MT. Gov. Steve Bullock not for President & Climate Paranoia


Legalized Organized Crime by the State against We the People can not be made Legal

and today is Legal

and Montana State Fund will continue to Happily Willfully Intentionally

Commit Proven Fraud 

against the Work Injured Citizens of Montana turning them into their Road Kill

because Steve Bullock made it Legal and protected under the law

for the State of Montana and Montana State Fund to Commit Fraud against We the People


The State can not Legalize Proven Crimes by the State 

and take away my right to prove the crimes against me by the State

and I would hope The Supreme Court of the State of Montana would agree

and if not The United States Supreme Court will very likely agree

that Legalized Crimes against We the People by the States is Un-Constitutional 

and Denying the Right to Prove the Crimes by the State is Un-Constitutional 


Governments Lie

and you can not deny the right of We the People to prove the Lie

and the right to repair the proven wrong doing Intentional Harm to We the People


Steve Bullock knows how to run His Fascist State Government

with no oversight by the Law Makers

who made Unconstitutional Laws Protecting Proven Crimes by the State

and approved by Steve Bullock who is not a Governor 

Steve is the Supreme Ruler of the Government Dynasties of Montana

and are above the Rule of Law

as We the People now live with Legalized Organized Crime

by the Montana State Government

Destroying many Lives of We the People the Citizens of Montana

with the Full Support and Blessings of Steve Bullock

as Proven Intentional Government Fraud is now being Committed by many and by

Tammy Gibson and her Friend and Personal Physician Dr. Richard P. Sargent Helena MT.

with the help of Dr. Jeffrey M. Cory

Bozeman Health Deaconesses Hospital 

with a History of Legal Issues involving un-lawful kick backs

as Jeffrey Cory is the Hit Doctor they force you to go see 100 miles away

in the worst of winter weather on the worst winter road

where many Deaths occur every year

while I am driving with Post Concussion Syndrome

to a Doctor who does zero Neurological or Physical Evaluation

to determine my Concussion is not real

who Falsified all of my statements my childhood and 38 years of my medical history

with out reviewing my medical history

providing only un-provable hypotheticals based on zero physical evaluation

for his Medical Report for Dr. Sargent and Tammy Gibson of Montana State Fund

and very debunked by my real medical reports Dr. Sargent and Tammy Gibson did Review

as they knowingly rubber stamped Dr. Cory’s Falsified Medical Report

as Dr. Cory has a known History of Bogus Medical Reports with in the Legal Profession  

with the oversight of Lance Zanto Chairperson and President chosen by Steve Bullock

to be in Charge of Montana State Fund Fraud 

with no oversight by Law Makers

so the cost of the Negligence by Employers

can be forced on to the Victims of the Negligence the Employees 

as many Medical and Legal Professionals agree with my Argument

based on the Review of the Documents and Facts

as new Laws Prohibit me from Suing the Government for very Proven Fraud

New Laws supported by Gov. Steve Bullock Attorney at Law

allowing Doctors and the Government to Commit Fraud together

against the Work Injured Citizens of Montana

to save money

as they know they are committing Fraud and doing further Harm to many

as the New Laws First Assume Doctors and Physicians Paid for by Montana State Fund 

are always Perfect and can never be Wrong

when in fact Honest Physicians can be wrong up to 50% of the time

and Secondly Assumes all Doctors and Physicians are always Honest

when in fact Medical History has more than Proven there are very dishonest Physicians

and paid for by Montana State Fund

and as Proven in this Case

and for New Law to allow for no challenge to proven Fraud by Montana State Fund

and their paid for Doctors and Physician to Illegally Deny Legitimate Medical Claims

and Thirdly these new Laws Decide

Montana State Fund is Perfect and can never be Wrong or Dishonest

as their Legal History has more than proven they are Wrong and Dishonest all the time 

as these New Laws are Un-lawful and Deny the Constitutional Rights of Injured Workers

who are Denied Medical Care for their Medically Test Proven Injuries

to save Montana State Fund Money that is not theirs to save

as Montana State Fund Practice Medicine with out a Licence 

and Play God with Brain Injured Peoples Lives

along with other proven examples of fraud in other Government Agencies 

and when the Government are the proven Liars Thieves and Criminals

for Power and Greed something is very wrong

as they know and I know they have committed Fraud

and only Honest People can admit and repair their very Proven Mistakes

as only Evil can take Pride in Harming Others

and anyone committing Medical Fraud and Malpractice

to benefit the Wealth of Fraudulent State Owned Insurance Companies

doing intentional harm to the Work Injured Citizens of Montana

Treating them like Road Kill

belong in Jail

this is a Legalized Scam by Montana State Fund

and they are very much for this Proven Scam doing further harm to Injured Citizens

as Proven Fraud by Doctors for Steve Bullocks Montana State Government is now Legal

as there are many Montana Government Agencies Run by the same Fascist Arrogance

and proving Steve Bullock Attorney at Law is for Fraud and Fascism in His Government 

and Steve would make a Great Fascist President for America

proven by His New Laws in Montana

as the number one denier of heath care for Work Injured Montana Citizens

is Steve Bullock

and obviously there is no right or wrong for Steve 

and all that matters is Winning and Power and Greed

as only those with Feelings can know shame

and will repair their proven mistakes with out Ploy Legal Battles 

as Steve Bullock believes it is OK for the Government to Commit Intentional Fraud

to Deny Medical Care to the Work Injured Citizens of Montana 

to Save Money that is not ~ theirs ~ to Save

as they give a lot of money away to those who are not Work Injured

and what does it say about a state government that must Make New Laws

to Protect the Government from Prosecution for knowingly Breaking the Law

by Denying the Constitutional Rights of Injured People very much in need of Medical Care

caused by the Negligence of Others

as Montana State Fund Further Punishes in every way possible

the Work Injured Citizens of Montana 



Instead of sending the Montana Department of Revenue

to make a surprise visit to my Home


and by the way the Department of Revenue sent me a Job Offer

to help them with their Plagued computer systems 


maybe you should send them to your Criminal Montana State Fund

to your Fraudulent Government Insurance Company

  Stabbing Brain Injured Helena School District Employees in the Back 

and I can only wonder and guess who these strangers in suites

who have been seen walking around the BLM Forest Border of my Property are

and is something I have never see before in my 20 years of living here

and who is flying the nice new shiny Gold Helicopter in spiting distance of my Front Door

on a few occasions that I know of  

as I have nothing to hide but what are you hiding ?

because the one thing 63 years of Life has Scientifically Proven to me 

all Politicians and Political Parties Lie

and that is what they do best for Votes for their Power and Greed

doing Harm caused by their Scientifically Proven Ignorance in Tested Reality

the Ignorance of very available knowledge but just Ignored

proving self-Ignorance for Power and Greed

~ and ~

Climate Change is Real

and NASA Data has Scientifically Proven

there is zero Catastrophic Climate Warming

as the Sea Level is scientifically proven to be Declining

and Ice has Increased by 40% on this Carbon based Earth

and there is Zero Scientifically Proven Climate Crisis 

the Climate Crisis is a Scientifically Test Proven Political Media Lie 

based on Scientifically Test proven Fraud for Power and Greed

as Test Proven Political Media Lies go with out Scientific Rebuttal in the Bias Media

as they Politically Preach only one side of the story

as AlGoreism Preached ten years ago all the Polar Ice Caps would all be gone by 2013 

Preaching Climate Paranoia based on zero Peer-reviewed Science

while Prohibiting Real Scientific Facts from being known 

for the sake of their Political Agenda based on Political Hearsay

as they reject Peer-reviewed Science for Political Agenda doing Harm to the Carbon Cycle

and all Carbon based Life on this Carbon based Earth

and how can the Ice Caps Melt when you have – 200 * below zero CO2 = Dry Ice 

in the air crashing downward toward the Poles of this Carbon based Earth

  cooling the air 10 times faster and 20 times longer

than the frozen water crashing downward

as all warm air rises as all heat still rises in real physics

and is replaced with frozen air at the poles causing the Ice Caps

and I have yet to see Ice Melt at – 60* to -115 * below zero

as Al Gore does not acknowledge or comprehend all Heat still Rises

or comprehend something the size of a sewing thread can not trap heat

in something the size of a football field in real physics

or acknowledge or comprehend more than a dozen other climate variables known today

as he Preaches his Lunatic science is settled based on zero science

as he can Articulate zero science and can debate zero science as he rejects real science

further Scientifically proving Al Gore is a proven fraud who Failed Grade School Science


Political Media Fascism in Science is not Real Journalism

and Test Proven Lies in the Media are Teat Proven Lies 

as True Believers who do not Question the Truth in Knowledge

are politically convinced to just believe

and are True Believers of their Programmed True Belief

and real Science is based on Question Test Debate

and how did you earn your right to opinion in

Atmospheric Emission Science Physics and Chemistry

and Heat and Energy Transfer Science and Botany Science ?


97% of the CO2 in the air is caused by Nature


Variably Evaporated by the Variable Sun

CO2 + Water Vapor + Sun Energy = Green = Environment = Life

causing the Carbon Oxygen Hydrogen Cycle


~ Killing the cause of Green will not stop Climate Change ~

and Politically Preaching Doomsday Climate Paranoia for Profit

based on zero Scientific Method and zero Peer-reviewed Science

is not Real Science


Preaching Paranoia for Power and Greed doing test Proven Harm to the Carbon Cycle

as Climate Paranoia Preaches 


with zero color taste and smell causing all Life Food Oxygen is Toxic Poison and Pollution


White Steam = Water Vapor

coming out of Steam Powered Generator Smoke Stakes is Toxic Poison and Pollution

as they are 20% Carbon Eating Carbon based Food and Drinking CO2 in their Drinks

as they Preach Carbon is Pollution on this Carbon based Planet

proving they failed grade school science

and have earned zero right to scientific opinion

as they politically dictate science based on zero 

Question Test Rebuttal and Debate

as they dictate science based on zero scientific method

as they dictate science

based on their personal feelings of politically convinced true belief in fear of the unknown

as fear of the unknowable future based on proven Ignorance is Paranoia

and not the Questioned Tested Debated Truth in Knowledge = Science


Climate Science

~ vs ~

Political Media Doomsday Paranoid Climate Religion

for Power and Profit

based on zero scientific method

and zero peer-reviewed science

for Power and Greed


One is Factual

~ vs ~

the other is politically programmed pathological based on zero peer-reviewed science

One is Knowledge vs the other is Politically Convinced True Belief in Fear

One is Scientific Fact vs the other is a Programmed Feelings of True Belief in Fear

One is proven fact tested reality in science supported by scientific data

and one is not


Can you Debunk NASA Data and Peer-reviewed Science

with Politically Preached and Convinced Fear of the unknown = Paranoia ?

Can you Debunk Real Science you do not know to exist with your Personal Feelings ?

Do you always just Believe in scientifically test proven Political Media Lies ?

Test proven Lies they Refuse to Publicly Scientifically Debate

as Real Science is Questioned Tested and Debated not Politically Preached and Believed

Do you Believe = Make Believe


science is: to know 

Do you make believe you know ?

when you can prove nothing beyond words of politically convinced true belief in fear

while you can articulate zero science 

and when you can not allow your science to be 

Questioned Tested and Debated its not Real Science

and when you can not admit you are wrong when proven wrong 

you are not a Real Scientist

and as Real Scientists know 

one scientist can be right

as Scientifically Test Proven Idiots and Morons in Science Dictate Science

Scientifically Proving Political Media Fascism in Science 

Doing Scientifically Test Proven Harm to the Environment

Costing Trillions of Wasted Dollars

to do only Harm to the Cause of Green

and will not stop  4.6 billion years of extreme progressive variable climate change

caused by an Infinity of Climate Variable

Ignored by Political Media Doomsday Climate Paranoia

based on Zero Scientific Method and Zero Peer-reviewed Science 

by those who ignore peer-reviewed science

and have earned zero right to scientific opinion 


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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