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October 6, 2017

Helena ~ Montana

the predicted high for today is 61*

the record high for today was 81*in 1958

the record low was 23* in 2001


…do you just make believe or do you know ?

are you a Fascist or a Scientist

do you Believe ~

the Public can only know your side of the many sides of the scientific argument

in this brand new climate science

do you believe your science can not be Publicly Questioned by the Scientific Method

if this is your True Belief

then you are a Political Fascist not a scientist of the scientific method

while proving your science can not stand on its own two feet in the Scientific Method

as your True Belief

~ you can not Publicly debate ~

continues reject fact tested knowledge for Your True belief

Scientifically Proving

Your True Belief is a Political Media Religion

Rejecting Science for True Belief

as Political Media Fascism dictates Science

with out Question Test Debate


Public Rebuttal

as only your true belief can be known


To: Kenneth Chang

Science Reporter for the New York Times

who writes about outer-space

where Argon comes from and is about 00.9 % of the air we breathe



thank you for responding to my emails

as most Journalist and the Media do not respond

nor can they provide science to prove their statements when requested

to prove they are not Lairs

and are you a Member of the

Society of Environmental Journalist ?

as they are Test Proven Frauds in Science

who provide a Brainwashing page on their website

to convince non-believers Humans cause climate change

with zero science

as they have zero science to prove Humans cause Climate Change or Warming

when Requested with a Reward for the proof

and or do you write for The Daily Climate

as they too are very Proven Frauds in Science

who can not provide science reference with a reward when Requested

to prove Humans cause Climate Change or Warming

as the Preach the debunk un-proven theory is settled science

and cause of the carbon cycle is Pollution

based only on True Belief  in debunk Garbage science and self-debunk prediction

as they continue to Preach the self-debunk Predictions are happening

and just so you know

as real science is to know

~ I am Dyslexic ~

I call it Lysdexic

and that is why I Failed English every year in School

and I do not try to write in Poetic form it just comes out that way with zero effort

as only I can edit this writing to keep the facts straight

while I hate to write but feel I must

to attack the proven False Reality’s in Science today

and after 40 plus years of Atmospheric Emission Science Physics and Chemistry

with thousands of hours of on going Climate Science Investigation since 2007

~ I know ~

Climate Change is Real

and this Carbon based Earth is not Flat

and the Moon is not made of Swiss Cheese

and the cause of the first atmosphere causing the carbon cycle causing all carbon based life

causing all the oxygen we breathe and all the food we eat

with zero color taste or smell is: not pollution

as Climate Religion Preaches CO2 is Pollution

and when you ignore more than a dozen plus climate variables

in a flawed incomplete climate study

Authorized and Sponsored by a Political Body that failed Grade School Science

with their study caught in many lies many times

supported by proven to be very flawed data

while stating to the world it is “Likely” Humans cause Climate Warming

Likely = Un-proven Theory Preached as Settled Science by the Media

in a study that has provided zero peer-reviewed science

beyond only one very small fragment of all knowledge


~ one half of one climate variable ~

to define all climate science

used to make a pre-programmed self-debunk computer Ouija Board climate prediction

of the un-known future

based on only ~ one half ~ of one climate variable

and then continue to preach preconceived fear and paranoia

based on the un-known future

based on proven to be Failed Predictions

based on proven to be flawed incomplete science

while continuing to preach the failed predictions are happening

when they are not happening

while supported by

test proven hearsay Lies and proven Fraud by Politicians and Journalist and the Media

who have earned zero right to scientific opinion

Preaching to us this is Settled Science

~ this is not science ~

this is Garbage Political Media Science Fiction

Preaching their Lunatic Paranoid Climate Religion

based on debunk un-proven theory

supported by test proven Fraud and Lies by test proven Frauds and Lairs

who Profit from their test proven Lies

doing test proven Harm to the Carbon Cycle = Nature = Environment

as I hope you will investigate the science to know

and not just Truly Believe what you are told to just Truly Believe

by a Political Media Agenda

with out

Question ~ Test ~ Debate

and from our emails

I know

you can not provide peer-reviewed science to prove Humans cause Climate Warming

as real science is to know not True Belief in Debunk un-proven Theory

as I do agree with you on CO2 Measurements in the air today

as CO2 is about 400 ppm

as all gases continue to be variables

as I did not disagree with you

as the bases for debate is not how much CO2 is in the air but why you believe only CO2 is the bases for all climate science when ignoring more than a dozen climate variables and all Climate History and simple Physics and Chemistry all debunking your belief only Human produced CO2 is the driving force for all Climate Change

as Humans produced CO2 is about 40 ppm or less of the air

as I was only pointing out to you we must also Question how some measurement are made

as some are good and some are proven bad

and taking CO2 Measurements next to an active volcano is Flawed Data

as CO2 levels are always higher next to the source than they are miles away

as Measurements and data must come from many sources

from all over this Carbon based Earth not just one

as CO2 levels will be higher over the Ocean where there is a higher rate of Evaporation

and will be lower out in the middle of a Desert where there is zero source of CO2 near by

and then this is averaged

as bad data provides flawed Science

as bogus Peer-reviewed science does exist too

and there is always good and bad data everyday

while all Gases are Variables

as nothing is a constant in this expanding Universe

as the Atmosphere will continue to grow as it has been doing for billions of years

and as Nitrogen from decomposing soil continues to take over the atmosphere

and will one day end the Carbon cycle above sea level

proving to us CO2 levels must continue to be increased not decreased

so the Carbon cycle can continue to produce more Oxygen from the CO2

to keep up with the production of Nitrogen from decomposing soil

as plants and trees want 4 times more not less CO2 to Breathe

while at 200 ppm CO2 in the air the carbon cycle begins to die

and at 160 ppm all carbon based life will end above sea level

as we must agree there is more than one cause of increasing CO2 levels

as there are many

as Humans produce less than 3% of the CO2 in the air

as most of the increase of CO2 going into the air everyday

for hundreds of millions of years

from billions of years of volcanic activity below sea level

is caused by evaporation

caused by increased warming by the variable Sun with many cycles

as the Variable Sun continues to be Warmer and Brighter

until one day the Variable Sun Vaporizes this Carbon based Earth

as all of this is ignored as Climate Variable

as water vapor and CO2 causing the carbon cycle is the by-product of warming

and those predicting the un-known climate future

with their computer Ouija Board predictions ignoring a dozen plus other climate variables

while Climate History alone has debunk the un-proven theory that

Humans cause Climate Warming

un-proven Theory Preached as Settled Science by the Media

proving the Media are Lairs for their Political Agenda

as they only allow one side of many sides of the science argument

to be known by the Public

in this Brand New Un-Questioned Un-Tested Un-Debated Science

when settled science dose not exist in the scientific method

as the truth in all of knowledge must always be in Question everyday

as the media just ignores the proven fraud in science

as the Media are proven Frauds in Science too

as your work is in Hypothetical Conjecture = un-proven theory = not Knowledge

and my work for the past 40 plus years

is in Hard Test Proven Fact = Proven Theory = Knowledge = Fact Tested Reality

and supporting flawed science doing test proven Harm to the

Carbon Cycle = Nature = Environment

is test proven Lunatic Science based on a False Reality

by a Proven Political Media Agenda

while the only thing you have proven to me in Climate Science

is your Ignorance

as you have earned zero right to Opinion in climate Science

and if you truly believe Humans cause Climate Warming

with all the known science available today

ignored by Climate Religion

and if you truly believe there is a consensus

a very proven Political Media Lie

then you are a proven Cuckoo Scientist and need a good Shrink

as True Belief is not Knowledge

True Belief is Religion

as the Religion of Science is Skepticism of True Belief dictating Science

as you see only one half of one dot on a page with an infinity of dots

as you see only one half of one piece of an Infinity Puzzle

as you do not know more than you know

and with out

Question ~ Test ~ Debate

you can not know

you must Investigate to find the Truth in knowledge

as I have over 40 plus years of working back ground in Atmosphere Emission Science

with well over 10,000 hours of Science Investigation

since 2007

incorporating all Sciences related to Mother Nature

and when you have 10,000 hours of investigation based on climate science

call me

and then we will have an intelligent debate in this brand new Science

and after making this request over 40,000 times since 2007



for the peer-reviewed science proving Carbon based Humans cause Climate Warming

with the cause of the first atmosphere causing the carbon cycle with oxygen and hydrogen

causing all Carbon based Life and Energy

on this carbon based Earth

Carbon based Oxygen = CO2 = Carbon dioxide

that Plants and Trees would like 4 times more of to breathe

that we are spending trillion to stop and remove


Lunatic Science by Lunatics in Science

and if you have an Intelligent Rebuttal beyond Lunatic Paranoid True Belief

~ I will put it Here ~

something the Lunatic Political Media Paranoid Climate Religion will not do for me

as Lunatic Science

does not allow Public Scientific Rebuttal or Debate to their Lunatic Science

Scientifically Proving

Political Media Fascism in Science

as my right to Free Speech and the Public’s right to

~ know ~

has been denied by


Political Media Paranoid Climate Religion

who can prove nothing beyond ~ their ~ True Belief in debunk un-proven theory

while doing test proven Harm to the Carbon Cycle = Nature = Environment

because they reject knowledge for Politically Brainwashed True Belief

by those who failed Grade School Science

and Profit from their proven Lies while doing only proven Harm


Dr. Bruce A. Kershaw


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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