Dr Michio Kaku & Dr Steve Running Cuckoo Scientists for Sale


To the Montana Cowgirl~Boy and Bloggers


The Daily Climate ~ test proven ~ Frauds in Climate Science

as their best science argument is to Belittle those

who do not believe in their Political Media Religion

they can not prove is real science


Are You True Believers ? Yes

Do You just Believe what you are told to just Believe with out Question ?

Do You Live in Fear of the Questioned Truth in Knowledge ?

Do You Live in Fear of the un-known based on self-debunk Prediction ?

Do you Believe the Cause of all Carbon based Life on this Carbon based Earth is Pollution ?

Do You Believe only Carbon based Humans cause all Climate Change ?

Do you refuse to Publicly Debate your True Belief you Pretend is Science ?

Do you Preach the debunk un-proven theory is Settled Science ?


If you Answered Yes to any of these Questions

Yes there is Help Available

and We can Help You back to Good Mental Health


Just Believing what you are told to just Believe with out Question in Science

is not science and is the First Step in Deprogramming

and Living in Fear of the Questioned Truth in Knowledge = Skepticism

is always the next Step to Recovery so you do not live in fear of the tested truth

and then we can go forward to work on your Fear of the un-known future = Paranoia

based on self-debunk prediction

and then go forward with the deprogramming to show you why

the cause of all Carbon based Life on this Carbon based Earth is not Pollution

and show you how the Carbon Cycle is the cause of all Life

and all the oxygen we breathe and all the food we eat

and Educate You to all the many causes of Climate Change

providing an Infinity of Climate Variable

showing you Climate History further debunking the un-proven theory

and then we will show you the NASA Data

proving climate warming has been at a stand still for the past 20 years

and the Sea Level is Declining and not Rising as Predicted

as Manhattan is not underwater today as predicted by NASA 20 years ago

as Prediction is not Fact and most Predictions never come true

and show you how and why with Questioned knowledge

so you will then  ~ Know ~

it is not possible for Carbon based Humans to cause all Climate Warming

and Humans have an un-measurable impact on weather and climate

based on Real Proven Fact Test Knowledge of the Scientific Method

and this will free you from and your Politically Brainwashed Life

and free you from the Paranoia

based on your True Belief in self-debunk prediction of the un-known future

caused by

Political Media ~ Paranoid ~ Climate Religion

controlling every part of your daily climate Life

as Climate Religion continues to do test proven Harm to the Carbon Cycle

based on their True Belief and zero Peer-reviewed Science

so be free from the Fear of the Questioned Truth in Fact Tested Reality

and have the strength and knowledge to prevent any future Political Media Brainwashing

Owning and Controlling your Mind and Life


Rejecting Questioned Tested Knowledge for Personal Feelings of True Belief

is Religion not Science

and Climate Religion does not debate Science they dictate Science

and Science can only be settled in Climate Religion

while based on debunk un-proven theory

and test proven Fraud


You would not believe all the Insults I have received since 2007

after making over 40,000 requests with a Reward ~ now $100,000.00

for the Peer-reviewed Science Proving Humans cause Climate Warming

as I knew this before making these requests there were no science papers

to prove Humans caused Climate Warming knowing this is un-proven theory

being Preached as Settled Science

as I did this to prove there is zero science to prove Humans caused climate warming

and is nothing beyond un-proven theory that is debunk by Real Nature

and of course it does not say much for your science

when Insults and Name Calling is the best you can do

in response to a request for your science that will prove you are not Lying to the Public

based on your Pathological True Belief

~ as ~

Climate Change is Real

and there is zero science proving it is caused by Humans

as we are told the science is settled when settled science does not exist

by those who can provide zero science to prove their Lies and not Lies

as Pathological Frauds Dictate Science with out Public Question or Debate

proving it is True Belief and not Real Science

~ and ~

Fresh off the Cold Hot Press ~

for the Scientifically ~ test proven ~ Paranoid Lunatics in Science

who live in fear of the un-known future

who live in fear of Skepticism the Questioned Truth that Threatens their Existence

proving they are Paranoid Lunatics rejecting Fact Tested Reality

for their scientifically debunk Make Believe

and of course it is not an Insult to tell test proven Paranoid Lunatics

they are Paranoid Lunatics because it is a Scientifically test proven Fact

Proven by the Truth by Skepticism and the Scientific Method and Test Proven Knowledge

Facts they continue to reject for their Politically Fascist Paranoid Lunatic True Belief

they are Preaching to the world with zero peer-reviewed science

doing only Harm to Carbon Cycle and all of Nature and the Environment

~ while knowing ~

It is not my responsibility to disprove Humans cause Climate Warming

it is the responsibility of Climate Religion to Prove we do

as their un-proven theory is debunk by proven fact tested knowledge

they continue to ignore for their true belief

~ as ~

Skepticism is responsible for the Questioned Truth in all of Knowledge

while knowing there is zero ~ Belief ~ in real science

and knowing ~ Settled Science ~ does not exist in the scientific method

because there is something new to Learn and Know everyday in real science

that will support or debunk the existing knowledge

knowing in real science when confronted with new knowledge debunking the old science

we admit the old science was wrong

so we may Learn and Know and Grow Forward with the Scientific Method


Political Media Lunatic Paranoid Climate Religion

~ Preaches ~

Skepticism is an Evil and Social Flaw by the non-believers of their True Belief

as Climate Religion Preaches to the Public

~ their debunk un-Proven Theory ~

“Humans causing Climate Change is: Settled Science”

while Preaching

the Cause the Carbon Cycle and all Carbon based Life on this Carbon based Earth

is: Toxic Pollution


they failed grade school science

and have earned zero right to scientific opinion

while proving they are Paranoid Lunatics in Science

and yes skepticism is very bad thing in Lunatic Paranoid Science

as they live in fear of the Questioned Truth

as they live in fear of the un-known future based self-debunk prediction

while skepticism is a very good thing in fact tested reality in real science

as the scientific method is based on skepticism = to Question Knowledge to find the Truth

and every time Climate Religion is confronted with

Proven Fact Tested Knowledge of the Scientific Method

they just ignore the test proven facts

and then continue to Preach their Political Media Science Fiction

proving it is a Lunatic Paranoid Fascist Political Media Religion

just ignoring all fact tested knowledge

doing test proven Harm to the Environment while Truly Believing they are doing good

as they are test proven Pathological Frauds who do not comprehend the science

and will continue to do only Harm to Nature

~ and all we can do ~

who ~ know ~ and do not make believe

is to Watch and Observe the Paranoid Lunatics

and hope they do not Kill this Carbon based Earth

as they have us spending trillions of dollars reducing the cause of all the Green

on this carbon based Earth

while lowering oxygen levels in the air and turning underground water into an Acid

for the sake of their proven to be backwards science

and their continued True Belief in debunk un-proven theory they Preach is Settled Science

while they continue to just ignore proven fact tested Reality

and many of them for Profit = Money

as True Belief is never Wrong and can never be Questioned

as only Real Science can be Publicly Questioned and Tested and Rebutted and Debated


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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