Dr Michio Kaku & Dr Steve Running Cuckoo Scientists for Sale


This is not a Political Opinion

this is Questioned

Proven Fact Tested Knowledge of the Scientific Method

from thousands of hours of on going Science Investigation since 2007


Albert Einstein was a Dropout and then an Office Clerk

so I guess that means Albert can only know as much as an Office Clerk is to know

as I am just a Master Technician in many Technical Sciences since 1976

I am a Specialist in Trouble Shooting and Diagnostics of many kinds

with only 40 plus years of working back ground

in Computerized Atmospheric Emission Control Science every work day of my life

who received a Doctor Honor in October 2011

and then Invited to Participate in the London Symposium on Climate Change

at the Oxford and Cambridge Club June of 2013

while I have had an on going science debate with Joe Berry Stanford University

since January 1, 2011

and Joe Likes to know what the other side of the Science Argument is up to

as the Media has Blacked Out the other side of the Science Argument

proving political fascism in science by the media

as they continue to only cover the side of the story they truly believe in

as the Media has decided for the public what is real and what is not

based on Political True Belief and ~ zero ~ Peer-reviewed Science

and so the other side of the Science Argument does not exist in the Media


I schooled at Ford ~ Chrysler ~ General Motors ~ Tech Training Centers

in the mid to late 1970’s

my first class in Computer Science was at Chrysler in 1976

while I have continued my Education everyday

and I have Evaluated Education Programs in Automotive Science

as there is more science in the car you drive than any thing else you own

along with more Heat and Energy Transfer Science in your car than anything else you own

while I have spent the majority of my life time fixing other peoples mistakes

while there are many self educated people on this carbon based earth

who do not have to pay someone to educate them in science because they see science

with the help of no one

who are Educating PhD’s today


I am a Scientist = Skeptic

~ skepticism ~

~ the doctrine that the truth in all of knowledge must always be in Question ~

and now I would like to now thank the Big Dummy’s in Science for calling me a Skeptic

as this is a true complement in real science to be called a skeptic

while they believe skepticism is a Negative in Science

as skepticism is only a negative in Climate Religion

while I think it is more than obvious I do not Deny 4.6 Billion years of climate change

but try to understand the minds of those who live in fear everyday

based on self-debunk computer Ouija Board climate prediction of the un-known future

based on a un-proven theory

based on a flawed incomplete climate study

based on one half of one climate variable

while ignoring all the other known science debunking the un-proven theory

before the self-debunk computer Ouija Board climate prediction was made

as most predictions never come true

as we are living today in one of the gentlest periods in climate history

and of course the true believers will continue to ignore these facts for their True Belief

Proving it is a Political Media Religion ignoring Real Science

because that is what Religions do

they ignore real science for True Belief

and that is why we can not Question or Debate their science

because they have no science beyond their true belief in debunk un-proven theory

as they continue to Preach the Scientifically debunk un-proven theory is settled Science

as they continue to Preach their True Belief in self-debunk prediction

causing their fear of the un-known = Paranoia

and that is why it is called

Political Media ~ Paranoid ~ Climate Religion

and of course you can not stop a Paranoid Religion with fact tested Reality

you can only watch as they do their test proven harm to the environment

while they truly believe they are doing good

and that is why they are called Pathological Frauds too

as Al Gore and Co. have done an excellent job

Brainwashing everyone who failed grade school sciences

as Al Gore and Bill Nye make a fortune

selling Al’s very proven to be fraudulent world wide carbon credit scheme

that will have zero impact on climate change

as Al Gore and Bill Nye continue Publicly State the Science is Settled

proving they are Morons in Science

while Al’s Bogus science references sent to me by his organization

May 18, 2010

only further proving Al Gore is a Fraud for Profit


Bill Nye has more than proven Money is far more important than Truth in Science


I do not belong to any Political Groups

while I did belong to the Cub Scouts and the Boy Scouts in my younger days

and I did belong to the Fully Informed Jury’s Association many years ago for a few years

while I have been a Student of Constitutional Law and History since 1980

and I do always Vote but only for People not Political Parties

and I never Vote for anyone Preaching Lunatic Climate Religion

as all Political Parties are a form of Fascism of some kind

promoting and cloning only their one way of thinking or believing

as they Truly Believe in their test proven Lies proving they are Pathological Liars

who distort the Truth who Misrepresent others and their Facts

for their Political Agenda to promote their one way of political thinking

proving they are Fascist and Frauds of tested reality while doing only harm

for the sake of their Political Agenda True Belief that believes they are doing good

based on their Ignorance of tested reality they ignore for their true belief

as they refuse to look at any knowledge debunking their true belief doing harm

proving the are selling their True Belief

as all real science can be Questioned

as only True Belief can not be Questioned

while those who continue to belittle me and refuse to debate me in real science

can prove nothing in real science but their test proven Stupidity in real science

proving they are the test proven Frauds of Life and Science who reject knowledge

for the sake of their Fascist Political Agenda doing Harm to Life and Science

~ and ~

when Insults and proven Lies are your best scientific rebuttal

this does not say much for your science

as real science does not need to be Politically Brainwashed and Preached

by those who have publicly proven they failed grade school science

as their test proven Political Media Lies can prove only Fraud not Science

by those who refuse to learn and know

for the sake of their un-Questioned Political True Belief

trying to Politically Dictate Science based on zero scientific method

while more then proving their Political Media Fascism in Science

by those who have earned zero right to scientific opinion

who ignore the truth for test proven political Media Lies

as their Proven ignorance does not allow them to know the difference

between the truth and lies

as they just believe what their Political Media Religion Preaches to them to just believe

allowing zero Question or Debate

while those who have been Politically Brainwashed no longer have the ability to

Question ~ Test ~ Debate


as their minds are now the Cloned Property of Fascist Make Believe doing Harm

while Pathologically believing they are doing good


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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