MT. Gov. Steve Bullock not for President & Climate Paranoia


I am a Scientist

and I have been in Business Management since 1971

since I was 15 years old and prior to that and all on my own

back when I was a Patrol Leader in the Boy Scouts

I Washed and Waxed Cars and Mowed Lawns after school

and for my Great Grand Mother Daisy for free

and on weekends I gathered Golf Balls too

from all around the Golf Courses and Driving Ranges 

for $.25 cents each

back when a Gallon of Gas was $.19 cents

and I Liked and Enjoyed Working and Love the Outdoors

and I loved working in the yard with my two Green Thumbs

and some would say I was a workaholic 

but this did not prevent me from having a very full life

in every way with Family and Friends

and I am not Owned by or Belong to or a Clone to any Political Party or Agenda

I am for the Truth in all of Life and all of knowledge for a better Life for all

as Political Parties are the proven Cancer not the Cure in Tested Reality

and everyone in Washington D.C. is a proven Lair

who truly believe their politically convinced test proven lies

while only Honest People will right their proven wrongs

and Doctors can be wrong 50% of the time 

and Preached Political Media Agenda is not Peer-reviewed Science 

or the Questioned Truth in knowledge when they Ban Scientific Rebuttal

proving they are wrong

as they Preach political agenda based on zero scientific method

as they allow only one side of the story to be told

as they convince and do not inform

proving they are pathological not factual

as they can provide zero peer-reviewed science when requested for the words they Preach

and one is science and one is politically programmed make believe


Thanks to Montana Governor Steve Bullock

it is now Legal for Doctors and Montana State Fund of the Montana State Government

  to Intentionally Commit Fraud against We the People of Montana

as we now live with Legalized Organized Proven Crimes by the State

of the Government by the Government for the Government

with new Unconstitutional Laws that forbid Suing the Government

for their proven fraud and crimes

against the Work Injured Citizens of Montana 

by a State Government with no oversight by the Law Makers 

of the Intentional Cruelty to the Work Injured People of Montana

by the proven to be Monsters in Montana State Government

as the crimes of government are self policing

as the Buck stops at Governor Bullocks Desk

who is in support of laws allowing Cruelty to Brain Injured People

caused by the Negligence of others who are free of any responsibility for their Negligence

and then the Injured are Intentionally Punished by Montana State Fund

to save money that is not theirs to save

and this Legalized Criminal Montana State Fund should not Exist

while having the Blessings of Governor Steve Bullock

as they are the Crimes of Steve Bullock  

as the Montana State Government is full of Arrogant Monsters who answer to no one

and are the Over Paid Waste

as the Citizen Law Makers are Blind to the Criminal Realities

as they meet for 90 days every two years

and then go back home to their Ranches and Farms

with the government left in charge of the government

as the Government Commits Fraud and Lies

while many very honest people work in Montana State Government

but sadly many Dishonest People too

and government can not Run on Trust as Trust is a Feeling

and good government is not be based on Feelings

because bad feelings cause bad government

and unconstitutional Laws work very well for the Proven Criminals in government

and for Power and Greed and are very bad for we the People who are treated like Road Kill

with the Blessings of Steve Bullock & Lance Zanto & Tammy Gibson

and many others who Willfully Abuse their Power and Authority 

against We the People

as they are no longer the servants of We the People as we are now theirs

as the Criminals in Government are the Cancer not the Cure for an Honest Government

and Evil Feelings by Evil People in the Government make Evil Government

and when you Legalize Evil for the Government

then Government Evil will always Win

and those who can not admit their Proven Failures are the Test Proven Frauds 

of Power and Greed


When you give a dishonest part of the government an Inch

it will then take a very dishonest Mile


and how did Gov. Steve Bullock 

earn his right to Scientific opinion in

Atmospheric Emission Science Physics and Chemistry

Heat and Energy Transfer Science

Climate History and Botany Science 


Climate Change is Real


CO2 + Water Vapor + Sun Energy = Green = Environment = Life

and self-debunked computer Ouija Board prediction is not science 

and Free Speech and the Scientific Method 

are the proven Enemies of Political Media Doomsday Climate Paranoia 

and Political Fascism is by taking away Free Speech

of those who do not make believe as you make believe

and allowing only one side of many sides of the argument to be told and known 

and trying to Ban with a Petition

all NASA Data and Peer-reviewed Science and all Scientific Rebuttal

to Doomsday Climate Paranoia on Face Book

Debunking Lunatic Doomsday Climate Paranoia on Face Book

is Fascism not the Scientific Method = to Question Test Rebuttal and Debate

as the real Scientist are called the Deniers

who are allowed zero voice in the media for Rebuttal

who have scientifically proven Doomsday Climate Paranoia

is a Lunatic Political Media Religion based on Fraudulent Garbage Science Fiction

as only Programmed Make Believe can live in Fear of Proven Fact Tested Reality 

and very real peer-reviewed science supported by NASA Data

as we live with many Failed Doomsday Predictions

Again and Again and Again over the past 30 years

based on self-debunked Garbage Political Science Fiction

as Political Fascism by those who can Articulate zero Science

Politically Dictate

Doomsday Climate Paranoia based on zero Scientific Method

as they refuse to allow and Ban Public Question Test Rebuttal and Debate

as they reject all peer-reviewed science and NASA Data proving they are wrong

and debunking their personal emotional feelings of true belief = Pathological

while they can provide zero peer-reviewed science when requested

to prove they are not Politically Brainwashed Pathological Fools and Frauds in Science

as only Pathological Political Fascism can Dictate Fraudulent Science as Reality


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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