MT. Gov. Steve Bullock not for President & Climate Paranoia


Climate Change is Real


CO2 = Green = Food and Oxygen

CO2 + Water Vapor + Sun Energy = Green = Environment = Life

as the Media Preaches a Scientific Consensus that is Scientifically Proven to not Exist

and Tens of Thousands of Scientists disagree with the Politically Preached

Doomsday Climate Paranoia 

based on zero Question Test Rebuttal and Debate

as the Media will not allow Scientific Rebuttal to the words of Paranoia they Preach

as it was Politically Preached to us many years ago

entire Nations would be underwater by the years 2000

as NASA Data Scientifically Proves


The Church of Climate Paranoia for Profit is Wrong

and their is zero Catastrophic Warming

and the Sea level is Declining

and Ice has increased by 40%

as Political Media Climate Paranoia continues to Preach to us the Opposite is True

based on zero Scientific or Public Question Test Rebuttal and Debate

scientifically proving they are Politically Brainwashed Idiots and Fools

and knowing there is zero peer-reviewed science proving Humans cause climate warming

and to Scientifically prove that fact I have made well over 40,000 requests since 2007

to the United Nations, NASA, NOAA, EPA, Universities, Professors and Students

to the Media and Journalists and Political Media and Political Parties and Politicians 

to everyone Preaching Climate Paranoia based on a self-debunked unproven theory

with a  


Reward from the Equity of my Home

for the Peer-reviewed Science proving Humans cause Climate Warming

as the UN-United Nations

a political body not a science body

after a proven to be very flawed incomplete climate study

Preach to Us

” it is likely Humans cause climate warming “

just as it is likely to Rain tomorrow

and likely is un-proven theory and not Peer-reviewed Science 

and Fraud in Climate Science has been very committed and very proven 

and Preaching un-proven theory is Settled Science

when settled science does not exist in real science is Fraud in science 

in a brand new Science no one has a real degree in

as NASA Data Debunk all NASA Prediction and NASA Public Statements

over the past 30 plus years unless the Political Wing-Nuts of NASA

who have a Proven Pathological Political Agenda beyond real science 

can Scientifically Prove Manhattan is underwater today

as NASA can provide zero peer-reviewed Science

when Requested with a reward many times over many Years 

Proving Carbon based Humans of this Carbon based Earth

are Responsible for Climate Warming

as they continue to ignore the scientific method and all peer-reviewed science 

further debunking their political true belief in un-proven theory 

as they refuse to publicly debate their 30 plus years of self-debunked prediction


This Climate Warming Period of many began 14,000 years ago

caused by known variable solar activity by the variable star the Sun

and as Scientifically proven

 CO2 from variable un-predictable un-measurable volcanic activity from below sea level

as the vast majority of CO2 outlets and Volcanic activity is below sea level

and with Water Vapor is the Evaporated by product of climate warming

by the variable Sun and not the cause of climate warming

causing the Sea level to decline as scientifically proven with NASA Data

causing an Increase of Rain Snow and Ice as scientifically Proven with NASA Data

making this Carbon based Earth much Greener as scientifically proven with NASA Data

as 97% of the un-predictable CO2 in the air is caused by Nature

causing the Carbon Oxygen Hydrogen Cycle

causing all Carbon based Life on this Carbon based Earth

with Ice Ages with higher levels of CO2 in the air than today


CO2 + Water Vapor + Sun Energy = Green = Environment = Life

and Carbon Dioxide can not Harm the Environment

because CO2 is the cause of the Environment and the Carbon Life and Energy Cycle

and in Botany Science Plants and Trees need 4 times the CO2 than in the Air today

~ to Breathe ~

to be at good Health while making all the Oxygen we Breathe and all the Food we Eat

and the more CO2 and Water Vapor is evaporated by the variable Sun

the Healthier the Greenhouse and Carbon Cycle

as it is Politically Preached to us the world as we know it today will end in Ten Years

as we have heard this Lunatic Prediction based on flawed incomplete science 

many times before

and if we do not stop the cause of all Carbon based Life

caused by the Carbon Oxygen Hydrogen Cycle

caused by this Carbon based Earth

where everything Breathing and not Breathing has Carbon in it

this carbon based world will end as we know it today

as these scientifically proven to be Lunatic Predictions that never happen

only Scientifically Prove you can not Fix Politically Brainwashed Ignorance

as NASA Data has Scientifically Proven there is zero Catastrophic Climate Warming 

after 30 plus years of Failed Computer Ouija Board Climate Prediction

based on a very proven to be flawed incomplete study

providing a self-debunked un-proven theory

based on 3% of one half of one climate variable

Preached as Settled Science by Political Lunatics

who want to spend 100 trillion dollars to end the cause of all life above Sea level

that will not stop 4.6 billion years of very extreme progressive variable Climate Change

caused by more than a dozen climate variables known today

Providing an Infinity of Climate Variable 

as 3% of one half of one climate variable does not define all of climate science

but it does define all Political Media Lunatic Doomsday Climate Paranoia

doing test proven Harm to the Environment

for Profit

as they refuse to allow any Public Question Test Rebuttal and Debate

to their Settled Lunatic Paranoid Doomsday Political Science Fiction

for the sake of their Lunatic Political Agenda by those who Failed Grade School Science

known as Political Media Paranoid Climate Religion 

and AlGoreism = The Church of Climate Paranoia for Profit

and their Climate Science Argument is: 

” to much water is bad for you “

scientifically proving they are Politically Brainwashed Idiots 

and you can not stop a Politically Preached Lunatic Paranoid Religion with Scientific Data

as this Lunatic Paranoid Political Science Fiction

doing test proven harm to the environment

is Preached in our Schools and Universities 

and when you provide peer-reviewed science to a Politically Brainwashed Lunatic

proving they are wrong

they continue to be a Politically Brainwashed Lunatic

Preaching their Lunatic Doomsday Climate Paranoia

based on 30 years of self-debunked Lunatic Predictions they truly make believe is reality

as they can not separate Pathological from Factual

they are not Scientists they are Politically Programmed True Believers

doing proven Harm in tested Reality

because spending Trillions and Trillions of Dollars

to reduce what Plants and Trees need 4 times more of to Breathe

is Insanity not proven fact tested reality in science 

and as Scientifically Proven it is all about Power and Greed based on Test Proven Fraud

supported by the majority of the media who do not comprehend the science

and have earned zero right to Scientific Opinion in this Brand New Climate Science 

as they can prove nothing with real science when requested

and when Politicians and Journalist who Failed Grade School Science Dictate Science

based on zero Scientific Method its not real science

as the Truth in Knowledge must always be in Question


We need a Knowledgeable


for the Republic of the now Un-United States of America

and not a Politically Convinced and Programmed Brainwashed Fool

doing only further Harm in Fact Tested Reality

We need someone who will Question the Truth in Knowledge

and not be politically convinced to just believe

We need a Real Leader not a Real Follower of Lunatic Political Agenda = Political Religion

someone who knows the Questioned Truth and not just make believe they know

We need someone who is Factual and not Programmed Pathological

someone who can Think beyond Politically Convinced Make Believe

as the Truth in Knowledge is Questioned Tested and Debated not Politically Believed

as Belief in Power and Greed can provide only a False Reality doing only Harm

as Fascist Political Media Ignorance Dictate Lunatic Fraudulent Political Science Fiction

doing Test Proven Harm to the Cause of Green the Environment and all Carbon based Life

on this CO2 starved Carbon based Earth

as the Political Media Preachers refuse to acknowledge real science

they do not comprehend and scientifically prove they are wrong

as they refuse to allow Public Question Test Rebuttal and Debate

as they reject the Scientific Method for Lunatic Make Believe doing only Harm 

proving they are not Real and are Fraudulent Political Pathological Fools

with a Fraudulent Political Agenda based on zero peer-reviewed science 

as they can not scientifically prove their words of belief they preach

and refuse to debate

as they are the Test Proven Cowards of Questioned Tested Debated Reality in Science

as they have earned zero right to scientific opinion 


Politically Preaching is not Teaching and Informing Tested Reality 

and Preaching Political Paranoia based on Political True Belief is not Real Science

and the denial of scientific argument is the denial of Reality

and politically convinced true belief in Paranoid Doomsday Prediction

based on self-debunked un-proven theory is not proven fact tested reality in Science

it is self-debunked Lunatic Paranoia

Politically Preached as Reality

to their Politically Convinced and Programmed True Believers

and Preaching and Selling Paranoia for Profit doing Harm to the Carbon Cycle

is Political Pathological Fraud not Science 


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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