The Taste of Tyranny


We the People are a Republic not a Democracy

because in a Democracy the Majority Rules over the Minority and the Individual

and in a Republic the Individual is Equal to the Majority and no one Rules over anyone


Capitalism is a Good Thing

but only when Capitalism does not own and control the Government and We the People

and because of very bad Supreme Court Decisions

after Railroad Barron’s Bribed everyone in Washington D.C. in the mid 1800’s

the Supreme Court Granted Constitutional Rights to Entities = Things = Corporations

and then later the 17th Amendment

taking away Ownership of the U.S. Senate from State Governments

allowing Wall Street and K Street and Special Interest Groups

to take control of the U.S. Senate

and now Commerce Regulates We the People

of the now UN-United States of America

as States no longer own and control their part of the Federal Government

back when U.S. Senators were chosen by their state governments

to represent their state government and vote as directed by their state government

and not Elected by Power and Greed with Dark Money

and voting for and with the new Laws written by Power and Greed

as the States no longer dictate to the U.S. Government

the U.S. Government now dictate to the States

as nothing today is the way it was Designed and Intended to be

to allow the U.S Government and Capitalism to work properly for all of We the People

and returning the Senate to its rightful owners the state governments

would end the control of the Senate by Power and Greed

and reunite the States

becoming once again the United Sates of America

as we are now factually the Un-United Sates of America

Owned and Controlled by Power and Greed

while Political Parties are the proven Cancer not the Cure

as Politicians Preach to us they want to get the government out of our lives

they turn around and pass new laws taking away rights and freedoms

while giving more power and authority to the government to use against We the People

and when We the People fight back with Voter Ballot Initiatives

the Political Hypocrites of Power and Greed

pass new laws stopping the Will of We the People

~ Question ~

Did the Person you Voted for make a lot of Bogus Promises they knew they can not keep ?

 Does the Person you voted for and Elected to Serve you

Represent You

or do they represent them Selves and Special Interest Groups

and or more Government Power controlling your daily life

are they working in the best Interest of We the People

or for their best Interest

do they Represent Power and Greed or You and Me ?

do they protect your rights or take away your rights ?

do they regulate commerce for you or do they regulate you for commerce ?

do they Protect We the People or do they Protect the Government from We the People ?

who’s side are they on

 your side or their side ?

do they Treat you like your a Peasant or Road Kill and just Ignore you ?

or do they Treat you like your their Boss ?

do they Serve you or Rule you ?

and when the Government does you wrong do they stand with you or against you ?

as those Paid to Represent me Treat me Like Road Kill

and those who become Career Politicians

are more for Themselves and Special Interest Groups and for their own Power and Greed

and not for the Will of We the People

and those who are working for the Will of We the People are the few

and Thank You

as Ignorance Power and Greed Rule We the People

as Political Parties are Programmed Cloned Evil

and if you do not agree with their Agenda you are their Enemy

as most people do not belong to a political party and have zero representation

and if we could abolish Political Parties this world would be a better place

and we would live in a real world of free thing Individuals

and not in a world of politically brainwashed clones

playing follow the Leader of those who do not Lead by Questioned Tested Debated Reality

as the Truth in Reality is Questioned and Tested not Politically Preached and just Believed

as their can be no Tested Truth in Make Believe

as We the People are no longer the Rulers of the now Un-United States of America

and the fastest way to become a millionaire in America

Get Elected to Power and Greed

as they are not Interested in the Will of the People

as they force their Will on We the People

as the Court of Law Politically support Un-Constitutional Laws

as many courts rubber stamp bad law made by bad law makers

while the Jury will have the Final Say in a Court of Law

as the Jury must first decide if the Law is Good or Bad

before deciding if the Law has been Broken

as you can not Break bad Laws

and if the Law is Bad it is the Responsibility of the Jury to find the Defendant not Guilty

so the Law Makers we Pay to make Law will know when they make Bad Law

as the Law must always be Judged by the Jury First

as more and more Bad and Un-Constitutional Laws are made every day

by those who have never read the Constitution and Ignore the Constitution

for the Sake of Power and Greed

as Laws today are not made by Law Makers they are made by Special Interest Groups

and by Wall Street and K Street

as We the People live in a world of Legalized Organized Crime

Destroying the Lives of We the People

as our Bought and Paid For Wealthy Law Makers just Look the other way

as they are Blinded by Power and Greed

and full of Election Promises they know they can not keep

as Corporate America gave 500 Million to the Democrats for their Supper Convention

and 500 Million to the Republicans for their Supper Convention

and so it does not matter who wins the elections they win either way

and they own the Un-United States Senate

as We the People lose in every way

as Socialism never works

and Capitalism can only work when it does own and control the Government


We need to Reverse the 17th Amendment

and return Ownership of the U.S. Senate back to its rightful owners

The State Governments

and allow State Governments to Chose their Representatives

and the State Governments will decide how they vote in the Senate

and End Life Time Politicians in the Senate owned by Power and Greed

and stop the power and greed in the U.S. Government

from Dictating to the State Governments


We Will Never Be

The Republic of the United States of America

Of and By and For the Will of We the People

Ever Again


Government Socialism would be a very big step back words

and a far greater threat to our Independent Sovereignty as a Separate Nation

on this Carbon based Earth


We need to Fix what has been Broken

and learn and know and remember our mistakes and Grow Forward from the mistakes

and not make bigger mistakes to fix little mistakes

as the 17th amendment was to fix a little problem

and made little problem into a much bigger problem we now live with today

as we are apart of the Greatest Experiment of Humanity

and our Successes can only be found through the acknowledgement of our Failures

as the Constitution is not Written on Stone it is Written on Heep Paper

and is open to positive change and fixing the mistakes along the way

and there will always be those who are against positive change or fixing the mistakes

as Real Freedom is not Free

~ peace ~

About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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