Dr Michio Kaku & Dr Steve Running Cuckoo Scientists for Sale

~ * ~

~ When a Proven to be Fraudulent Political Media Agenda Website ~

must answer Questions on your behalf in Science


~ you can not ~

what does this say about ~ You ~ and your Science ?


Katharine Hayhoe Ph.D.


and the Texas Tech University

Climate Science Center

who are the Leading Pathological Frauds in Political Climate Science Fiction

who Failed Grade School Science by Rejecting the Scientific Method

for their True Belief in debunk un-proven theory based on flawed incomplete science

that is doing test proven Harm to the Carbon cycle = Nature = Environment

costing Trillions of dollars to do only Harm

as Katharine and Scott Pelley and 60 Minutes of CBS News

Preach and Sell their Fear and Paranoia of the un-known future

based on their Garbage Science doing only test proven Harm to the Environment


If you have a Scientific Question for Katharine Hayhoe

Katharine can not answer the Question

nor can Texas Tech University answer the your Questions

if you have a Science Question for Katharine Hayhoe

you are directed to a very proven to be Fraudulent Political Media Website

for your answers and not a Real Science Body

as Neither Katharine Hayhoe or the Politically Motivated Website

  can answer my many Questions in real science or provide scientific reference

to support their statements for many years

as they refuse to debate the Real Science


Why does Katharine need a Bogus Fraudulent Political Media Website

to answer Scientific Questions on her behalf

why cant Katherine or Texas Tech University answer the Scientific Questions

or debate the science or provide scientific reference ?


Why do they need proven Frauds in Science to answer their Science Questions ?

Is it to protect themselves from Test Proven Political Fraud in Science

doing test proven Harm to the Carbon Cycle = Nature = Environment


To: Katharine Hayhoe and CBS News

and the Cuckoo Texas Tech Climate Science Fiction Center

I challenge you to an open public debate in Climate Science

with a $100,000.00 Reward the the Peer-reviewed Science

proving Humans cause Climate Warming

Dr. Bruce A. Kershaw


I have contacted Katharine many times over the many years

and she can provide zero science to prove she is not Pathological Fraud in Science

nor will Katharine publicly debate her Fraudulent Garbage Science

proving it is Garbage Science

as real science is

Questioned ~ Tested ~ Debated

not Preached Fraudulent Make Believe doing Harm to Nature

costing trillions

Katharine Hayhoe is a Scientifically Test Proven Cuckoo Scientist for Profit

just like her Partner in Cuckoo Science James Hansen of NASA

and his Failed Climate Predictions

as they are Preachers for Political Media Paranoid Climate Religion

as they just ignore tested knowledge for debunk make believe

in self-debunk prediction

as James Hansen Predicted 20 years ago Manhattan would be underwater today

as NASA Data shows us the SEA level is declining

as increased levels of water vapor and CO2 is the by product of warming

by Evaporation by the variable Sun

not the cause of warming

as they ignore a dozen climate variables and climate history

and basic Physics for True Belief in ~ one half ~ of one climate variable

as they continue to preach and sell their Lunatic science doing Harm to Nature

as Climate Religion preaches to us the Sea level is rising based on sinking Islands

as the Sea level has not risen around all the Islands just the few that are in fact sinking


When Skepticism becomes a Human Flaw in Science

it is the Science that is Flawed not the Skeptic

who Questions Knowledge to find the Truth in Fact Tested Reality


Science is never Settled in the Scientific Method

as we Learn and Know something new everyday

that will support of debunk what we Learn and Know from yesterday

as Al Gore and his Puppet Scientist for profit Bill Nye Preach to us

the Science is Settled

when settled science does not exist in Real Science


Human Caused Climate Change is an Un-proven Theory

debunk by

Climate History and more than Dozen Climate Variables

ignored by

Climate Religion

ignored by their True Belief based on

~ One Half ~

of one

Climate Variable


Al Gore who can Articulate zero Science

and has Publicly Failed Grade School Science

has Earned Zero right to Scientific Opinion

is making many millions of dollars

from a proven to be Fraudulent World Wide Carbon Credit Scheme

and can provide zero Real Peer-reviewed Scientific Reference

to prove he is not a test proven Fraud in Science

while the Scientific References sent to me on May 18, 2010

by AlGoreism = The Climate Reality Project

are Bogus Lunatic Garbage

and can be reviewed on one of the Pages on the right of this page

while there is zero scientific reference on the Al Gore Bill Nye

 “Science Page”

on their Lunatic Website Preaching and Selling Fear of the Un-known

there is only a Sermon for their True Believers

as Real Science is Proven = Questioned Tested Debated

and not Politically Preached and Brainwashed Fear of the un-known Future

by test proven Lunatics and Frauds in Science

as only Lunatic Climate Religion is allowed a voice in the Media

as the Media Rejects the Scientific Method for their Political Media Agenda True Belief

in Garbage Science they do not Comprehend

that is doing test proven Harm to the Environment

as AlGoreism is reducing the cause of Green

lowering Oxygen levels in the Air

and turning underground water into Acid

based on their Settled Science that can not be Questioned and Debated

by Real Science of the Scientific Method

as only True Belief in Proven Ignorance can Dictate and Politically Brainwash Science

scientifically proving

Political Media Fascism in Science


September 22, 2017

Helena ~ Montana

the predicted high for today is 39*

the record high for today was 90* in 1967

the record low was 20* in 1995


Do you Believe ~

the cause of all Carbon based Life on this Carbon based Earth is: Pollution ?


Climate Change is very Real for the past 4.6 billion years

as I am called The Denier

as Climate Religion is in Denial of  a Dozen plus Climate Variables

and Millions of years of Climate History

that I do not Deny

a dozen plus Climate Varables

providing an Infinity of Climate Variable Climate Religion states are Irreverent

as Political Media Paranoid Climate Religion are the Scientifically proven Deniers not me

while Climate History has more than proven Humans do not cause Climate Warming

as Physics has proven all Heat still rises as frozen air take its place

and something the size of a sewing thread

can not trap heat in something the size of a football field

as Climate Religion refuses to acknowledge Hard Science for True Belief

in debunk un-proven theory Preached as Settled Science

as Climate Religion refuses to allow their so called science

to be Questioned and Debated proving it is not Real Science

as Climate Religion rejects the Scientific Method

and all test proven fact that debunk their True Belief

proving Climate Religion failed Grade School Science

for the sake of their True Belief in debunk un-proven theory


…when you can not Prove or Publicly Debate the Science you are Preaching to the world


~ Fact Tested Reality ~

this is not real science of the scientific method

this is test proven Pathological True Belief


Pathological Fraud in Science

by those who reject knowledge for their true belief in flawed incomplete debunk science

as their debunk science is doing test proven Harm

to the Carbon Cycle = Nature = Environment

costing trillions of dollars


I call them the Cuckoo Scientists doing Test Proven Harm to the Environment

for the sake of their True Belief they refuse to Debate and can not Prove with Real Science

as Repetitiveness is the key to Deprogramming

as I continue my Attack on Lunatic Science doing test proven Harm to

the Carbon Cycle = Nature = Environment

the cause of all

Carbon based Life on this Carbon based Earth

above and below Sea level


Preaching Faith in Fear of the Un-known is Brainwashed Paranoid Faith

ans is not Questioned Tested Debated Science of the Scientific Method

and of course Climate Religion will continue to ignore fact for their True Belief

further proving it is a Lunatic Religion just ignoring Real Science

while doing Real Harm to the Environment


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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