The Taste of Tyranny

Scientifically Test Proven Political Media Insanity Now Dictate a Lunatic Reality

as the Media is now a Political Church of Political Sermon based on Political Hearsay

as there can be no Question Test Debate of the words of Belief they Preach

as the Questioned Truth in Knowledge is Meaningless

as the Media Political Bias Preach their Political Fascism

as the Media is Politically Dishonest for their Political Agenda

as Media Political Pathological Fraud is Brainwashing America

with very proven Political Lies and is Dividing and Destroying America

as the Truth in Life and Knowledge is Dead in the Media Political Agenda

the Major Media is not Fake News

it is Pathologically Politically Fraudulently Brainwashing America

with test proven lies

as political media fascism dictate a false reality

and only those who have been convinced to believe in their fraudulent reality

are allowed a voice in their media

as only those who believe as they believe may have Free Speech

as their can be no public question test rebuttal or debate

as only their opinion can be known

as the media withholds available facts for the sake of their political agenda

as the government and the media lie based on their political pathological hearsay

based on feelings not fact as they are pathological not factual

as they are Dumb-ing down their true believers and followers

as Entities Divide We the People Destroying America

as they do not Question the Truth to find and know the Tested Truth

beyond their programmed true belief

as they do not want to know the truth for the sake of their power and greed

as the Tested Truth has no meaning in Politically Convinced True Belief

as they distort and hide the truth for political gain

while scientifically proving political media brainwashing works

as the universities now politically brainwash our youth

as universities now Preach to our youth how to believe

and do not Teach to our Youth how to Think

and how to question the truth in all of life and all of knowledge

to know beyond convinced and programmed true belief tested reality

as our youth is becoming politically pathological not factual

as Programming is not Educating and Informing

as reality is tested not convinced and just truly believed

because just believing you are Free when you are owned and controlled by entities

is a false reality because today

Things have more Rights than Carbon based Humans of this Carbon based Earth


~ to be continued ~


I do not belong to any Political Party

and if everyone elected to severe in Washington D.C. disappeared today

that would not be a hardship for me

~ while ~

Anyone Hindering Inhibiting or Preventing

General George Washington

The President and Commander and Chief

of the Republic of the United States of America

from Protecting our Boarders and We the People from any Harm

are Committing Treason Punishable by Death

as those from within America causing Harm to We the People

are a far greater enemy to We the People of America


The President of the Republic of the United States of America

whom ever they may be

do not need to Declare a National Emergency to Protect our Boarders and We the People

as all Presidents take an Oath as Commander in Chief

to Protect the USA

and if any President willfully Fails their Number One Responsibility

as Commander in Chief this is an Impeachable Offense

and those Inhibiting the President from performing their Sworn Duty

to Protect the Borders and We the People of the USA from any Harm

are Committing an Act of Treason Punishable by Death


….everyone in Congress is a Proven Lair ~

and are all very proven Hypocrites

and when you do not allow your Political True Belief

to be Publicly Questioned Tested and Debated

then your Political True Belief is not the Questioned Truth in Knowledge

and when you Preach your True Belief is the Questioned Truth in Knowledge

and you can not Scientifically Prove your Belief is the Questioned Truth in Knowledge

scientifically proving your True Belief is only the Truth in your Political Religion

and not the Questioned Debated Truth in Knowledge of Tested Reality

as True Belief is Make Believe and not Proven Fact Tested Reality

and if you do not like the President Whom ever they may be

do not Interrogate the President

Interrogate those who Voted for the President the Electoral Collage


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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