Killing the Carbon Cycle with Climate Paranoia



are Scientifically Proven Pathological Frauds in Climate Science

who will not publicly debate the science

or provide peer-reviewed science to prove they are not Frauds

as they only attack the non-believers of their Climate Religion

while just Ignoring the test proven Fraud by Climate Religion

as is a Political Body not a Science Body

just like the United Nations is a Political Body not a Science Body

who state it is “likely” Humans cause Climate Change

as “likely” is: un-proven theory

debunk by real science ignored by Climate Religion

and Ignored by

who can prove nothing

as the Green Lunatics continue to do their test proven Harm to the Carbon Cycle

 the cause of all the Green and all Carbon based Life on this Carbon based Earth

science they will never comprehend and will never know

as real science is: to know

and is not preached paranoid true belief in self debunk prediction

preached as settled science

proving Pathological Fraud as they can not prove Scientifically otherwise

and can not answer the Real Questions in Real Science

as they refuse to learn and know and grow forward with the scientific method

~ Question ~

while knowing all heat still rises in real physics

How does something the size of a sewing thread =

Human Generated CO2 = less than 00.004% of the atmosphere

Trap Heat

in something the size of a football field = the remaining 99.996 % of the atmosphere

knowing all the gases absorb and radiate heat as they all expand and rise

transferring heat upward

while frozen gases take their place at the Poles of this Carbon based Earth

with increased levels of frozen water vapor and frozen CO2 = Dry Ice

as the Dry Ice cools the air 10 times faster and 20 times longer than the frozen water vapor

more than off-setting the hot gases rising removing heat from the lower atmosphere

leaving a void for the frozen gases to take their place

as -200* below zero CO2  = Dry Ice Crashing to the Earths Poles

causes more cooling than Hot CO2 causes warming when rising


Climate Religion preaches this climate knowledge is Irrelevant in Climate Science

as this is only one of dozens of real Scientific Questions

Climate Religion can not Answer and just ignores and refuses to Publicly Debate

because the Lunatic Science is Settled

as they Truly Believe

~ one half ~

of one climate variable

of more than a dozen climate variables known today

providing an Infinity of Climate Variable

defines ~ all ~ climate science

and only the 3% of the CO2 in the air generated by Humans

is responsible for all Climate Warming


4.6 Billion years of Climate Change in not a Hoax


Political Media Paranoid Climate Religion is a Scientifically test proven Hoax

doing test proven Harm to the Carbon Cycle = Nature = Environment

science they ignore for their Politically Brainwashed True Belief

as they reject all Peer-reviewed test proven knowledge for their Political Agenda

as science is: to know as they refuse to ~ know ~

as they dictate Science by rejecting ~ Question ~ Test ~ Debate

rejecting the scientific method for True Belief in Garbage Political Science Fiction

doing test proven Harm to the Carbon Cycle


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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