Killing the Carbon Cycle with Climate Paranoia


To: Lisa Friedman

and the

New York Times

and how did you earn your right to opinion in

Atmospheric Emission Science Physics and Chemistry ?

~ now ~

Prove you are not Proven Pathological Frauds in Climate Science

provide your peer-reviewed science

beyond your true belief in the word of belief

” likely “


Articulate the Science beyond only your Political Media words of True Belief

as words and belief prove nothing in real science



I have sent you the Peer-reviewed science debunking your True Belief

as you continue to Preach your Un-Questioned Un-Debated True Belief to the Public


it is a True Belief based on zero real science

as I have requested your Peer-reviewed Science

and Challenged you to an open Public Debate in Climate Science

with a $100,000.00 Reward for your Peer-reviewed Science

so you may Prove your True Belief is Real Science

as you continue to just Preach your True Belief = Political Media Religion Agenda


you Truly Believe your Test Proven Lies in Climate Science

proving you are a Pathological Fraud in Science

who does not comprehend the science I sent you

as your test proven Pathological Lies become deeper and deeper test proven Fraud

and of course you will prove I am right by continuing to just ignore fact tested knowledge

and continue to Preach your Political Media Religion based on debunk un-proven theory

doing test proven Harm to the Environment

and when you can not debate the science you Politically Preach and Dictate to the Public

by allowing zero scientific Rebuttal to your Proven Lies

your True Belief is then a test proven Political Media Religion

so prove I am wrong

send me the Peer-reviewed science I have been Requesting for the past 10 years

that will Prove you are not a Fraud in science you do not comprehend

and have earned zero right to Scientific Opinion

as True Belief in Dictated Political Media Make Believe

is not

Proven Fact Tested Knowledge in Fact Tested Reality in

Questioned Tested Debated Science of the Scientific Method

that you refuse to debate and just ignore for your true belief

Scientifically Proving

you are not a Scientist

while proving

you are a test proven Preacher for Paranoid Climate Religion

doing test proven Harm to the Environment

as you continue to preach your Paranoid Pathological Political make believe


Politically Brainwashing Debunk Hypothetical as fact tested reality is not Science

this is test proven Public Deception and Fraud

as you reject the Scientific Method and Test Proven Fact your your Political Media Agenda

doing test proven Harm

as you can not admit you are wrong when proven wrong

because you do not know you are wrong

as you Preach your Climate Paranoia

to the Carbon based People of this Carbon based World

because you are a test proven Big Dummy in Real Science

as your Un-Questioned Paranoia is Harming the Carbon Cycle

and this Carbon based Earth




California Gov. Jerry Brown is a Political Genius and an Excellent Governor

and not a Scientist

who can prove nothing with Peer-reviewed Science

and can Articulate zero Atmospheric Emission Science Physics and Chemistry

who has Publicly Failed Grade School Science

and has Earned zero right to Scientific Opinion

as he is Preaching your test proven Fraudulent Paranoid Climate Religion

doing test proven Harm to Nature


In Botany Science = the Science of Plants = the Science of Green

Plants and Trees would like 4 times more CO2

than in the air today to Breathe to be Healthy

as Plants and Trees make all the Oxygen we Breathe and the Carbon based Food we Eat


one very small fragment of all knowledge

~ one half of one climate variable ~

of a dozen plus ignored climate variables

and millions of years of ignored climate history

and ignored Physics and Chemistry

does not define climate science


A Lunatic statement in Science is:

Politically Preaching Humans cause all Climate Warming

when Climate Warming began 14,000 years ago

and has happened many times before

in between the many Major Ice Ages and Little Ice Ages and Mini Ice Ages

over the past 2 million years

caused by the variable Sun with many cycles

as there are more than a dozen known climate variables

providing an infinity of climate variable

ignored by those making Lunatic statements in Science

in science they do not know or comprehend and refuse to publicly debate

while not allowing the Public to know the Real Science they Distort

for their Political Agenda

while proving Political Media Fascism in Science


I am not a Democrat or a Republican I am a Scientists of the Scientific Method

and Politicians and Journalist are not Scientists

and have earned zero right to scientific opinion

and Political Parties are not Science Bodies they are Political Religions

as they believe they are always right and are never wrong

because they can not admit they are wrong when proven wrong

because of their Pathological Political True Belief based on zero knowledge


It does not say much for your Science when your Scientific References

are very proven Lies by Politicians who are proven Professional Lairs

with no working back ground in Climate Science

and do not know they are Lying but truly believe in their proven Lies

because they do not comprehend the science

and just believe what they are told to just believe

with out Questioning the Knowledge to find the Truth


Why do Journalist reject Peer-reviewed Science of the Scientific Method

for the Hearsay words of True Belief by proven Lairs = Politicians

who can provide zero peer-reviewed Science to support their proven Lies

because Politicians and Journalist feed on each others proven Lies

for the sake of their Political Media Agenda

as they Truly Believe in their proven Lies in Climate Science they do not comprehend

and can not Articulate or Debate or prove with Real Science


History will Know and Show

that it was the Politicians and Journalist who were the Lunatics of Science

Harming the Carbon Cycle = Nature = Environment

and not the Scientific Community

the Political Media Lunatics in Science just Ignored


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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