

you are for Preaching the Proven Lies

as you Preach Catastrophic Warming when their is no Catastrophic Warming or Crises

and the only thing that can be proven is Paranoia based on self-debunked unproven theory

and 30 plus years of very self-debunked prediction Preached as Reality

by proven Lunatics who reject the scientific method

as every form of science debunking you

you just ignore for true belief proving only your ignorance in real science

proving you are not a real scientist you are a true believer who needs a Shrink



Joe will not Answer the very Real Science Questions

as Real Science is based on Question Test Debate

and Joe can do none of the above

Joe has proven to many Real Scientists he is Pathological not Factual

as Joe can prove only his belief in debunked unproven theory

Preached as Settled Science by his Lunatic Paranoid Doomsday Religion

that can not be Publicly Debated because it is Settled Lunatic Science

by Proven Lunatics in Science

Science that can not be Publicly Questioned and Debated is not Reality in Science

and those who peer-review Joe’s Science

its a secret

making it Lunatic Political Science Fiction

while 87% of the National Academy of Science

did not sign a public letter signed by Joe Berry

and the 13% of the NAS who did sign the letter

and when each one of them whom have no back ground in

Atmospheric Emission Science Physics and Chemistry

or Heat and Energy Transfer Science

were confronted

could prove nothing

beyond their Political True Belief

they could provide zero peer-reviewed science to support their lunatic belief

in Doomsday Paranoia doing harm to the cause of Green

while over 30,000 other Scientists over 9,000 with PhD’s

disagree with the Lunatic Doomsday Paranoia

doing test proven harm to the Environment

further proving the consensus is a proven political media lie

their is zero consensus in self-debunked unproven theory

there is only a lunatic Political Media Consensus

in fraudulent garbage lunatic science fiction for profit

and Joe Berry is a Political Preacher for AlGoreism

The Church of Doomsday Climate Paranoia Committing Proven Fraud for Profit

who want to spend Trillions to Kill the Cause of Green and the Environment

as they are Political Pathological Frauds who believe their proven lies

they Preach is Settled Science in this Brand New Climate Science

and there can be no Scientific Method = Question Test Rebuttal or Debate

as the Media supports this proven fraud in Science 100 %

as they have earned zero right to scientific opinion

as they allow only the Lunatic Science to be Preached

as the media rejects the Scientific Method and Peer-reviewed science

they do not comprehend and proving they are wrong

proving Political Fraud and Ignorance dictate Science doing harm

as climate change is Real

the Skeptics have scientifically proven the political pathological lunatics are Frauds

~ skepticism ~

” the doctrine that the truth in all knowledge must always be in Question “

and is not a Mental Flaw as Preached by AlGoreism

The Political Media Lunatic Church of Doomsday Climate Paranoia


All Peer-reviewed Science Debunking CO2 causes climate warming

regardless of Humans who produce less than 3% of the CO2 in the air

is withheld from the Public by the Media

as they ignore Frozen CO2 = Dry Ice crashing downward as warm CO2 rises

as warm CO2 rising is removing heat not increasing heat or trapping heat

as the increased levels of Frozen CO2 = Dry Ice

crashing back downward

cools the air 10 times faster and 20 times longer

than the increased levels of frozen water vapor

as Joe Berry does not acknowledge heat rises

and frozen air more than off-set the warm air rising

as Joe believes ~ one half ~ of one climate variable

of more than a dozen climate variables defines all climate science

and the Lunatic science is settled and there is nothing to debate

and there is nothing new to learn and know in this brand new science

it is Settled Lunatic Science Bloodletting all Living Nature for Profit

as the so called Deniers

do not Deny 4.6 billion years of progressive variable climate change

they Deny Lunatic Fraudulent Science

Politically Preached as Settled Science based on zero Scientific Method

while doing test proven harm to the cause of Green and the Environment

for Profit

as Persuaded True Believers Believe they are never wrong

and you can not stop Brainwashed Pathological with Factual Science


Climate Science

~ vs ~

Political Media Lunatic Paranoid Doomsday Climate Religion

as Lunatic Predictions based Lunatic Political Science Fiction

never come true

while selling Paranoia is Profitable

and making Al Gore and Co. very rich

and Al Gores last Doomsday Prediction of many Doomsday Predictions

was 10 years ago

as Al Preached to us all the Ice will have Melted and entire Nations would be underwater

by 2013

and the new Doomsday Prediction we  will all be Dead

by 2030

if we do not stop the cause of Green and the Environment

they Preach to us is Toxic Poison and Pollution

and Joe Berry does not disagree


 CO2 and Water Vapor with zero color taste or smell causing Green

causing all the food we eat and oxygen we breathe

is now Toxic Pollution

and it was never Toxic Pollution in Science until Al Gore Preached it

to his Brainwashed followers who failed 5th grade science

just as Al Gore has failed 5th grade science and can Articulate zero science

as the Preached Ignorance of AlGoreism continues to Grow and Profit

and in Joe Berry’s mind Al Gore is Right

and all the working scientists who disagree with Joe and Al are wrong

and there is nothing to Scientifically Debate

and the cause of Green is Toxic Pollution and we are all going to Die soon

~ again ~

if we do not spend many trillions of dollars to stop the cause of Green

they want to build giant machines to remove CO2 from the air

when Plants and Trees need more CO2 not less CO2 to Breathe

 when CO2 is the by product of warming not the cause

and causes both warming and cooling at the very same time

with the cooling effect more than off-setting the warming effect

and Humans only produce 3% of into the air

so lets Kill the cause of Green and all Life before it is to late and we all Die

~ again ~

and then we can move on to the next

~ Preached ~

Political Media Lunatic Doomsday Paranoid Prediction

based on zero scientific method and zero peer-reviewed science

and we will all die

~ again ~

as we live with a new Lunatic Paranoid Doomsday Prediction about every six to ten years

as I am thinking of Investing as the profits are doing very well

as there will always be true believers who do not Question the Truth in knowledge

and always give all the money they can

as Paranoia is easy to Preach and Sell

and requires zero real science

and yes lets Tax the cause of Green and the Environment

and all Carbon based Life on this Carbon based Earth

CO2 + Water Vapor + Sun Energy = Green


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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