Dr Michio Kaku & Dr Steve Running Cuckoo Scientists for Sale


The number one factor in Climate Variable on this Carbon based Earth is the Variable Sun

and the Variable Hot Churning Liquid Core of this Carbon based Earth


Dr. Steve Running

the Expert in Computer Ouija Board Climate Prediction of the un-known Future

University of Montana

Preaches to us

the very variable Sun with many cycles that continues to be Brighter and Warmer

is not a Climate Variable

while Steve does not acknowledge the Hot Variable Liquid Core of this Carbon based Earth

heating this Carbon based Earth’s Crust the Oceans and Lower Atmosphere

or a Dozen other known Climate Variables

test proving he is a Lunatic in Climate Science


Steve Running Claims to have a Nobel Peace Prize

and does not

as Steve continues to just ignore a Dozen Climate Variables and millions of years of Climate History debunking his un-proven Theory when making his self-debunk computer Ouija Board Climate Predictions of the un-known future

debunk by Nature

Steve is a Test Proven Lunatic Fraud and Phony in Science

making a lot of money Preaching his Political Media Lunatic Paranoid Climate Religion

based on his make believe Bogus Science based on one half of one climate variable

who refuses to allow his Lunatic Science to be Questioned or Debated

as Political Media Lunatic Paranoid Climate Religion continues to support Steve Running

and his test proven Bogus Lunatic Science for Profit

as Steve can provide zero Peer-reviewed science to support his


~ Programmed ~

Lunatic Computer Ouija Board Prediction of the un-known

Steve calls Science

to sell us his Ignorance and Fear and Paranoia of the un-known

as Climate Religion Preaches to us

the cause of the Carbon cycle causing all Carbon based Life

with zero color taste or smell

is Toxic Pollution

as they Preach to us the Science is Settled

when settled science does not exist in real science while ignoring test proven knowledge

and is test proven Lunatic Science 101 for Lunatics in Science

for those who failed Grade School Science

as their Lunatic Science is doing test proven Harm to the

Carbon Cycle = Nature = Environment

costing trillions of dollars

as they make believe they are doing good

as many so called Climate Scientists defend Steve Running

and his Lunatic computer Ouija Board Garbage Predictions

while Refusing to Debate the self-debunk Lunatic Ouija Board Science

or provide real scientific reference

while they do not comprehend their Lunatic science is doing test proven Harm

to the Carbon Cycle ~ Nature ~ Environment

as they refuse to look at new knowledge

as they reject the scientific method for their Personal Feelings of True Belief

refusing to Question their Debunk Lunatic Science

while Preaching the Science is Settled

proving it is a Lunatic Religion based on Garbage Science

as the Lunatics continue to publicly state all the non Believers are Deniers and Skeptics

as Skepticism is the Method used to find the Questioned Truth in Real Science

as they Preach to the world Skepticism is a Mental Flaw

comparing those who deny climate change to Cigarettes company’s denying Cancer

when we do not Deny 4.6 billion years of Climate Change

and is a complete and total fabricated Political Media Lie

and that we Deniers are all complete and total fools who believe the Earth is Flat

as Lunatic Climate Religion

 can provide ~ zero ~ Peer-reviewed science to support their Lunatic Lies in real science

doing Scientifically test proven Harm to real Nature for real Profit

costing the rest of us trillions of dollars

and that’s your Lunatic Science in a Nut Shell

~ test proving ~

Lunatics and  Pathological Frauds Dictate Science

with out

Question ~ Test ~ Rebuttal ~ Debate

rejecting the Scientific Method for ~ their ~ True Belief

as the

University of Montana

has just announced

Steve Running will no longer be Preaching his Lunatic Paranoia at Montana University’s

but Steve will continue to Preach his Lunatic Religion to the World for Profit

as Steve is still a Lunatic  very much in need of a Good Shrink

along with his True Believers and Followers who have publicly failed grade school science

who Truly believe in this Lunatic Paranoid Religion

based on


computer Ouija Board climate prediction of the un-known future

based on a very flawed very incomplete climate study

by a Political Body

based on one half of one climate variable

while ignoring a dozen known climate variables providing an infinity of climate variable

debunking the un-proven theory

and millions of years of climate history further debunk the un-proven theory

they continue to Preach is settled science while they only thing that has been settled is

this is test proven Lunatic Science doing test proven Harm to the

Carbon Cycle ~ Nature ~ Environment

for Profit

all based on one very small tiny fragment of all knowledge

one half of one climate variable

that Humans are responsible 3% of or less in the air today

000.004 % of  100. % of the air

contributing to the the carbon cycle the cause of all the Green on this carbon based Earth

known as Pollution by Climate Religion

as they compare the cause of all Carbon based Life to Cancer

further proving they are Lunatics in science

as they continue to Preach their Lunatic Garbage Science Fiction doing Harm

continuing to ignore fact tested reality for their Paranoid true belief



and of course Climate Religion will continue to just ignore these facts

and continue to harm the environment

costing trillions of dollars


it is a Political Media Religion based on fear of the un-known and what if

as Al Gore’s Political Science Fiction is Exactly Backwards to Fact Tested Reality


Paranoia is based on fear of the un-known

and selling Paranoia for Profit is not science

and so maybe it is time for the Political Media Lunatics

to allow a Real Public Debate in Real Science of the Scientific Method

~ skepticism ~

“the doctrine that the truth in all of knowledge must always be in Question”

Real Science is Questioned not Preached Lunatic Make Believe

doing test proven Harm

as the Local News Paper here the Helena Independent Record

has Refused to print every letters to the Editor I have written

since 2007

my letters in rebuttal to the Lunatic Science they continue to Print

for the sake of their Lunatic Political Agenda for Paranoid Climate Religion

proving their political fascism in science

as they will print Steve Running’s Lunatic Science based on zero scientific reference

but they do not allow real science with scientific refernce


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Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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