Dr Michio Kaku & Dr Steve Running Cuckoo Scientists for Sale


Do you ~ Know ~ or do you just Make Believe ?


Is your Reality Questioned Knowledge

or is your Reality True Belief in Preached Political Media Science Fiction

doing test proven Harm to the Carbon Cycle that you obviously do not comprehend


Climate Science for Big Dummy’s in Science

who call me

~ the ~

Denier and Skeptic

who Lie about me because their True Belief is Threatened by me

because they can prove nothing with Real Science

as Real Science has debunk their un-proven theory they Preach is Settled Science

as they live in fear of Questioned Reality and self debunk prediction


Climate Change is Real

and words prove nothing is science

just as the distorted truth will provide only a false Realty

while the so called Fact Checkers who do not comprehend the science

and can provide nothing in real science beyond Hearsay

as the Fact Checkers can provide zero Peer-reviewed Science

to Prove Humans cause Climate Warming

as they too just believe in Hearsay words of true belief

that agree with their feelings of true belief based in Hearsay

~ as ~

One very small fragment of all Knowledge does not define Climate Science

when ignoring a dozen climate variables providing an Infinity of Climate variable

debunking the un-proven theory Humans cause Climate Warming

as they continue to ignore millions of years of Climate History

debunking the un-proven theory Humans cause Climate Warming

while continuing to ignore basic Hard Science in Physics and Chemistry

debunking the un-proven theory Humans cause Climate Warming


Debunk un-proven theory Preached as Settled Science by Climate Religion


Plants and Trees are at Optimum Health at 4 times the CO2 level than in the air today


John Kerry  = proven fraud ~ States: Plants and Trees can not absorb any more CO2

they have absorbed all the CO2 they can possibly absorb

while in Fact Tested Reality

(ppm = parts per million ~ parts of air)

at 210 ppm CO2 in the air the carbon cycle begins to Die

and at 160 ppm CO2 in the Air the Carbon Cycle is Dead

ending all Carbon based Life above sea level on this Carbon based Earth

as we are at 400 ppm CO2 in the Air today

as Human generated CO2 is at 40 ppm

and at 1500 ppm plants and trees are at their best health

and so how does 40 parts of air trap heat in 1 million parts of air

as we are told only Human generated CO2 is responsible for all climate warming

~ while ~

The first atmosphere was water vapor and CO2 causing the Carbon Cycle

as we are told CO2 with zero color taste or smell is Toxic Pollution by Climate Religion

and white Steam = water vapor coming out of Smoke Stacks is Toxic Pollution too

as we are being told the cause of the carbon cycle causing all carbon based life

on this Carbon based Earth

causing all the oxygen we breathe and all the food we eat

is: Toxic Pollution

by Proven Frauds and Paranoid Lunatics who can prove nothing with real science


science is: to know


Real Science is Questioned not Believed


~ knowing ~

all gases absorb and radiate heat and energy while expanding and rising

~ knowing ~

in real Physics ~ all ~ Heat ~ still ~ Rises

while Frozen -200 * below zero air still take its place

~ with increased levels of frozen CO2 = Dry Ice and Water vapor ~

as the frozen CO2 cools 10 times faster and 20 times longer than the frozen water

crashing down toward the Poles of this Carbon based Earth


warming up to about -110 * below zero on the way down


my first

~ Question ~

of a dozen questions for Climate Religion is


how does something the size of a sewing thread = Human made CO2 = 00.004% of the Air

Trap Heat in something the size of a football field = the Atmosphere = 99.960 % of the Air

~ ? ~


knowing all Heat still rises

and frozen air still take its place

how does a Needle Trap Heat in a Hay Stake

~ ? ~


 CO2 can not make new Hot and Cold

CO2 can only absorb and radiate Both Hot and Cold

as it transfers Both the Hot and Cold already in the Air at the very same time

while the cold coming downward

is more than off setting the hot rising = heat leaving the lower atmosphere

causing a cooling effect to the lower atmosphere

off-setting the warming effect by the variable Sun with many cycles

that this Earth has a 3 million mile climate variable distance with

and is a variable ignored by Climate Religion

and is only one of a dozen climate variables providing an Infinity of climate variable

that continues to be ignored by Climate Religion


Climate Religion

you are more than welcome to forward your answer to my Question to


thank you


so did you think ?

Did you Question and Test the Science in your Mind

or do you still just believe what you were told to just believe

by True Believers who can prove nothing with Real Science

who are the test proven Pathological Frauds in Science

who do not allow their science to be Publicly Questioned or Debated

by the Scientific Method

Who Dictate Science to the Scientific Community

with zero peer-reviewed science beyond only one very small fragment of all knowledge

that does not and can not define all climate science

as a climate study based on ~ one half ~ of one climate variable

of a dozen plus climate variables

is a flawed incomplete study

used to make a failed prediction

proving nothing beyond un-proven theory

while the un-proven theory has been debunk by test proven fact

with the debunk un-proven theory

being Preached to the Public as Settled Science by Lunatic Paranoid Climate Religion

who have publicly proven they failed grade school science

and have earned zero right to scientific opinion

who refuse to allow their Pathological Paranoid True Belief

to be Publicly Questioned or Publicly Debated

by Real Science of the Scientific Method

proving it is not Real Science


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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