Killing the Carbon Cycle with Climate Paranoia


To the Voters of Helena Montana

I am not a Democrat or Republican

as I do not belong to any Political Religion = Political Party = a Clone to a Political Belief

as there are more Independents than Democrates

and more Independents than Republics

while Independents have zero Representation in this modern day government

as I believe as President General George Washington believed and stated

” Political Party’s would be a bad thing for this New Republic “

 as I very much agree and continue to state ~

We are a Republic where the Individual is Equal to the Majority

as we are not a Democracy where the Majority rules over the Minority or the Individual

as I am a Scientists for Truth in Science

as the Religion of Science is skepticism of True Belief dictating Science

as skepticism is how we find the Questioned Truth in all knowledge

as all knowledge is always in Question in the Scientific Method

where settled science does not exist

and not allowing Scientific Debate for the sake of Political Agenda

is Political Fascism not tested knowledge = Science

while true wisdom is the ability to use knowledge constructively while doing no harm


I have now emailed this Scientific Statement to all the Helena City Candidates

for Mayor

and City Commissioners

as we need good Teachers of Knowledge not Preachers of Political Agenda

who are Politically doing test proven Harm

to the Carbon Cycle = Nature = Environment

caused by their publicly proven Ignorance in real science


We need good Leadership for a Positive Productive Healthy Strong Caring Community

as most Laws today are based on Political Hearsay based on True Belief ignoring the facts

and not based on Questioned ~ Debated ~ Fact Tested Knowledge

of the Scientific Method

as good Leadership is not based on True Belief in Fear of the un-known

dictated to the public with out Public Question or Debate

as good Leadership is based on Questioned Fact Tested Reality

~ as ~


extreme ~ progressive ~ variable

Climate Change is very Real for Billions of Years

and Science is by Definition Knowledge; to know

as words and their many definitions prove nothing in Science

as real science is by Investigating Knowledge

to Question ~ Test ~ Rebuttal and Debate the known facts

as the Biggest test proven Frauds

in Atmospheric Emission Science Physics and Chemistry

is: the Media ~ Journalist ~ Politicians ~ Political Organizations

who have not Investigated the science

who reject Peer-reviewed science

who do not Question the Truth in Knowledge

who have zero Background in the science

who can Articulate zero science

who have publicly Failed grade school science

by rejecting the Scientific Method for True Belief

who have Earned zero right to scientific opinion

and when requested with a $100,000.00 Reward

can provide zero Peer-reviewed Science to Support their Bogus Public Statements

nor will they Debate their Bogus Public Statements

or allow Scientific Rebuttal with Scientific Reference

~ debunking ~

their Bogus Fraudulent Public Statements in Climate Science

as they will not allow their Bogus Science to be

Publicly ~ Questioned ~ Tested ~ Rebutted or Debated in any way

as they reject the scientific method in every way

allowing only their True Belief side of the story to be told to the Public

while denying the Public their right to know

while denying the right to Free Speech of those who do know

as every Letter to the Editor I have written with scientific reference since 2007

has been rejected

Scientifically Proving

Political Media Fascism in Science

by those who are test proven to be

~ Killing the Carbon Cycle with True Faith in Debunk Un-proven Theory

~ their ~

True Belief

in proven to be

Flawed Incomplete Lunatic Garbage Science

based on test proven lies

for Profit

as they state

more than a dozen climate variables and millions of years of climate history

and simple Physics and Chemistry debunking their True Belief

is: Irreverent in their Scientifically proven to be


Political Media Paranoid Climate Religion

based on proven to be self-debunk prePiction based on flawed incomplete science

as they Preach their fear of the un-known = paranoia

based on their self-debunk predictions

as they Preach to the un-knowing Public this is Settled Science

based on Scientifically debunk un-proven theory

based on science they do not comprehend and refuse to know

for the sake of their Political Agenda

as they claim they are saving this Carbon based Earth based on their proven Ignorance

as they reduce the cause of all the Green and all Carbon based Life

as they continue to Dictate and Preach CO2 is toxic Pollution

as Water vapor and CO2 is the by product of warming not the cause of warming

making this carbon based Earth Greener

while prolonging the Carbon Oxygen Hydrogen Cycle of this Carbon based Earth

as we spend Trillions to do only Harm to profit the few who are test proven Frauds

who failed grade school science

and can prove nothing beyond their Pathological True Belief

~ and ~

as the Moon continues to move about one inch further away every year

from this Carbon based Earth for the past 4 billion plus years

the Earths Rotation continues to slow causing less Gravity on this Carbon based Earth


Gentler Climate and Weather Variables on this Carbon based Earth

as Carbon based Life is happening at the half way point of this Carbon based Earth

as we Carbon based Humans are a Fragment in time on this Carbon based Earth

and by the time Nitrogen levels in the Atmosphere from decomposing soil reach 80%

starting out as little or nothing in the atmosphere billions of years ago

all Carbon based Life above sea level will have ended

as our fragment in time will have ended

as we live today in the generalist Climate and Weather variables

on this Carbon based Earth

where everything living and not living but a few microbes has Carbon in it

as Climate Religion is based on one very small Fragment of a small Fragment of knowledge

while rejecting all other known knowledge debunking their True Belief


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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