Dr Michio Kaku & Dr Steve Running Cuckoo Scientists for Sale


Increased levels of Water Vapor and CO2 is the by product of Warming not the cause

while making this Carbon based Earth Greener

as frozen CO2 crashing downward is more than off-setting hot CO2 rising

and When I am wrong I admit it and learn and know and Grow Forward

Am I Ethical ?

Is Test Proven Fraud and Deception for Profit doing only Harm to Nature Ethical ?


Meet the New Pope


Climate Paranoia

Algoreism = Political Media Lunatic Paranoid Climate Religion



This Auto Mechanic

Enjoys Educating PhD’s who Failed Grade School Science

because they Reject the Scientific Method and all Proven Fact Tested Knowledge

for their

True Belief


Debunk un-proven Lunatic Theory

based on a very flawed incomplete study based on one half of one climate variable

of a dozen known climate variables

so they may Profit


Dr. Kaku,

I challenge you to an open public debate in Climate Science

so you can prove you are not a Political Fraud in Climate Science for Profit

just like Al Gore and Bill Nye

the Proven Lunatics and Cowards of tested reality

the insult and shame of real science

responsible for the Biggest Political Media Scam in Science in all of known History

who refuse to publicly debate their scam Science

and can provide zero Peer-reviewed science to prove their Scam is not a Scam

just like CBS News

where they will not allow the other side of the science argument to be told

for the sake of their Political Media Agenda

where only their Political Media True Belief side of the story can be Preached to the Public


Political Media Fascism in Science

as they can not allow real science to be known

because their scam science can not stand on its own two feet in a real scientific debate

as they live in fear of a real scientific debate with the real science they just ignore

as you are now the new Cheer Leader for the Proven Scum of Science

now prove your Lunatic Paranoid Political Media Religion is not a Lunatic Religion


Dr. Kershaw


I am guessing all that will matter to Dr. Kaku

is the CBS Check Good

and he will continue to just ignore the facts of science for Profit


For Years Al Gore has Preached to us

~ do not blame the bad weather on climate change ~

and now Al has changed his mind again as he has done so many times before

but not because the science has changed because his True Belief has changed

to sell more fear and paranoia

based on weather that has been happening for millions of years

and now all the bad weather is caused by Carbon based Humans

who are made by the Carbon Cycle of this Carbon based Earth

while others continue to Preach to us

do not confuse Weather with Climate

but of course Al Gore could change his mind again

as Al Gore who can Articulate zero Science

who has Publicly failed grade school science

and has earned zero right to scientific opinion

while making a killing on his proven to be Fraudulent world wide Carbon Credit Scheme

proven it will have zero effect on climate change

proving it is all about money and zero science

as Real Science does not matter in Real Profit

not even when the Bogus Science is doing Test Proven Harm to the Carbon Cycle

the cause of all Nature and the Environment

and all Carbon based Life on this Carbon based Earth

as Greed debunks tested Reality

~ Question ~

Why did it take 130 years to be as warm as it was 130 years ago

back when there were no power plants and automobiles

with lower CO2 levels

as we are now seeing Record Temperatures again from Bogus Weather Measurements

from Weather Stations place on Tared Roof Tops

next to Heating and Air-Conditioning outlets

after a very large number of Weather Stations

out in the middle of nowhere have been turned off

Proving Fraud


I am for Truth is Science

and True Belief can not debunk Ignored Scientific Fact

and when there are far more Questions than Answers in Science

there is Much we need to Learn to know in this brand new Climate Science

as Climate Religion continues to reject knowledge in this brand new science

for their Paranoid Make Believe for Profit doing only Harm to the Environment



~ like ~

why did Montana have California Climate 1000 years ago for 200 years

and why have there been Ice Ages with higher levels of CO2 in the air than today

as much as 700% higher than today

and why have there been 20 Ice ages over the past 2 million years

and during the Global Warming Periods

many Little Ice Ages and Mini Ice Ages all along the way

~ ? ~


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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