The Taste of Tyranny


The Taste of Modern Tyranny by Political Power and Greed


I Agree with our First President and Commander in Chief

Who’s First Responsibility was to Defend and Protect the Boarders of U.S.A.

General George Washington

who stated

Political Parties would be a Bad Thing for this New Republic

of this now

Republic of the UN-United States of America

~ Thanks to the Seventeenth Amendment ~

as the U.S.A.

has been Influencing Elections

and Installing Supporting and Protecting Dictators

and providing Weapons to both sides of conflict all over this Carbon based Earth

long before the Russians

and I did not Vote for President Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton

and the Russians did not make Donald Trump President

and We the People did not make Donald Trump President

the Electoral College made Donald Trump President

so Investigate the Electoral College

and Thee who is with out Political Sin Cast the First Stone

and like the Majority of Americans with out Representation

as I am an Independent who votes for People not Lunatic Parties

who are destroying this country in their efforts to destroy each other

as I will never agree with any Political Party Agenda on everything

who make believe they are always right on every subject matter and never wrong

based only on Political Hearsay with out knowing the real facts

beyond their Hearsay True Belief

but I will support who is elected in their efforts to do Good over Bad

Right over Wrong

if they are working for and in the best interests of

We the People

and I will respect the Office of President even if I did not vote for the currant President

for the wellness of our country

while no President is above the Law

and Inventing Crimes against a President for Political Agenda is a Far Bigger Crime

and any Laws Broken by a President

must be dealt with in the very same manner as any Citizen Breaking the Law

as Impeachment is not for just Breaking any Law

but is reserved for crimes that can not prosecuted in a Regular Court of Law

~ for instance ~

Laying about Sex is not an Impeachable Offense

other wise we would be Impeaching about 50% of our Presidents

and Lying about Sex is not a Crime

and lying about something that is not a crime is not a crime

and Impeaching a President for Lying about Sex is a Political Abuse of Power

and in today’s Lunatic Political world

Thomas Jefferson would have been in Jail

and President John F. Kennedy would have gone to Jail

for Lying about Sex

when Lying about Sex is not a Crime

and the Impeachment of President William Jefferson Clinton

was Political Entrapment by Political Fascism

while crimes threatening the security of this country would be an Impeachable Offense

and can not be Prosecuted in a Regular Court of Law


The Number one Responsibility of the President is the Security of our Borders

and that is why the President is called the Commander in Chief

to Defend and Protect our Boarders

and not Securing our Borders

and allowing Crime and Terrorism to continue to enter this country

Murders Rapist and Kidnappers

Child Sex Slave Trade

Illegal Weapons and Drugs

MS 13 Gang Violence and Crimes taking over our Cities

is an Impeachable Offense

and Inhibiting any President from Securing our Borders

from very real Crimes and Terrorism happening today and now on going for many years

 for the sake of Political Agenda I would consider a Treasonous Crime Against America

and when Barack Obama was President the Democrats were for the wall

and now Donald Trump is President

they are against the Wall and Trump is now Violating the the Constitution

for Performing his Oath and Promise to the Constitution and We the People

further Proving we Lunatics and Hypocrites running this country

as many Americans continue to Die from our unsecured Borders

as more and more Crime and Terrorism is Illegally coming into this country everyday

and to allow this to continue is a Crime Against America and the Citizens of America

and how many more of us must continue to Die

because our Leaders can not Lead and turn a Blind Eye to Fact Tested Reality

because allowing the many Crimes against America and our Citizens to continue

is a Crime by our Leaders as they have failed their number one Responsibility to America


If you want to come to America you are very welcome here

but only if you do it Legally


If we Abolished the Seventeenth Amendment

and returned Ownership of the UN-United States Senate to its rightfully intended Owners

State Governments

who pick their U.S. Senators to Represent their State Government

as this would give back to the States their power and authority in the U.S. Government

with the State Governments deciding all Votes in the Senate

making States once again a very Active Part and Control of the U.S. Government

rather than continue to be dictated to by the U.S. Government

Ending the Control of the U.S. Senate by Wall Street and K Street

and Special Interest Groups

Ending the Money Influence of Electing U.S. Senators

and the Influence of Lobbyists

the Lobbyist would then have to Lobby the State Governments

to Influence any Votes in the Senate

and end having Senators who Senators for Life

as intended by our Founders of this Republic

as this would reduce the Corruption and Fraud on the Federal level

as we are no longer the Untied States

as State Governments are no longer a power in the U.S. Government

as We the People have the House of Representatives

as the Intended Propose of the Senate was to give Representation to the States

making the States of Equal Power in the Federal Government

with State Governments deciding all the votes in the Senate

making this Country United

and would make America and World a much better place

as State Governments have zero voting power in the Federal Government today

while it is not Local Money Electing U.S. Senators

it is the money of Billionaires Banks and Insurance Co. and Drug Co. from faraway

who will then own your U.S. Senator

who will be working for them and not you or your State Government

as you own your state government that now has zero say in the federal government

as we are now the Republic of the UN-United Sates of America

and united is stronger and better as originally intended

and returning Power to State Governments returns further power to We the People


Do you want your Senator to tell you how they are going to vote in the Senate

benefiting them and many strangers from faraway

or do want to tell your senator how they are going to vote for you and your state

as the Seventeenth Amendment was intended to fix a small Local Corruption problem

but only made the Corruption problem much bigger and 100 times much worse

and no longer a local problem where it could be easily fixed

and by trying to fix a little problem

we only made it into an impossible to fix Bigger Problem

and so who do you want your U.S. Senators to have to answer to

your elected state government

who would once again have power in the Federal Government

or money from China from a China owned business in America

who can spend all they want to on elections and pick your U.S. Senators for you

and dictate to your State Government their will not yours

should the States be United and have Control of the Senate

or be divided and be controlled from faraway ?

as we now have a U.S. Government run by 100% Pure Political Bias

by two forms of Fascism trying to destroy each other

while both are given equal amounts of money by the very same Lobbyists

as we live with a 100% Politically Bias Media

Brainwashing the public with their political agenda

with all the above Destroying America over Power and Greed

as Capitalism is only a good thing

when the Capitalism does not own and control the government and the media

Turning We the People into Cattle

as George Washington was right

and we can not fix a mistake if we do not know the mistakes of history

and if we do not question the truth we can not know the truth

and then reality can only be make believe

as the Political Baloney in D.C. is not working for You and Me

as they Stab us in the Back with a Smile

as they become multi-millionaires


We have two forms of political fascism trying to destroy each other

all paid for with the very same money

benefiting only those who gave them the money

while we get Screwed

as Things now have more Rights than We the now Human Cattle

Thanks to the U.S. Supreme Court

and a Group of Rail Road Barons

who in 1850 went to Washington D.C. and Bribed Everyone

and soon there after the U.S. Supreme Court Granted Constitutional Rights to Things

as Non Living Breathing Things and Entities

now have more Political Power and Rights than We the People

as True Belief today in proven Political Media Cloned Ignorance and Lies

have Divided and Dissolved this Great Country

as more is now wrong than is right

~ because ~

Blind Faith in Convinced Political Agenda is Political Religion

Ignoring the Questioned Tested Truth when Proven Wrong

as the Greatest Harm to Nature and Humanity is caused by the True Belief in Blind Faith


Science is to know

and Preached Political Religion is not Knowledge

~ as ~

Wisdom is the ability to use knowledge constructively

~ while doing no harm in reality ~

and if there is a God

God Bless the Universe

as Freedom through Faith is not Freedom in the reality of Life

as the Questioned Truth is the Test of Reality

as True Belief can not Question Test and Debate the Truth in Reality

as Wars are caused by

My God is Better than Your God

when in True Belief it is the same God

as Make Believe is not the Questioned Tested Truth in the Reality of Science

as Men Play Political God with our Lives


Preaching Fear of the UN-Known is Paranoia not Science

as they Reject Tested Reality to Live in Paranoia of the UN-Known

~ Peace ~

Bruce A. Kershaw


Helena ~ Montana


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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