Dr Michio Kaku & Dr Steve Running Cuckoo Scientists for Sale


October 4, 2017

The new Cuckoo for the Cuckoo’s Nest is Here


In rebuttal to

Professor Douglas Coffin

of the University of Montana

of the Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Department

and his Political Sermon in Political Climate Science Fiction in the Lee News Papers today

that I am not allowed to rebuttal in Lee News Papers

for the sake of their Political Media Lunatic Agenda

as they reject the Scientific Method and Scientifically Proven Fact Tested Knowledge

as Douglas has zero back ground in Atmospheric Emission Science Physics and Chemistry

or back ground in Questioned Tested Debated Climate Science

who has earned zero right to opinion in Climate Science

proving we have a new Preacher for


Political Media Paranoid Climate Religion

to add to the list of Climate Lunatics


Dr. Steve Running

Proven Fraud in Science

now removed from Preaching his Lunatic Garbage Science to Students

at the University of Montana

and now Professor Douglas can take Steve’s place Preaching Lunatic Science

as for ten years now I have requested from Steve’s his Peer-reviewed science

so he could prove he is not a Lunatic

because anyone Preaching to the world the Sun is not a Climate Variable

while predicting the un-known climate future

with his Programmed Ouija Board Computer

based on ~ one half ~ of one climate variable of a dozen plus climate variables

is a test proven Lunatic in science

as Steve refused to acknowledge fact for his Political Science Fiction

as his Lunatic science is doing harm to the Carbon cycle = Nature = Environment

and I can give you the names of over 30,000 other scientists who agree

and this is what happens when science is Preached and Believed

and not allowed to be


Questioned ~ Tested ~ Debated

to find the Truth in knowledge

as climate change is real

and the theory Humans cause Climate Warming

~ is:

Un-proven Theory based on a flawed incomplete study

and is debunk un-proven theory today and yesterday

before the Lunatic Hypothetical Conjecture was made

 by those who rejected the scientific method for political True Belief

and for Profit and Power

by those who have publicly failed grade school science

and have earned zero right to scientific opinion


I have been stating to the University of Montana

and to Lee News Papers of Montana

and to NASA

and to the Public since 2007

and to Joe Berry Stanford University

since ?

~ I will have to check the date on that one ~


Dr. Steve Running is a Lunatic and Fraud in Climate Science

and 10 years later

Steve Running has now been removed from the Montana University System

as a proven Fraud

and can no longer Preach his Fraudulent Garbage Science to his Brainwashed Students

as there are many Proven Frauds Preaching Garbage Science to their Students

while in Germany only the top 5% of Students can go on to Teach Students

and here in America

the bottom 5% can take their bought and not paid for PhD

and go on to Preach their make believe

but not all Teachers are from the bottom 5%

we do have very good Teachers from the top 5% too

and maybe the students should know if their teachers are from the top or the bottom

or if they are proven Frauds

as we have Teachers and Instructors like Steve Running everywhere

Preaching and Dictating and Brainwashing ~ their ~ Lunatic Garbage Science

as these Lunatics who continue to belittle me

refuse to debate me

proving their science is Garbage

? is your Teacher the best or the worst ?

Steve Running was the worst in Science

as he refused to debate me

as I challenged Steve to an open public debate for the past 10 years

as Joe Berry Stanford University knows this too

as Joe knows Steve

as we discussed this many times in our email science debates

as Joe disagreed with Steve on the Sun as a climate variable

as Steve Preached the Sun is not a Climate Variable

as Joe knows the Sun is a Variable

as Steve Running could prove nothing with Real Science

as he continued to Preach his Climate Religion

and now Steve can go to work for Al Gore and CBS News or NASA and NOAA

who provide us with proven to be Bogus statements and Data

where they have the best Lunatics in Science Preaching their Climate Religion

based on debunk Garbage Science and self-debunk Prediction

Preached to us as Settled Science

as they ignore knowledge to Preach their debunk make believe

as 49 NASA Scientist sent a Letter to NASA in disagreement with NASA Statements

while over 30,000 Scientists over 9,000 of them PhD’s

signed a Petition disagreeing with the United Nations a Political Body not a Science Body

while only 13% of the National Academy of Science

signed a letter Preaching Humans cause Climate Warming

the other 87% of the NAS did not sign this letter

and majority of those who did sign the letter

have no back ground in Atmospheric Emission Science Physics and Chemistry

and when requested could provide zero Peer-reviewed scientific reference

proving only 13% of the NAS are Lunatics in Climate Science

and are Preaching AlGoreism = Paranoid Climate Religion

based on flawed incomplete debunk science


~ so what do you know and what do you make believe ?


There is zero Peer-reviewed Science Proving Humans cause Climate Warming

and when you Preach it and can not Prove it

while refusing to look at test proven knowledge debunking your true belief

this is known as Religion not Science

and with 40 plus years of background in Atmosphere Emission Science

every work day of my life

I began my Climate Science Investigation in the spring of 2007

as I have now made well over 40,000 requests with a reward since 2007

for the peer-reviewed science proving Humans cause climate warming

sent to Scientists University’s Politicians Journalists and all the Media

and not one University Scientist or Politician or Journalist or Media outlet

can prove Humans cause climate warming beyond their True Belief

while I knew this before I made the first request

as I only did this to prove it as test proven fact

as real science is Questioned Tested and Debated




for the Peer-reviewed Scientific Proof

Carbon based Humans cause Climate Warming of this Carbon based Earth


Carbon based Oxygen = CO2 = Carbon dioxide

causing the first atmosphere

causing the carbon cycle causing all of nature the environment

and all Carbon based Life on this Carbon based Earth

above and below seal level

that plants and trees would like 4 times more of in the air to breathe

to make the food we eat and the oxygen we breathe

and when frozen is known as Dry Ice

and when crashing back downward toward the earths poles

more than off-set the hot CO2 rising

as in real physics all heat still rises

while something the size of a sewing thread

can not trap heat in something the size of a football field

and now incorporate another dozen plus climate variables and climate history

missing from the flawed incomplete climate study

and as real science is Questioned

~ why ?

is there far more test proven knowledge missing from the climate study

than in the climate study that provided us with an un-proven theory

to predict the un-known climate future with a programmed Ouija Board computer

as Jim Hansen and NASA Predicted 20 years ago Manhattan would be under water today

while the sea level has been declining for years

as the Media Preaches to us the sea level is rising

and the debunk un-proven theory is Settled Science

and this proves Humans cause all climate warming

and of course this is a very proven Lie in Real Science ignored by the Media

while settled science does not exist in the scientific method

as the Media continues to prevent Real Science from being known

proving Political Fascism in Science

as we are now doing test proven Harm to the Carbon Cycle = Nature = Environment

based on Flawed Incomplete Debunk Garbage Science

and when your science is based on test proven lies it is not science

but you do not know this is a test proven Lie

because you do not Question the truth in all knowledge

not knowing what is real and what is not

beyond Make Believe


every time Dr. Steve Running Preached his Proven lies in Science

Lee News Papers put their Climate God on a Pedestal

because Steve was preaching their Climate Religion

with zero Peer-reviewed science to prove he was not Lying to the Public

with zero Scientific rebuttal

as Lee News Papers of Montana continue to print these test proven Lies in science

on their Opinion Pages

with zero scientific Rebuttal to these test proven lies

that support their Political Religion Agenda

as not one of these proven Lairs or Lee News Papers of Montana

can provide Scientific reference when requested to prove they are not Lying to the Public

as Lee News Papers allow zero Question to find the Truth in fact tested reality

proving they are Preachers not Teachers of Fact Tested Knowledge

as they just believe what they are told to just believe

as they decide with zero Question Rebuttal or Debate

what is real and what is not for the Public

based on test proven lunatic Science by Test Proven Lunatics in science

who can prove nothing with real science

who have provided us with their


Political Media ~ Paranoid ~ Climate Religion

doing test proven harm to the

Carbon cycle = Nature = Environment

costing trillions of dollars

as they Refuse to Publicly Debate their Lunatic Science

as Lee News Papers Refuse to allow Real Scientific Rebuttal to these test proven Lies


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