Dr Michio Kaku & Dr Steve Running Cuckoo Scientists for Sale


If we reduced CO2 levels by one half today

from 00.04 % to 00.02 %

from 400 parts per million parts of air to 200 parts per million parts of air

the carbon cycle above sea level would begin to die

Humans are responsible for 00.004% = 40 parts of every million parts of air

as Plants and Trees need 4 times the CO2 level than today to be at their best Health

as we spend trillions to reduce the cause of Green as Nitrogen levels from decomposing soil  will continue to take over the atmosphere reducing the cause of all carbon based Life to nothing ending all carbon based life above sea level

as Climate Change will continue with out Life above sea level

as proven knowledge continues to be ignored for Political Media Make Believe

~ knowing ~

Test Proven Morons in Science Dictate Science

with zero Peer-reviewed Science

with zero Public Question ~ Rebuttal or Debate allowed by their

Political Media Paranoid Climate Religion


How did Kathleen Parker of the Washington Post earn her right to Scientific Opinion ?

~ as ~

Politicians and Journalist who have publicly failed Grade School Science who can provide zero scientific reference to support their Political Media Hearsay Paranoia based on Weather that has been happening for millions of years who dictate Science to the Public

~ as ~

Real Science by Real Scientists is ignored for Paranoid Political Media Science Fiction

Preaching and Selling Ignorance for Profit that is doing test proven Harm

to the the Carbon cycle = Nature = Environment

Science they do not Comprehend

and refuse to know for the sake of their True Belief


~ Repetitiveness is the Key to Deprogramming Political Media Climate Paranoia ~


From Thousands of Hours of on going Climate Science Investigation since 2007

by a Dyslexic Scientist who Hates to Write

~ as ~

Climate Change is very real for Billions of years for a dozen Ignored known reasons today

providing an infinity of climate variable

as Humans have been moving to higher ground for the past 26,000 years

as the Ice has Melted many times before

as the Variable Hot Liquid Core of this Carbon based Earth continues to cool while heating this Carbon based Earths Crust the Oceans and Lower Atmosphere

Supplemented by the Variable Sun with many cycles that continues to be Brighter and Warmer until one day the Variable Sun Vaporizes this Carbon based Earth and then nothing will matter ever again


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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